When the Parents Want it To Be Bedtime (giveaway)

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Oh, since we moved into our new (to us, a rental) home on April 30, bedtime has been very LONG and tiring. We’ve had to switch bedrooms for our boys, try new tactics, etc.  They go to bed fine if someone other than my husband or I am putting them to bed, but for us it usually is an hour to get them asleep.

Often my husband is the one doing this, if he is home.  He is a champ.  And often he will fall asleep on older’s bed as he is laying there listening to our little one tell him all about his day.  My man is a working all day, come home, jump right in take care of the kids kinda dad.  And I love him for it!  I am one blessed momma!

Tommy Nelson has a new set of bedtime board books for the little ones that is a sweet duo of parent night night books.  There is one for mommies and another for daddies.  I would say the daddy one tends to talk more about God and his character than the Mommy one, but that’s the only difference for me.

I’m thankful and want to give away this set.  The question you need to answer is name one special part about bedtime for you and your littles.  And I always think new books are wonderful, and when your child is done with it, pass it along!