Sundays in the South

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DC Pie

I can count a few years since being a believer (as an adult) where Sundays were partially for church and partially for resting and chilling.  Some of those years were during my time in Louisville.  I worked at Southern Seminary and went to a church (mostly) that met at night.  So, during the day, I could enjoy a day where I didn’t have to rush out the door and get ready.

I enjoyed a meal.

I went for a run.

I went to the farmers market.

I watched football.

All of these good things that God gives us to enjoy.

Then I prepared myself for worship.  I loved ending my day like that – singing, hearing the Word preached.  They were good days.

What do you most like about Sundays?

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  1. Sydney

    Hi Kimberly! My favorite Sundays of all time were when I was in elementary school going to Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth. Our church owned some property by a lake, and in the summer, we would have some Sundays that we went to Sunday school and church in the morning, but in the afternoon, we packed up a picnic dinner, swim suits and a change of clothes. Then, we headed out to Camp Broadway to swim in the lake, have our picnic dinner, and join members of our church for worship outside at dusk, on top of a hill, in a clearing in the trees. We sat on wooden benches, heard crickets, enjoyed lightening bugs and sang “Sweet Sweet Spirit” as our closing song under the stars. LOVED those Sundays!!