31Days: New Book (day 18)

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I haven’t had a lot of time to read since having Elijah, but definitely wanted to read this one.  I love everything Kevin DeYoung.  I know, call me a groupy or what have you.  But, I forward many of his blogs to my husband who is a worship pastor.  One of our goal trips is to go to his church for a Sunday to see how they do reformed worship.  Just not in the winter, because its cold in Michigan.  But, maybe when I go there I can hook up with Pretties By Meg who is a great blogger/jewelry designer!

Anyway…this book called The Hole in our Holiness  is much along the lines of Pursuing Godliness or Respectable Sins or Holiness.  All good books and all hard books to read because reading it makes you examine your life and how you live.

I remember reading Mortification of Sin by Owen back in 2007 and a pastor friend of mine said I wasn’t allowed to read any more puritans till I read a book on grace and the cross.

I think Kevin DeYoung does a good job here of combining the two.  Not wanting us to rely on works for our salvation – he reassures us of our place in Christ.  But, also not wanting us to err on the side of lawlessness, he reminds us that the Bible says to be like God for He is holy.

One sentence toward the beginning of the book sets the tone of the work required for the rest of the book: “holiness is plain hard work and we are often lazy.” (pg 19)

Throughout the book he reminds us of grace but also that we have imperatives that we will obey if we abide in Christ.  Powerful reading if you want to examine your life.