Transformation Tuesday: Goal Setting

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Goal Setting for Weight Loss

Hooray for September.  Here in north Georgia we are experiencing wonderful temperatures in the 70s and 80s and cooler mornings that definitely must mean that Fall is on the way.

Even though the season of bathing suits and shorts might be coming to an end…it just means that skinny jeans and cute sweaters are in our future.  Boots are definitely a must – and I’ve come to know that when I lose weight, my boots fit better (that’s why working out your calves are so important – stairs are a great way to do that).

Goal setting in the weight loss game is something that is vital to our success.  I have done Weight Watchers just a few times, and even though I did this weight loss journey on my own, I am reminded of something that I learned from this company.  Celebrate the goals!

Here’s what I mean:

  1.  Set attainable goals.  This is probably the most important, especially if you are a competitive, goal oriented person like I am.  Goal setting (and making your goals) can help you keep active in your weight loss.  I would start with the first 5 lbs.  Everyone says that hardest thing to do ever is the first step.  Once you work up the nerve to start a new journey, making changes in your life, than it is easier to keep going than to get going.  So, make your first goal losing the first 5 lbs.  Relatively easy and attainable.  Once you read this goal, then set another: maybe 10 lbs, 10% of your current body weight, etc.  Write these goals down.  Attainable means no more than 2 pounds a week.  Any dietician will tell you that weight loss of more than 2 lbs a week is not healthy nor does it lead to sustainable weight loss.  The most I ever try to lose is 2 lbs a week but even that isn’t really attainable or realistic for me (because I love to bake).  And I like to have goal prizes too!  I do like special dates or whatever but in weight loss try to make them something applicable to your weight loss journey: a new article of clothing in a smaller size, a date to do something active (like bowling), a new pair of shoes, etc.  If you follow these simple steps in goal setting – then you will reach them!  Be persistent!
  2. Tell your goals.  I remember a few years ago, the year I ended up meeting, dating, courting, and marrying my husband, I decided to go vegetarian for a year.  How that got started is I asked a question on facebook something like “what would you do to go vegetarian for a year?”  People thought I was crazy.  And from that day forward I went vegetarian for year.  It was hard.  My husband gave me a few passes on our honeymoon.  But, all I had to do was put it in writing in a public space and it made it stick.  Most of the time that works for me.  But, what is more important is having accountability with your goals.  Have someone whom you respect and will listen to – and also someone who is a great encouragement to you – hold you accountable for your goals.  My mister has been great in that – since he never lords my weight over me – but kindly helps me stick to my goals and reminds me of where I want to be.
  3. Repeat.  When you make one of your goals – fabulous.  Celebrate!  Celebrate well.  You have just accomplished something most people don’t!  Then, set a new goal.