Thoughts on Finishing Well

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Last night, in my reading of the b90x plan, I was in the latter part of Numbers. Now, Numbers isn’t a thrilling book as a whole, but there are definitely nuggets of truth and thought provoking circumstances that God wants us to know to change us – sanctify us – make us more like Him. Here are some of the players:
Nadab and Abihu – dead because of unpleasing worship to the LORD
Moses – leader of the people, but now who can’t enter Canaan because he didn’t listen and fully obey the Lord.
Joshua – the chosen person to lead the people of the Lord into Canaan because the Spirit was in him.
Israelites – punished and wandering for 40 years, current generation not able to go into Promised Land because of sin, angered the Lord because of their idolatry and ungratefulness.

While watching some NCAA hoops last night, I thought of some sports figures who are in the media right now:
Lane Kiffin – after only one disappointing season in the best college football conference, he is now going back to the west coast. 1 season.
Tiger Woods – definitely known for being probably the best modern golfer in the world (note, I said modern). Now, is plastered on every magazine in the checkout aisle because of his unfaithfulness to his wife.
Mark McGwire– fabulous heavy hitter in the Major Leagues for so many years. Kids worshipped him, wanted to be like him in every way. Now, admitting that he cheated and pumped his body full of steroids so he could live up to all the hype.

Some illustrations from people in my own life, of how they live:
2 pastors – known to everyone they meet for their humility – not for books they have written or the church they pastor.
My mentor – known to me as a woman of the Word and prayer.
A former co-worker and (still) friend: one word to describe him: humble.
2 other pastors – I would describe as faithful.

After contemplating this during a run and then journaling about it while watching the Gator game last night, here were my two questions I posed to myself:
1. What do I want to be remembered for?
2. What would they write about me if I was to be included in the SBTS Coffee Table Book?

A friend of mine in Louisville comments that the only things I do are exercise, food, tv, and church. There probably is some reality to that – but that is only a portion of the story. And – do I really want to be known for those 4 things? Goodness – no.
But, then the Spirit stopped me in my writing – my brain continued to function – and said to me this:
Who cares if the world remembers Kim Davidson – you are not important – I am. So, after more reading and journaling:
CS Lewis: Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.” I am definitely then one of the most prideful people I know.
Apostle John: “He must increase, I must decrease.” (John 3.3)

I heard a wise man talk on Sunday about finishing well. It must be done. What will your life be marked by?
“Spirit – craft in me less of KD, more of Jesus. Out of the heart – so I do. Work in me Jesus so Jesus can be shown and known in everything I do.” – Amen