Pursuing Marriage

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Pursuing Marriage

Today, we celebrate.

Today marks the day that my Mister and I have been married three years.

In some ways it seems like a lifetime (just the past 6 months seems like a lifetime ago), and in some ways it seems like we’ve just begun.  Instead of writing a thank you card to my love to tell you all of his wonderful qualities – which the list would go on forever – I though I would tell you three things (for three years) that we are learning to pursue in marriage.

Pursue: to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish – especially over the long haul or for the duration

Pursue Intimacy.  This isn’t just sex – though pursuing sex with your spouse is definitely wonderful and a lovely gift from God.  But, beyond that – pursue knowing each other, pursue dreaming together, pursue hand holding, pursuit snuggling, pursue date nights (without the kids), pursue the little things that make each other smile.  Pursue Intimacy.

Pursue Love.  This may seem crazy that we would have to pursue that as we journey together in this thing called marriage, but believe me, it is so much harder than I ever thought.  3 years ago, a great friend of ours Landis read that (for memory) 1 Corinthians 13.  I thought oh, I know this.  But, then I got to review Ryken’s book on Love and then read it with some ladies in Little Rock – and I fail miserably at this…DAILY!  Pursue forgiveness.  Pursue putting the other first.  Pursue not thinking of yourself.  Pursue patience…when the days are long and they get even longer when traffic is bad.  Pursue giving.  Pursue the One who enables you to love.

Pursue Holiness.  Set apartness.  Pursue that with each other.  You are not for anyone else…you are for your spouse.  Your eye should not go in any other direction but that of your spouse.  Something I say to Elijah all the time when it comes to helping him obey are : “Don’t even look at sin.” and “I’m helping you make a wise decision”  Both of those apply to being married.  Don’t look at sing.  And help each other make wise decisions when it comes to pursuing holiness.

And the one thing I’ve learned the most in three years of marriage: my holiness and the holiness of our marriage is only by GOD.  His Son Jesus imparted His righteousness to us.  We shelter under the cross and live by the power of the risen Christ and the empty tomb.

Therein lies the strength of our marriage.

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Here’s to a number of years more, my Love.  Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary