31 Days: The Who Takes Care of My Rebellion and Helplessness

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The Lamb of God

The mister and I were talking last night about this series I’m studying and writing.  I told him about yesterday’s post on generosity and how that’s one of the traits I desire to see in both of our boys and also how I want it to define our lives as well.

Then, almost as a discouragement, I said “this side of heaven we’ll never be generous with completely pure motives.”  I’m often aware of the yucky motives that fill my head and heart.  There are times when these motives surprise me and discourage me – apart from Christ.  I know that Christ has redeemed me and the Spirit is working to sanctify all of me.  It is such a long journey.

I doubt David – when he was in the fields with the sheep – thought to himself “I’m going to be a murderer and an adulterer when I grow up.”  But, that is the deceitfulness of sin.  Sin settles in on every part of our lives.  No part is left unaffected.  David had sin in his heart and blatantly stepped over the boundaries that God had set for sexual purity and protecting life.

David also would have been familiar with the sacrificial system of the Jewish religion.  HE knew of the blood that was given during the sacrifices.  He knew the stained alters and the stained hands.  He also know that only one person could cleanse those stains.

And he believed in One who would later come from his family who would fulfill the forever requirements of the sacrificial system and take away every rebellious act and every way our lives are scarred by the affects of the Fall.

Psalm 51:1-2

Further reading: John 1:29, Exodus 29:38-46


  1. Alvie Davidson

    The most difficult part of this whole situation is to find a way to obliterate our human nature which tends toward sin