Transformation Tuesday: Small Changes for the Win!

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Small Changes for the Win

So, we are coming up on October 1.  Fall is officially in full swing.  Temperatures are getting cooler – and that means running weather is getting perfect (unless you live where it snows all the time, then it may not be perfect).

October 1 I had a goal set.  I am not going to make that goal.  But, I made two other goals this week that are helping ease that disappointment: 2 ladies at the gym today encouraged me by how good I was looking – and I have now lost 50 lbs since joining the gym.  And the second is that my BMI Is back in the healthy range!  That made me very excited!  So, I will keep pressing on and hopefully make the goal soon.

This week talking about some small changes that can lead to some major results over time – if you stick with the little changes faithfully.I’m not saying never break them -because that’s legalism and can lead to falling off the wagon completely – but regularly. You will see results.

What small changes can you make that will make a big difference?

  1.  Making your own foods instead of buying processed.  If you control the ingredients you put into your food – most of the time you are going to be better.  Homemade chicken nuggets may not be as quick and easy – but they are more healthy.  Making your own mixes and cookies often lessens the sugar in them but A LOT.  Venture out – get in the kitchen!  Here is my Healthy Living board on Pinterest.  Check some of them out.
  2. Drink less carbonated beverages.  I’m definitely not one of these people that say you can never have a coke in your life.  I know there are bad things about it – and I think there are bad things about everything you can put in your body.  But, it may not be the best thing for you to have a 32 oz diet coke every morning (hint: that was me). Water works too you know! Here are some fun infused recipes.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.  I’m not saying give up pasta, or rice, or potatoes – but definitely learn to snack on fruit and have lots of vegetable side dishes. They are so easy and you can eat them raw or gently cook them to preserve the vitamins in each fruit or vegetable.  Today I was making scones and I usually would be have eaten a whole one – but I was snacking on grapes and then I just sampled one to make sure it tasted blog-worthy.  If you get bored, try her recipes – I love them!
  4. For exercise: use your children’s nap time to do a workout video in your own home or get on the treadmill.  Walk places that you normally wouldn’t walk to.  Where I live I could easily walk to the grocery store and to the gym. The reason I don’t is usually because I either have kids that aren’t in strollers anymore and I fear for their safety – or I am doing it on the spur of the moment and only have a few minutes to run in and run out.  Join a gym if you are financially able to.  Practice yoga.  Play at the park with your kids.  While my older son was on the swing the other day I would push him, then do two jumping jacks – then push him again.  He was laughing at me – but who cares – I like making him laugh.  I love going down the slide with my boys – one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight.  Be active with your kids.  Show them that activity is important – not just tv and video games.  Here’s my exercise pinterest board.  I’m not endorsing all of these but just to give examples (I’ve not actually looked at every single one).

These are just a few of the small changes I’ve made in our lives – what are some changes you are making to bring about a healthier you?