Sex Doesn’t Sell (or does it?)!

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How would you answer that question?  Obviously, the conservative Kraft company (and hundreds of other companies that have products to sell: from coffee, to burgers, to car washes, deodorant, etc) think it does.

A new ad about the “Zesty” undressing dude making a salad gets “naked” to viewers to tell them to buy salad dressing.  Really?  This is supposed to make me want to run out and buy salad dressing?

Last night in a Colossians study at church, one of our elder’s wives taught on the sensuality of sin that we crave, and so many targets right now is in a thing called “mommy porn”.  I’ve written on 50 Shades of Gray, which is pretty much porn for women and other things on this blog before, but here we go again.  I wouldn’t have even known about the ad for Kraft lest I had been on facebook and several of my Christian friends had liked the ad.  Seriously?

Mommy porn, like this Kraft commercial, is targeted toward women who are at home with the television on or are on social media during the day.  ABC News even ran a segment on it this morning.  They think that if marketers can hit that spot in a woman’s brain (or hormones) that “turn them on” and help them to feel sexy, then they can sell their product.  They must think that it works (and for most women it probably does).

Does it seem to work for Christian women?  Do we allow ourselves to be blinded by targets of Satan (yes, that is what this is) by buying their products.  There are many products I’ve quit buying because of the premise that sex sells.  I’m disgusted by these commercials.  I went to ABC news to see the segment and turned this Zesty commercial off when he got to the “Beautiful pepper” part.  Who writes these things?


1.  Fill our minds.  You can’t separate yourself or your family completely from culture.  If you go anywhere these days you are bombarded with sex.  But, what do we saturate our minds with?  Is it the Word of God, wholesome books, images, good family value things?  Or is it sex and porn by either what we read or watch?

2.  Protect the marriage bed. I’ve been thinking a lot of this recently.  Some women, even Christian women I know, tend to think that porn will help spice up a dull marriage.  That is a lie from Satan too.  If you have to use other means of either viewing or reading to spice up your marriage, that is nor protecting the marriage bed.  That is going outside the boundaries that God set up for a marriage designed His way.

3. Honor Christ.  In Colossians, Paul tells us to walk worthy of the calling that is on our lives.  If we profess Christ, then we are to walk worthy of Him.  Do we?

Or do we give in to a culture that uses sex, and uses it well evidently, to sell you salad dressings and cheese?

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  1. Susie K. Adams

    THANK YOU for your sensitivity to the uncompromising Word of God. Thank you for reminding each of us (me!) of the importance of bringing every thought into subjection. We know our God is worthy of a clean mind and a pure heart and we know marriage as God planned it is beautiful. Why is it we (me!) become so easily entangled in satan’s snares?

    THANK YOU and God bless you as you continue to serve Him through this way.

  2. Julie F

    Hey Kim. Catching up on your blog today. Funny thing when I saw this – my sister was looking at her FB feed while we were in NYC and said “I can’t believe you like the Kraft Zesty guy”. I did not know what she was talking about (I had not seen the ads on FB or TV) – I realized I probably liked the page (it was in 2010 when I checked) to get a coupon. Now they are posting on my behalf in my friend’s feed – something I did not even see. I apologize it if was my page that showed you the ad. Amazing to me how that use any little thing they can to get their message out. Needless to say, I have unliked a lot of things on FB now. Good message we all need to hear in the world we live in.