Nursery and Guest Room Finale

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I love decorating a room – its very fun, but I’ve also realized I may never actually “be done” with a given room – as my mind always has new ideas!

I did want to post pictures of Sebastian’s nursery (and guest room) – and as well as issue an open invitation for friends to come visit!

Pretty Philosophie


IO Metro



TJ Maxx  Amazon


Sebastian Robshaw



Scripture Pictures





Monthly Giraffe



TJ Maxx



Thrift  Go Fish Chatt



Favorite Toy


Favorite Pencils


Bedside Reading

Jeremiah Artwork: Pretty Philosophie

Bedding: Target

Chevron Pillow: IO Metro

Curtains: Sweet JoJo Designs

Chair and Multi-color Pillow: TJ Maxx

Chair pillows: Bryn Alexandra

Scripture Picture : Scripture Pictures

Toy Box: Kid Kraft