Blogtember Challenge: Vlog Boycott

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Just kidding about the boycott.

But, there will be no Blogtember challenge today from me because I don’t like to Vlog.  I like to watch Periscope but I don’t like to be on it.  I do not like myself on video – and since this is my blog…there you go.

I love being up in front of people – just don’t make me watch or listen to it.

If you wanna talk with me – let’s sit down and chat – or cook together, or, well, anything.

2 Responses


    It is completely understandable. I struggled putting mine up. I recorded it in about 3 different locations and didn’t like any cut so I ended up sitting in my car waiting on my mom and leaned towards my purse for my camera and began to record. I still don’t like it but it is up there and I am hoping no one watches.

  2. Janet Miles

    I didn’t do one either because we were out of town visiting my daughter in college and we bought a new car so the day was filled. I may try one before the end of the challenge but definitely hear you about being uncomfortable with seeing/hearing yourself on “TV.”