Grain-Free 4-day Detox

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Grain Free Detox  A new month brings a new detox. These, in 2014, are going to be monthly challenges. When you’ve been cooking and baking as long as I have, you get in ruts. You need challenges in your kitchen. And when you are trying to lose weight (two babies back to back will do that to you), you also need something to spruce up those rice cakes (I’m really kidding – no rice cakes here).

So, what began yesterday, my husband and I will begin on a 4-day journey to experiment with new recipes and old ones – just nothing containing grains. Here are the reasons/challenges for this detox for me:

1. Grains have been my go-to the last few weeks. Since my raw detox back in the middle of January, I’ve indulged in muffins, cookies, pastas, sandwiches. This detox will get me out of the habit of instinctively reaching for bread.

2. I eat a lot of soups or salads in the winter – my main side for those is bread. I want to get out of that rut or realize I don’t have to have bread with soups and salads.

3. Breads really do create bloating in me. I can tell. Jeans fit tighter, they don’t like to zip the whole way. But, mostly a diet full of breads and carbs bloat my tummy more than anywhere else on my body. I want my jeans to fit better!

4. When you do a detox you practice self-control. I just can’t sneak a bite of my son’s granola bar or muffin at breakfast. I can’t eat a small handful of goldfish as I dish him some. I definitely won’t reach for those cookies at ministry events. Self-control, weight loss, less bloating, more vegetables and proteins. This is going to be a good detox. So what meals do we have planned? Broccoli Stir-fry Pork Sirloin with apples and sweet potatoes Pan sauteed fish with sugar snap peas Carrot-Ginger-Apple Juice for breakfast with some scrambled eggs. Spring Minestrone soup Tyson Chicken Tenderloins on salad. What else should we try?

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  1. Lauren lambert

    I am doing simple start on WW right now and quinoa, beans, lean meats have been really helpful! I love the Butterfly garden chicken chili for lunches ( I leave out the cheese) and quick stirfry for lunch with quinoa, cooked chicken and veggies with soy sauce.

    • Kimberly

      I can’t seem to find my Butterfly Garden cookbook. I don’t know where it went. There were several good recipes in there! 🙂 May have to go when I’m in town in April! Thanks for the tips and for the blog read!