Sundays in the South

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Here we are the week before Christmas.  Less than 7 days and I have to admit, as my kids get older, it is more fun – to think of the surprise that will fill their eyes on Christmas morning.

Here are some things that I’m liking this week – and some fun things I’m baking:

Grinch popcorn as I have some little friends over this week.

I know two littles (and their momma) who would enjoy these.  If you need a hostess gift for a family with kids these would be perfect.

Spot On post by Kristin

I will be adding these to our Happy Jesus Day cake this week

I’m dreaming of two days here with my mister over New Years – if no one gets sick.

Can’t wait to read this book to my boys this week.  It is by far my fave Christmas book.

Sundays in the South

Gigi's Truffles

Yesterday I was in 70 degree weather – and this morning all I wanted to do was cuddle under the blankets and stay there all day.  30s-60s isn’t bad – but 70s was so delightful!

There is something so inviting about Florida.  I grew up in the central part of the state. Familiarity, warm breezes, Carolina blue skies, hay bales, wide open horse pastures,

This soup would be good on any cold night – just combine with some naan bread or homemade loaf.

I write for Her View From Home and for December I did a very short and partial dream kitchen list.  Go check it out for every cook on your list of people to get gifts for this holiday season.

Um, how about these for Christmas morning breakfast?

I got an opportunity to share some health tips and a bit about my weight loss journey over here.


Sundays in the South

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Pumpkin Holding

Life has been full the past few weeks and I’ve not gotten around to doing one of my favorite posts of the week – but here goes some of my fave site finds for you to look at.

I definitely want to make this before fall gives way to the winter.

Salads for balancing out all the treats of the holidays – and I love one with tangy fruits and warm roasted vegetables.

Can I just be honest with the rest of this page:

Sometimes the world of the internet overwhelms me.  People in my feeds argue about refugees and red cups (whether filled with coffee or beer).  They complain about what they don’t like.  They speak about how wonderful life is.  They post everything good that they do.  I give in to this so much.  And more of the time – I crave for time with my true friends, sitting down with coffee, talking about how life is hard and how God is good.  Or just crying because your kids are driving you crazy and money is tight.  I long to have refreshment from uninterrupted time with my mister, sitting in the word for a while without having to go somewhere in a few minutes, not wondering how we are going to pay the bills next month, or just sitting there across from a friend who is struggling too – and listening to her cry, tears of concern and mystery and hurt.  Life happens outside of the blog and social media world.

Ok – well, happy Sunday from my little world to you!

Sundays in the South

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Roswell Cemetery

Happy Sunday to all of you out there.  This morning as my mister and I were standing in church together (doesn’t happen often in between serving in nursery, my mister leading worship, or my misters work schedule, or sick kids) I was sobbing because of hearing how the grieving process for a couple who lost their teenage daughter still continues.

Then I sent my mister a text later in the service after he had gone to work saying that I long for the day that the tears are replaced with laughter and smiles and our lives are marked more by grace than what has happened in our lives.

So, as I’ve already cried, shared nuggets and a frosty with my little misters, and practiced some yoga – here are some happy links – things that make me smile!

Since it is pumpkin season and my little little is turning 2 this Tuesday – we are so doing this to celebrate!

This friend always makes me smile.  She made me smile in high school and her lovely blog including these DIY spectaculars make me smile today – and remembering back to seeing my first aspens with her 5 years ago.

Since my phone is attached to me almost at all times and because of my love for photography and capturing every moment so I can remember the moment – think I need to memorize these

These pretty calendars really make me wish I had some talent.

The bag of chopped up butternut squash I get weekly at my Trader Joes always makes me smile and so does a good mac and cheese.

Just because I love kale in salads and its healthy for me and I want to use up all the squash because its fall and I need to combat birthday cake this week…

I have no doubt that these cookies would make me smile because of the butterscotch chips – but then I wouldn’t smile when I looked at the scale after I ate half the batch.

Sundays in the South

Here's some Coffee

Most everyone I know is in some sort of weather today produced by Hurricane Joaquin.  Maybe you are loving it – maybe you’d rather have sunshine.  I love storms and wind – but I actually thrive on sunshine.

So, while some of you may be stuck inside today because of the weather, I thought I would send you some link to read up on:

I usually make muffins once a week in our kitchen because it is so easy for my misters’ breakfasts.  These will be coming soon because I have everything in my kitchen already.

If you get really tired of meal planning – maybe these templates will help you out and bring on the food creativity.

Are you aspiring to more in the kitchen?  Maybe you need to start with these?  I want to make my own bucket list of recipes.

Having worked for Williams-Sonoma for a few years, I loved reading this story.

Sundays in the South

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Old School October

Today is a little different in our home as far as Sundays go.  We usually go to church. Not this week.  One of sons has pink eye and a yucky cough and lots of snot – so we chose not to inflict any of those on other kids.  So, we are home today.  This morning we ate muffins, watched Daniel Tiger, read out of our Read and Share Bible, and drove around town getting Krispy Kreme, watching trains, looking at planes and bulldozers, and ate lunch at Zaxbys.  What does your normal Sunday look like?

Here are some links you can be loving this week:

A muffin recipe of mine featuring some yummy pumpkin granola over at Her View From Home

There’s a lot more to creating a recipe than you think.

This is getting made so soon – oh, me and sausage…its quite the affair!

This is going on the menu for this week!  Oh, I love falafel and I miss my sandwiches in Louisville.

Simple and cheap comfort food – right up our alley

Great post on ordering your life for any woman



Sundays in the South

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White Hydrangeas

Yesterday we got to celebrate our little mister’s 3rd birthday.  While it wasn’t like we had planned, (darn pink eye), we still got to eat yummy pancakes, hit up Moe’s at Daddy’s work, and play at an aviation park in town, and eat cupcakes of course!

I’m a big celebrator – especially of birthdays.  God created that person uniquely and I think the world should celebrate them.  And I love giving gifts and making that person feel special – so that is the perfect day to do it, right?

So, just because it is Sunday, let’s celebrate that by giving you some links to look at!

Brokenness has been in my vision this week – and this post says why we need our failures.

I spend a lot of time talking about healthy living – here is a great post about how we do that in light of living in community.

If you are looking for inspiration in the world of travel and food – go here.  I love her blog and her visits.

Second only to guacamole is a great queso and I think I might be trying this soon

The podcast world is huge and you can never listen to everything.  So, if you want a place to start, check out Heather’s list.


Sundays in the South

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Sunday naps

Truth be told, doing some extended childcare today – I may have eaten half my weight in animal crackers.  Hey, whatever it takes to get 4 kids through nap times without naps.  And speaking of naps – this was taken last night before bed time – it had been a long week for all of us and my e gets so snuggly – and because he turns 3 in 6 days!

So, first I thought you might be encouraged to go read three posts that I’ve written that are spread throughout internet land:

This one on what the best types of shoes each woman needs to succeed in marriage.

This one on blessing others because we have been blessed in Christ.

and finally this one about putting our faith into action.

And now for some link love from around my fave blogs:

I’m already thinking of simple Christmas gifts I can give to other foodies in my life – this salt may be perfect in little mason jars wrapped up in pretty string.

Because I love pumpkin everything this time of year.

But, I don’t want to give up summer and all its glorious berries just yet and because I love scones.

And because I’m not in college and can cook more than microwaveable ramen and because I love bacon. Who doesn’t, right?



Sundays in the South

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Sundays in the South

Oh glorious Sunday.  Nap central in our home in the afternoon.  And loving to bake and cook and organize my kitchen while having NCIS or Gilmore Girls on in the background.  My mister works every other Sunday so I get a quiet afternoon to myself in between church time. Some Sundays we have people over then it is a day for community – which I love as well.

Here are some links I’ve been loving this week:

This chocolate and pb cake will be made for the next person who requests a chocolate cake for an event – or maybe just for us to eat!

Coconut and chocolate together – yes, please!

This book for my preschooler about oceans, mountains, and stars oh my!

Joy tackles the rising tide of Instagram

Psalm 119 is amazing and Kristin is about to start a study on it.

Sundays in the South

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Atlanta Flowers on a Sunday

Today: there will be peanut butter pie on my table.  Creamy.  Perfect for summer.  And an oreo crust – you can’t get better than that.  Just for the sake of health, there will be a salad eaten before!

I love one of the recurring themes in the book of Deuteronomy: (not just the law) delight

My mister would really love this refreshing salad so I think I’ll be a good wife and make it for him this coming week

If you want to go look at some pretty photos and buy some of them…I don’t think my friend Coast and Oak would mind?

I don’t know if a hot dog ever looked so good?

What links are inspiring you this week?