31 Hymns: I Don’t Know Who Holds Tomorrow

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I Don't Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Hymn number 205.

Growing up in a small country church we had times where we could just yell out numbers and that’s the song we would sing.  My Mom loved this song – and therefore I loved it. (The link is to an Alison Krauss version of it).

It was great in the teenage years – because you never know what your life is going to hold.

It was great in college years – because the rest of your life seems so hopefully and scary at the same time

It was great in the seminary years – because who in the world am I going to marry and will I ever get my dream job?

It was great in the rough years – because it made me remember the faithfulness of God.

It was great in the dream job years – because only He knew if the writing I did would be accepted and successful (which it was).

It was great when I was courting my now Mister – because He knew His great plan for us as a couple and as a family.

It was great in pregnancy years – because He knew that He formed the boys growing in my belly.

It is great in the unknown future phase we are in right now – and in the parenting phase – and in the daily life with toddlers phase – because He is faithful and knows all things.

I’m thankful for old hymns.

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