Parenting and Talking with God (Book Review)

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I’ve learned a lot about parenting.  I’ve learned a lot about my relationship with God the Father as I am his child.

Every time I share love or love through discipline to my two boys, I hear my Father saying the same thing.  Here are some examples:

“Why don’t you ever listen?”

“I love you, you are my son (daughter).”

“I can never love you any less, no matter what you did.”

“I can’t wait for you to wake up so we can talk!”

You probably have some statements of your own.

I got a book in the mail to review and while I loved the concept and examples in the book, I didn’t like the very little Scripture that was used in it.

Rachael Carman wrote a devotional to Moms entitled How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?  She uses personal examples of some of the statement I’ve listed above.  Some include: “We don’t act like that.” and “Turn down the music.”  I love her heart.  She gives some good and useful insights.  She writes in such a relational way.

However, I would want a devotional to have more basis in Scripture.  She does use some and she definitely speaks from a Christian point of view.  But, she doesn’t point you to the one True Source as much as I would like.

If there is anything I’ve learned in parenting, it is that I need God more than I ever thought I would.  The one place that I find his Truth for help in life and parenting (and everything else), is His Word.  And I want to point other moms to that (not only my experiences) and I want to point my boys to that as well.

Disclaimer: Litfuse Publishing gave me this book for the purpose of doing the book review.  All opinion are my own.