This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

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July is gonna be one busy month.  And since I’ve buckled down on the healthy eats (cleaner food, healthier food) to get off this baby weight and just weight I’ve put on since being back in Raleigh in 2010 – it may change things up a bit.

The Mister and I were talking in Hilton Head this weekend about how I’d miss eating fun food.  Most fun food is not healthy – like massive sweet potato pancakes drizzled with pecan brittle and syrup.  Doused with whipped cream – the real stuff.  I mean come on.  But, he helped me to see that you don’t have to cut out fun food entirely – just limit it and have smaller portions.  And make clean healthy food fun too!  It sure is pretty!

I also have a friend coming in town who loves to adventure, cook, and take photos as much as I do.  And we have a date night this week! 🙂

Monday: A kale quiche with havarti and turkey sausage

Tuesday: Panzanella and Grilled Chicken

Wednesday: Date night!

Thursday: Grilled Peach Pizza m Love and Olive Oil

Friday: Leftovers and random food all wknd since the Mister is at a conference.

Other times: macarons and zucchini muffins