Lavish Hospitality 24

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Think of hospitality for just a moment – what comes to your mind?

Southern Living?

Wrap around porches with rocking chairs?

Coffee mugs?

A bundt cake or chocolate chip cookies?

Sweet Tea?

Pottery Barn guest bedrooms?

A cozy bed and breakfast?

All of these things are great – and can be used in hospitality – but none of them define hospitality.

All month I’ve thought about how to define hospitality and I’m still working on it, but here is a working definition:

Hospitality seeks to welcome others with lavish grace without a hint of self-interest.

Wow – yup, this is super tough.  And none of us will ever be the perfect hospitable hosts.  Never – because we are prideful people.  But, thankfully, One was completely hospitable and makes a way for us to pursue Him.

We can practice hospitality through the lens of the Gospel, praying that God would use us to welcome others, to be a rest for others, to encourage others.

Quote from C. J. Mahaney Humility