31 Hymns: The Lord Will Provide

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The Lord Will Provide

I’m reminded even as I write this that I’m not the only person learning this truth today.  God is in the business of bringing himself much glory through our lives – and we rejoice that His name will be made great.

I got to tell of the provision that God made today to the officer who came to the house to fill our the police report.

This is an old hymn that I don’t even know but the words are great (what do I expect from John Newton).  I pray that the words are a blessing to you today, dear friend, as well.

When Satan appears to stop up our path,
He fills us with fears, but won’t lose our faith;
He cannot take from us though hard he has tried,
This heart-cheering promise, the Lord will provide.

In the midst of this morning’s wallet fiasco, I yelled at Elijah, I cried to my husband, I was short with some ladies at Bible study, I was impatient.  Blah.

God is good and his grace abounds.

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