Book Review: Comforts from Romans (Crossway Books)

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Do you ever find yourself in need of an encouraging word and something just to tell you that your life will be ok because of Jesus?

Whenever I am in need of these things I look to two people outside of my Buddy and Little Buddy: Phyllis, my mentor, and Elyse Fitzpatrick.  They both bring the Word to my life when I need it.

This new book from Elyse is no different.  Short chapters make it an accessible read, especially for moms who may not have an hour to themselves without toddlers wanting snack food or babies needing to be fed or changed.  This book taken from the book of Romans will encourage you in the Word where the truth lies and where life finds meaning again because of our hope in Christ.

Whether you need encouragement in your:


Emotional Life

Physical Life




Church Life


Work Place

All the answers for these problems lie within the pages of Scripture (it is Sufficient)!  And Elyse pulls together 32 daily readings (about 4 pages long each) to help you find the answers that you might need.  Scripture as a whole can and should impact our lives as women and as believers.  The Gospel  must impact our lives in every area!

If you are looking for a book that can encourage you, convict you, and help give you practical understanding in a very indepth book of the Bible, pick up Elyse’s new one.