On the Eve of 36

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I love having a birthday so close to the new year’s beginning.  It means my New Years health resolutions don’t really start – but more importantly…I have a new birth year starting around the same time as a calendar year begins.

As I look back at 35 – the 3rd biggest important thing in my life happened:

1.  God chose to make my life new!

2.  I got married

3.  THIS YEAR – I became a mother.  Honestly, I became a mother when I was 34 – because we conceived him before I turned 35, but actually holding this precious little boy (who rolled over today) in my arms happened in my 35th year of life.

My second biggest prayer answered was something else entirely.  Some of my dearest friends know the specifics of that prayer, but let’s just say that I began a prayer when we returned from our honeymoon – and even more specifically prayed Eph 3.20 for it the entire month of May.  And in that month I saw the beginnings of that prayer being answer.  God does indeed do far more than we can ever think or plan or imagine.

This year, I am praying more personally some things that I see in my character or heart that I want the Spirit to change.  I want to see bondages gone: Psalm 119:32 is my verse for this year.  Here is my KCV (Kim Campbell version): I will RUN in your truth because you have made me FREE!

I look  forward to seeing how God will answer this prayer for His glory as I live my 36th year!

Thanks for reading and being part of my life in my 35th year!