Raw Detox Recap

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Raw Detox Recap

Going on a two week vacation right after New Year’s doesn’t really help with keeping all those resolutions.  5 people in a hotel room doesn’t leave much room for exercising but I enjoyed the many days in the Florida sunshine (and heat).  But, I had returned with the scale being up 6 pounds (including birthday desserts).  So, I was thinking, even before the return trip, about how I wanted to get that weight off!  So, I chose to do a raw food detox for three days.

I looked at several websites and I’m glad that none came up with a specific menu.  I wanted to choose my own raw foods to eat.  I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was, but my husband knew it was difficult for me.  The only things I’ve had for three days have been raw except for salsa and gum.

My favorite thing I ate all wknd was my carrot apple ginger juice and avocados!  Man, I love those things!  In smoothies, on salads, or by themselves – they were a welcome addition when I couldn’t things like salad dressings.

I was hungrier than I thought I would be.  The affects on my body (besides a 5.6 lbs weight loss in three days) were bloating which I expected.  But, I think I also slept better too.

My thoughts:


I love the foods that God created in the form that God created them.

There is so much beauty in fruits and vegetables.

I didn’t snack as much (like grab half of a chicken nugget from my son’s plate).


There are other things that God created: like fire and heat and animals that give us food products – that shouldn’t be cut out of my diet.  I was craving eggs when I finished the detox.  Eggs are nutritious.  I wanted milk, cheese, healthy breads, cooked vegetables, etc.

Most fad diets that are out there today (and for the past decades) usually tell you to cut out this or do away with that.  But, as most people can tell you, that doesn’t work for the long haul.  Moderation is key. I’ve learned in years (almost 20) of dieting, exercising, eating healthy, periods of loss and gain – that moderation of everything is key.  I think that is also biblical.  So for me, I will not be adapting to a raw vegan lifestyle.  May do a detox on occasion but I don’t feel the need to cut out everything cooked from my diet.

If you are going to choose to eat radical (in anyway):

1.  Make sure you are determined. Will power is key here.

2.  Make sure you have support from those around you.  My husband was a huge supporter of this and that is a giant help.