Book Review: Treasuring God in Our Traditions (Noel Piper)

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Growing up I can’t think of a single tradition we had as a family.  Kind sad – but that doesn’t mean I can’t start any in our new family, especially as we welcome baby boy into the world in a few short months.

Noel Piper has written a tremendous book on why do you have traditions?  I mean why do you watch the Rose Bowl Parade every New Years?  Why do you go to grandma’s house for Easter lunch every year?  What makes something a tradition?  How do you start new ones?

Through many personal stories and Scriptural citations, Mrs. Piper exhorts families to share in traditions together that embrace the Savior and exalt Him to a world that doesn’t know Him.  As parents, we have a huge burden and responsibility (and joy) to raise our children in the ways of Jesus – to help them come to know Christ and see Him for who He is.  How do your traditions/holidays/birthdays, etc explain and display Christ to them and neighbors and other family members?

Honestly, I felt like the best part of the book was the one at the end about worship services and little children.  Her and her pastor husband, John, gave great advice and helpful hints for having young children in corporate worship services.  This is such an important issue in many churches.  And I think every parent/couple must know what will happen come Sunday morning. 

My one regret with this book is that I didn’t read it with my husband.  A wife shouldn’t really establish traditions by herself and this book would have been great, or at least to discuss with my husband, so we can think and plan traditions for our family.  I’m sure he is open for discussion!

“We are always teaching our children, whether we mean to or not.” (pg 34)

“Children need teaching from the Bible so they can grow into men and women of God.  That’s what we long for on their behalf and what God offers through His Word.” (pg 44)

“Our celebrations work good in our own lives and in other people whose lives touch ours, by kindling our love fo God, by increasing our knowledge of Him, and by helping us remember who God is and how He works.” (pg 64)

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    Kimberly, You encourage me with your kind words. May God bless you and your family.