Praying with Faith

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I don’t think you could ever read too many books on prayer, or be encouraged to read more books on prayer, or be encouraged to pray more.

Even though I’ve spent less time in “concentrated” prayer time – like sit with my eyes closed – I’ve spent so much more time in “always be praying” type prayers: with raising kids, driving in ATL traffic, going through painful times, praying for big prayers over and over.

God is very patient about teaching me that He will always answer my prayers: in His way and in His timing.  I tend to still get anxious about waiting for an answer to prayer – even though I know He will answer.  So, I need to keep learning patience and expectancy.

In the book Unshaken, Cyndie Claypool de Neve and Sally Burke, both who have served in praying ministries, give us practical tips and personal stories to help us see that prayer really is important and it is a way to actively engage with God and be a part of what He is doing in the world.  They tell many stories and testimonies of what they have seen God do in the world and in other’s lives – all because of the power of prayer.

Again, if you need encouragement to pursue in your prayer life: maybe because its been a while since you’ve seen God work in powerful ways in your heart or environment through prayer, this one would be a good book to encourage your faith.  Never give up.  Prayer can definitely ground you in your relationship with God – as you communicate with Him and hear his Heart.

They basically take the prayer outline of ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication) and use it to encourage us in this ever-happening conversation.  We have every reason to praise God, confess where we fall short, praise Him for what He has done, and interceded on the behalf of others.  I’m learning all four of these all the time, especially as a mom.  These were cherished reminders.

Thanks to SideDoor Com and Harvest House for this book.  All opinions are my own.