A Mother’s Modern Day Chariots

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I know when I can’t receive encouragement from God’s Word, there is usually a hidden heart sin behind that. Maybe its an idol or sin that I don’t want to give up.
I was asked to receive some of that very encouragement today and couldn’t receive it. That’s where this post is coming from.
I’ve only been a mom for 14months now (out of the womb), which some of you are like “newbie” – but some of you are right where I am. No matter where we are in the mom (or life) ride, I think this post can be applicable.
In Psalm 20.7 it says that there are some who trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of The Lord our God. Chariots were used a lot in war times in the Old Testament times, but also I assume in every day life to signify power, or opportunity, or mobility. For example, the Egyptians trusted in their chariots to carry them into the Red Sea for complete domination of God’s people – but their chariots were swallowed up by God’s power.

So, we don’t have chariots as mother’s today, but what are some of our chariots?

1. Technology/Social Media. The easiest device for me to turn to is my iphone. Sometimes I use it for noble or good purposes, but other times I use it as my “Way out” or my escape. If I want some help, i turn to facebook. If I want to not feel like a mom (escape mode), then I turn to instagram or pinterest (and some of thos are mommy things which I can then plug in to my day at home).

2. Community. Godly friends are definitely one of his best gifts. I have a good community both here and in other places I’ve lived. I can schedule outings or plan dates with them so I won’t be alone with a crying 6wk old and an all-boy, totally cute, but into everything toddler. But, when my world falls apart when those things don’t happen as planned, I realize they too have become an idol.

3. My husband. Obviously, outside of salvation, I count my husband as my greatest gift. He is amazing and such a huge helper. But, immediately when something happens that it outside of my control or I need a shoulder to cry on, I call him. I disturb him so much at work. One of these days he may turn his cell phone off. Then what would I do?

4. Nap Times. I read an article on Girl Talk one time about a mother who had been chastised because she said she looked forward to nap time. I think it is ok to look forward to nap time (to read, clean, think, shower, cook, etc). But, when our worlds crash in when that nap time ends early or when it doesn’t happen at all – it has become an idol.

Obviously I think all of these are God’s good things to us. But, often times we look to the gift rather than the giver. CS Lewis said it well when he said (paraphrase) we would rather build mud castles in the sand.
What are some of your chariots? Maybe they are different then mine?

As believing moms (or any Christian) – what hope can we have of defeating our idols? Because Christ has already defeated all sin for us. 1 Cor 15 says that death has no sting or power anymore? Isn’t that a blessing? Isn’t there hope in that?

As a former pastor of mine says quite often: run (or come) to Christ. That is not only for the unbeliever – but I think just as important for the believer.

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  1. Becky Arnold

    Yes, I believe running to Christ in our conviction, with a repentant, dependent heart. We all face these days of wanting to escape — if we say we don’t, I’m afraid we might not being honest — but we can trust that if God has called us to this job as mom, He will equip us and make us strong through Him to accomplish it. Having older kids, I can tell you that my kids run to the same things they saw me run to over the years. Sometimes that was idols; sometimes it was the Lord. They are always watching. You are a good mom! Hang in there. The days will get physically easier. And I think we will battle our personal idols until the day we meet HIM face to face. Great post!

    • Kimberly

      Thanks Becky! 🙂 We will have winter chats by your fire place! 🙂