31Days: New Tiredness (30)

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I think this whole sleep deprivation thing is setting in.  To both of us!

Sweet Buddy has been kind enough and sacrificial enough to take the morning shift – that oh dark thirty hour before anyone really should be awake.  He usually gets up with little buddy about 5 and lets me sleep until he goes to work.  So Kind!

People tell you to take naps when the baby does – but I generally can’t do that.  If I took naps everytime he did we wouldn’t: have dinner EVER unless it was take out, never have clean laundry or dishes or a bathroom, etc.  I would never get any writing done (because I like calmness to write – not a screaming 6 week old).  I wouldn’t have any time with my Buddy – and my relationship with him comes first.  We stay up watching a show or reading Scripture or just talking about our days.

Marriage is more important than naps!

And I’ll catch up on sleep – maybe I can ask that for a birthday present.

And, btw, I love watching my little boy sleep!

  1. Gina

    for what it’s worth, I struggled with the whole “nap while baby is napping” thing, too. The only time I napped when my first napped was on Saturday and Sunday afternoons – and when I got pregnant with my 2nd (before I knew I was pregnant and couldn’t figure out why I was falling asleep every time I sat down to nurse Elizabeth). It really does get better – though my son still climbs in my bed at about 3:00 almost every morning. And because I love my sleep, I just let him. He climbs in, snuggles up and goes right back to sleep…and so do I. Until all the sweaty guys in my bed drive me to the sofa!!! 🙂