31Days: New Year of Life (15)

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Today begins a new year of life: no, not for me – for my brother.

I have an older brother.  He is 14 months older than me.  Things I love about him:

1.  His sense of sarcasm (most of the time)

2.  His ability to write so much better than me.

3.  The fact that our English teacher in high school liked him better than me (ok, maybe I don’t particular love that, just a fun fact).

4.  His love for the water (especially, the Suwannee River)

5.  He can cook the best steak I’ve ever had.

6.  He got me to like wine.  He is now into home-brewing, but I’m definitely not a beer drinker.

7.  He cares for his dogs really well – and fosters dogs too.

Happy Birthday Big Brother.  Go enjoy the water for me and a good steak!

  1. Gina

    Mmmm, steak, wine and beer. A great brother!!! 14 months older – my goodness your mom had her hands full – fun, but definitely busy days for her. Happy brother to your birthday. Okay, I realize I could go back and correct that, but…hahahaha, this is soooo my life right now. Happy birthday to your brother! 🙂