This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

Street Corn

I love a new month!  Bring on September, new menus, new pictures, new reading challenges, new weight challenges, new friends, new adventures.  Prime word is NEW!

This month we are going on vacation to a place we both vacationed as children with our families of origin and now we get to introduce our boys to the joy of Vogel State Park.  Our older boy turns two so get ready for birthday blogs.  Its fun!  So, let’s get going!

Having a freezer meal party (pictures forthcoming) and am bringing chicken rice broccoli cheese casserole.  Recipe forthcoming

Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwiches with Spiced Pumpkin Buttercream – recipe forthcoming

These white beans.  Talk about comfort food.

Homemade Baguette – we will see about this.

Chicken Raspberry Mozzerella Salad

Street Corn Quiche – I can’t leave summer altogether – Recipe Forthcoming

Going Indian and making Tikka Masala and some Naan bread

Asian Pear salad with a cranberry and pear balsamic – and goat cheese of course!

What are you cooking this week?

Vanilla Lime Watermelon Salad

Vanilla Lime Watermelon Salad

And summer is slowly coming to an end.  Zoo Atlanta is less crowded during the day.  More school buses are always on the streets around town.  Malls are less jam packed with kids.

School may have started, but summer fruits are still thriving.  This past weekend I went over to Alabama to visit with some family and I got treated to two farm-grown watermelons.  One had yellow flesh and one had the typical red flesh.  Both were beautiful and sweet.

So, I paired them both with some balsamic and olive oil!  What?  That doesn’t go with watermelon.  It does if you have some specialty balsamic and olive oil from Oli & Ve in Roswell.  I paired this for a tasting there and knew that I would be purchasing both.  That tasted amazing together.

Vanilla Lime Watermelon Salad
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: Fruit Salad
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Fresh summer fruit that is simply dressed - perfect.
  • 1 cup yellow flesh watermelon, cubed and seeded
  • 1 cup red flesh watermelon, cubed and seeded
  • 2 tsp vanilla balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tsp persian lime olive oil
  • salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste
  1. Put watermelon in a bowl. Combine the oil and vinegar together. Drizzle over top of the fruit. Season with salt and pepper. Eat!
  2. I like this served room temperature. Would be a great side dish to a pork or tacos or fish

This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

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Budget living is not fun, but it is wise.  I could spend so much on groceries.  Even though when we lived in Little Rock, there was a grocery tax, the cost of food here in ATL is still more.  So, we are examining our budget and our needs – especially as our two littles go through growth spurts and eat a lot!

So, we get a little creative – or maybe a little boring when we get to the last week of the month, especially one with 5 full weekends and 31 days!  And this week also brings with it a date night to the Braves game – can’t wait to try some stadium food – any suggestions?

Vegetable Slow-Cooker Lasagna (this is cooking right now and will get the recipe up to y’all soon)

Grown-up Green Eggs and Ham (recipe coming later this week as well)

Trader Joe’s Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage

Zucchini and carrot muffins (combined, not separate)

Something savory and something sweet with some watermelon I’m getting today – haven’t decided what

My friend Tasya took the above photo and I got the idea for labels from my friend Shannon.


This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

Cinnamon Roll

Another week, another menu plan.  Here we go!  And this week, toward the end, we get visitors – my parents (Mimi and Pops) are coming for a short visit – so I will enjoy going out to dinner with them and have a food prep helper in the kitchen.

Butternut Squash, Kale, Chicken Skillet Bake (variation from this recipe that I got from a friend on Instagram)

Asparagus Ham and Mozzarella Frittata

Fig Flank Steak with an Asian Salad (an idea I got from a friend)

Easy Cinnamon Sugar Donuts with an Apple Glaze

Slow Cooker Veggie Lasagna

Zucchini and Chicken Skillet

Blueberry Italian Cheese Tart (recipe coming tomorrow)




This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

Charming South Kitchen

Do your weeks ever change on the fly and fly by all that once?  Well, ours definitely changes from time to time, depending mainly on my taste buds and my time in the kitchen.  So, I’m going to start just posting menus for the week but not really putting days with them unless they go with a specific moment in our week.

This week I have several friends coming to visit.  And I’ve totally changed our eating.  And we get a raincheck to celebrate the mister.  All good things.

Garden Fresh Baked Frittata featured on my favorite AR eggs company’s site.

Greek Chicken Burgers with Tzatziki sauce and grilled zuks

Chicken Casserole with frozen vegetables

Crock Pot Maple Pork Chops (with greens)

Green Smoothie

Salad featuring Red Grapefruit and Avocado – perfect taste of summer

And there you have it. As you can see – pretty grain free.  I think its hard to go grain free for breakfast (eggs get boring) and lunch (because I love sandwiches and pizza)!  But, its working so far and I feel better!