Writing and Reading Go Hand in Hand

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How do you write?

January is a hopeful month!  With a new calendar, a new month, (for me, a new year of life), I always wonder what the new year will hold.
For me, I like to write, so I wanted some writing challenges this year.  Besides continuing to write on the James Bible study I am working on (in between feedings and cuddling sessions with my 4 mo), I wanted to get back to writing on the blog, which definitely fell by the way side during the months of October-December.
One of the ways I propel my thoughts for writing is by reading.  I pick up magazines in doctors’ offices to see if there are any articles I can respond to, even if it is just a sentence.  Sometimes I will rip out the article or just jot down the quote in my phone.  I may read a passage of a book, or a passage of Scripture and I’ll get a whole blog from those thoughts.
So, here are some ideas to attack reading and writing together:
1.  Pick great books to read – because you’ll get more fill for your money and it will teach you how to write better.
2.  Occasionally read a book that isn’t good – just to see what is bad about it (content or style) and then write a reaction, or just jot down some ideas as to why you don’t want to write that way.
3.  Always have something to write down your thoughts on while you are reading.  I usually read with a pen or pencil in hand. I underline and highlight and jot notes in the margins of my books.  It is harder for me (and not near as much fun) with my e-reader.
4.  After reading for a while, start forming sentences with the thoughts that you jotted down.  If you quoted something the author said, make sure you cite your source.  Ecclesiates says there is nothing new under the sun.  We don’t have original thoughts this late in the game…we all got our ideas sparked by something or someone, but if you do quote someone please do not count it as yours.
Reading before, during, and after you write will greatly strengthen your writing habits!  Do you want some more ideas about how to start writing?  Check out my friend’s site at http://www.devotionaldiva.com/2013/01/start-writing-now-synchroblog





  1. Em Miller

    I love No. 2! I just read a book I didn’t really like and was sort of sad I had wasted so much time on it. But you’re right — I totally walked away with some ideas about how I don’t want to write. I think I’ll have to jot down a reaction now.

    And all my books are filled with marginalia, too. 😉