Cookbook Review: Sugar & Spice

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I don’t think I’ve ever had and loved this type of cookbook – and I know now what I’ve been missing.

Cardamom.  Pepper.  Cinnamon.  Cloves. Nutmeg.  Etc.

All bound together in a photo-medium (only downfall, I love photos and the ones in it are amazing), story and explanation rich and colorful (a huge bonus), recipe infused cloth that is begging me to get a mortar and pestle.  I don’t have one but if I were to have one I would want this one or maybe this one.

Like I said, the photos are gorgeous, I just wish there were more.  I love the voice of this cookbook.  The recipes would stretch me out of my comfort zone in what I usually cook – but it makes me want to.

I’m thankful for Blogging for Books for sending this to me for the review, and to Samantha Seneviratne for writing it.

And just possibly – I might be making the Coffee and Cardamom Shortbread for this wknd.  Why not?