Jim Gaffigan on Food

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I grew up on the humor of Bill Cosby.  I loved (and still do) that man.  Most of his comedy on tv and his tapes was relatively clean and appropriate for most audiences.  Now, I can’t say the same for his stand-up, or so I’ve heard.

Humor has a way of connecting with people that some other types of literary genres don’t.  I do love to read books about food: memoirs, cookbooks, etc.  And that is why I wanted this one from Blogging for Books.

What I didn’t anticipate is how funny it is – but also how damaging that was to me.  I had to put it down.  You see, I have sin issues with food.  I eat too much, I am a glutton, I worry about what food is doing to my body – I can be totally consumed with it. So, to read a book making fun of food, of eating too much, of the problems in America that we have with food – it didn’t do my heart (or my body) any good.

And I think, in every book you read, or however you engage with culture – you have to know how to impact your heart.

And your body.