On the Shelf: Found in Him (Fitzpatrick/Crossway)

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Found in Him

Now what?  Christmas is over.  New Years is passed.  The Christmas CDs that we played throughout the month of December are back in their cases.  So what do we do this Jesus – who came down from heaven in the form of a baby?  What do we do with the doctrine of the Incarnation?

Well, I’m so glad you asked.  My favorite author, Elyse Fitzpatrick, explores this very well in her new book Found in Him which came out in October.  This is a heavier book (more theology study) then some of her other ones, but well worth the extra effort.  She takes the meaning and truth of the incarnation and tells us how we need to know and love that doctrine so we can rest in Christ – because of what He has done on the cross.

Over the next almost 3 months, I’ll be doing a book study here on the blog with several ladies.  Please join us.  I’ll be posting on each chapter every Monday – starting with the Intro/Chapter 1 on Monday, January 6.