Sebastian’s Birth Story

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Thought I would tell you the story of how Sebastian came into the world!

I knew he had to be born on a Sunday because I’d already been to L&D twice before and both times were on a Sunday.  A little difficult when your husband is a worship pastor.  One time was for bladder contractions (due to infection). The other time was because the flu had sent me into labor – but I only progressed to 3cm so they sent me home.

There were only two dates that I told Mister that S couldn’t be born: our anniversary (the 8th) and the night he was gone to Elders retreat (the 11th).  Well, we were still able to keep our date to Big Orange (a local burger and salad joint).  Although we were both sick all week, it was good to get out of the house.  Saturday (after the elder’s retreat), Mister got back about 4pm.

We decided to go take Elijah to Two Rivers for a walk – getting out of the house was a good thing.  I was having constant Braxton Hicks and my feet were massively swollen that day (worse than they had been the whole pregnancy).  I was telling people as they text that I think this little boy was in there for the long haul because he still hadn’t really dropped and was kicking me all the time.

We got home and had leftovers from a big meal (meatloaf and all the fixings) and put Eli to bed.  Sat down on the couch, blogging, reading, playing games.  I started contracting about 845 but didn’t tell E because I didn’t want to stress him out on a Saturday night (even though he had a guy ready to go for Sunday morning to lead worship).  So, I started researching pressure points in your feet (because I wanted Mister to massage them).  So, he happily obliged.  One of the last ones I read said it was a sure-fire way to go into labor.  Ha, yeah right.  He pressed both my pinky toes and held them for a minute, I felt something pop but it didn’t hurt so I didn’t say anything.

We decided to go onto bed, and didn’t think another thing of it – till I stood up….I told Mister to get a towel, I think my water just broke.

Got on the text to a sweet couple here in town that was on Elijah duty if I happened to go into labor at night.  Also, I got on the phone with my OBGyn’s wife and good friend to ask her if this was really my water breaking (forebag – long story – just a crack, didn’t really burst until after my epidural).  Finally, after there was blood in the water I was dripping (TMI, sorry), we decided to get to the hospital.  Elijah was in great hands and we knew it was time.

Started with stadol (sp?) as my pain killer.  Nothing really was happening.  By then I was only at 5cm and it was about 5am.  So we decided to get the epidural.  That’s when we found out my water sac was still pretty much intact – it had just been leaking, sorta.  So, when the epidural kicked in my water broke, I went to 9 cm in no time, and with 6 sets of pushes Sebastian was in my arms.  830am.

I had a great doctor who was a Gator grad – even though I didn’t know, she was kind and knowledgeable.

I had my husband holding my hand the entire time.

I had a sweet lady photographing the entire thing for me – I will treasure those photos.

I had two sweet women holding my hair, holding my baby (afterwards), and taking care of my husband with food and company.

I did get to pull Sebastian out – just like I did Elijah.  This delivery was much easier than Elijah’s was and for that I’m grateful.

Thanking God for the birth of our son: Sebastian Robshaw Campbell.  The best thing for our family in 2013!