Ephesians on Kindle (SO EXCITED)

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Big announcement: Prayers for the Journey: Ephesians edition is finally on Kindle!  That’s right – I have a self-published book on Amazon!!!

Here is a review of it on the CBMW site via my friend Courtney Reissig

If you haven’t heard of Prayers for the Journey – it is a kindle book devotional with journaling pages that literally walks through specific verses in Ephesians (or other books of the Bible) and helps wives know how to pray the word for their husbands.  I’ve been writing these since I got married, but have been learning about praying for my husband for two decades.

There are so many people to thank:

My parents and in-laws : thank you for always being an encouragement and my greatest fans

My Mister: thank you for being one who sanctifies me and prays for me – and also my first editor

Amy Torcasso: My designer – who also did the work on Treasuring Christ when I was writing it – but now we stay in touch through this!  Super talented and selfless

Sarah Popovczak: My editor for this edition of the Prayers for the Journey – she’s about to be a mom too!

Amelia McNeilly: A great publicist and encourager and the one who got this worked out for Kindle

Phyllis Robshaw: Amazing mentor and the one who lives out this act of praying for her husband and family and me – by praying the Word.

My Little Misters: Dudes that will make amazing husbands one day – and I’m already praying for them as they will be husbands to precious wives.

Margo Bowen: a mom of many and grandmom to many and a wife to one.  Thank you for loving my Mister as a son and for writing the introduction to this edition.

Future Editions: Nehemiah is available now on the blog for free.  Colossians is being typed up now and getting ready to be sent to my editor before she has her baby.  James is being written and prayed.  1 Peter is the the next one in the works.

Thanks all.  Please feel free to get the word out.  2.99 is a great deal and its for your kindle!

Read This: Dream Devotional (Renee Fisher)

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Do you live a life in a glass bubble where everything is rosey and lively and romantic, free of trials, every day?  Since when do we not know of hardship, trials, anger, feelings of worthlessness or just mad at what others have done to you or what you have done to others?

God doesn’t promise his children the perfect life.  But, He has promised to always walk with us.  That is a treasure in hard times.  Life, in these almost three years of marriage (and Renee and I got married in the same month) have not been perfectly photographed and stages.  My husband and I have had the greatest joys of our life (children) and some of the greatest hardships of either of our lives (dealing with personal sin and then the dealings of other sins to us).  It has been a marriage of joy and hand-holding, and months of tears and hard conversations.  I wouldn’t trade my husband for anything in the world and am so glad I said yes to him almost 3 years ago (Thursday, to be exact).

Hardships are real.  If you know any of that, then you want to pick up Renee’s Kindle devotional: Dream Devotional.

What I like about Dream Devotional:

1.  Renee is real.  I love being a real friend and person.  Sometimes, that has come back to bite me, but I hate being artificial and fake.

2.  Its free until June 5.  Amazon. Kindle.  Thank you!

3.  Readability.  You find yourself in the stories and thoughts that Renee shares and you can find hope in the truths that she finds hope in.  And they are short.  When you are a mother – you don’t have time to read long chapters – so I like short ones!

4.  Hope.  We are not stuck in our hardships.  We are not stuck where the going gets tough.  God uses hardships to grow us more like Christ.  And we all need that.