This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

Train cupcakes

Sorry for the absence all week.  Last week was the toughest week of parenting to date.  And I know there will be more.

But, when life is tough I’ve come to not turn to blogging.  I really did find solace in the Word last week and journaling some prayers for mommas this morning.

But, I also didn’t turn to cooking, either. When I’m trying to eat healthy, I don’t always want to cook.  So, poor husband didn’t have a lot to eat last week.  One of my comforting things to do is to bake – well, that means I eat it – which won’t go well for me when I’m struggling because then I will eat all the cookies.  NOT GOOD. But delicious.

So, this week, here we go again!

This leftover soup tonight with some homemade hummus.

Chicken Korma – finally, if I can find Paneer without haven’t to go to every grocery store in Atlanta.

Turkey enchiladas.  I didn’t get to make them for my friend who visited this past weekend, so since I have all the ingredients I will make them for us this week – and my boys like them.

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Orange muffins for our end of the semester Bible study brunch.

A strawberry elmo cake for a neighbors birthday party.

What are you cooking this week?


2 Responses

  1. Gina

    TJ’s Pumpkin Pancakes (MixerKim brought me two bags of groceries from her trip to MN!!) and sausage. We’re also having tacos, Chicken Black-Bean Enchiladas (this recipe, but not made with frozen chicken in the crockpot because I’m concerned about the dangers there… — we use Brad’s homemade salsa in it, yum!), and homemade Salisbury steak & gravy. And Nin is making homemade granola bars for Ms. Wanda this week – so we’ll have some of those, too. (recipe here…from Jennifer R…

  2. ellie

    Stumbled upon your blog, I look forward to trying some of your recipes. Prayers for you, I know some rough days parenting as well, God is good and I pray you’ll get some peace soon.