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But yours is better…
During my childhood, my family and I spent countless weeks up on the Suwannee River (whistling the tune now aren’t you?) in North Florida.  When we weren’t spending time on the river, down by the lake with our cane poles, or cleaning fish, we played card games.  I loved playing rummy.  It was about the only activity we could do at night without getting eaten up by mosquitos.
Those card games were fun, and still are.  But, the evil game of comparison is not so much fun, for my mind or my heart.
The game of comparison happens in every part of life.  Here are some examples that I am experiencing right now:
1.  This first one is really how this blog post started.  I was introduced to a woman who has taught the Word for decades and faithfully gives up her time each week to rise early, make meetings, and teach others the Word.  Instead of being grateful for her knowledge of the Word and thanking God that here was His daughter, soaking in His Truth day after day, year after year.  I played the comparison game, and it led me down a road of despair.  I didn’t do that.  I didn’t get up at 5am on Fridays or wake up that early to spend time with Him.  I felt accused by the evil one to jump into the I’ll never be that good so why do anything” pit.  She offered no condemnation (Romans 8.1) and didn’t even brag about it, but simply states the exceeding joys that were hers because of the faithfulness of God rewarding her obedience.
2.  How about in clothes?  My husband and I often walk the mall during the cold months.  Instead of being thankful for the clothes and accessories that are hanging in my closet, I think to myself how I would love that one.
3.  How about in  your physical body?  Do you often desire to have someone else’s butt, thighs, chest, arms, abs, hair, eyes, etc?  Do you wish you could wake up and look like those models on tv who wake up with their hair in perfect place and their makeup fresh and clean?  My husband took a picture of me and baby sleeping one morning.  I thought it was a cute picture but wondered why the actresses on television never woke up with chapped lips, I could see mine were.  I didn’t’ immediately thank God for the little boy sleeping next to me, I instead complained and compared and was discontent.
4.  This happens to me in blog world.  I love to blog because it gives me an outlet to write about anything I want without anyone giving me a deadline or dictate what I write about.  I have so many friends who have a similar blog to me but their blogs are read by thousands of more people than mine is and they have greater influence than me.  Why can’t I be satisfied with the sphere of influence He has given me, and not compare myself to others.  Blah.
Colossians 3:15-17, “and be thankful…with thanksgiving, giving thanks to God the Father through JESUS!”

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  1. Rayann

    Needed to read this. Thank you for truthful about how easy it is to fall into that game. I have so much to be thankful for. I need to remember that.

  2. Becky Arnold

    Great post, Kimberly! I found it hardest in the mommy-comparison world. Will I ever grow out of this comparison game?!