Matthew: R. C. Sproul (book review) – Crossway Books

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My pastor is preaching through the book of Matthew right now so I thought this new commentary by Sproul would help me follow along and encourage me to keep studying.  I recommend that.  Not to discount your pastor’s preaching, but during the week, read more than just what he preached!  You will enrich your learning on Sunday mornings!

Anyway, Sproul is working on a commentary set.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Acts commentary so I was looking forward to receiving the Matthew one (especially in light of the first paragraph).  Its huge – but the gospel of Matthew is tied for the book with the most chapters in the New Testament, so what did I expect.

If you know anything about Sproul, he knows the Word, knows how to preach, and has a dry humor.  This is exactly what I find in the commentary.  I found it to be pastoral, funny in a dry/sarcastic sort of way, but not too “brainy” where I couldn’t follow.  He of course covers everything in the Gospel: the birth, the “blessings”, the Passion narrative, and everything in between.

I would recommend this commentary to those like me: maybe those who just want to read more but don’t care about the nitty gritty of text criticism, original languages, etc.  He does this well enough, but not to get his readers bogged down in the details.

And in light of the recent holiday, “There is no way to overestimate the importance and significance of this event for us.”  Love how he says this about the resurrection.