The Blogtember Finale

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Blogtember Wrap-up

I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on this Blogtember challenge.  Today, as the challenge concludes, I thought I’d share some thoughts about how it went:

  1.  First, I wanted to meet new readers by doing this challenge – and I did.
  2. Second, I wanted to learn a discipline of writing every day – I did.
  3. Third, I wanted to remember that there are more important things than blogging – and I did.

On the third one – I always was mindful of what was going on in our home.  Was my mister home?  Were we doing anything special or were we both sitting on the couch working and watching a mindless show or a repeat?  Were my kids awake and playing and demanding my attention or were they asleep?  Was the house a mess (please don’t let my mister answer that!)

I know quite a few people schedule posts well ahead of time, and I’m usually not that person, unless it is for a site that is not my own – like a book review or recipe for another company.  I like to write and post – sort of like instant gratification.

I hope you have learned something new about me – and hopefully challenged yourself to answer the questions that I have answered.  Starting tomorrow, 31Days is happening on the blog – we are going to be looking at the overwhelming character of God found in Psalm 51.  Join me.

Blogtember: 10 Questions to Answer Next

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We are coming up to the end of our blogtember challenge.  Its been good – but more on that tomorrow.  Today is my chance to ask the questions – and answer any of them that you want to.

  1.  How did you come to know Jesus – if you are a Christian?
  2. Who was the teacher that had the biggest influence on you?
  3. Besides the person who gave you birth and Jesus – who is the one person that has had the greatest impact on your life – and why?
  4. What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?
  5. If you could live anywhere else other than the place you currently live – why would you want to live there?
  6. If you could go on one mission trip for a year – where would it be and what would you do?
  7. What style would you say your home is?  Share pictures!
  8. If you had a crazy dream that you would love to see come true one day – what it would be – like a reallllly big, God-sized dream?
  9. What book isn’t out there and what book would you like to write?
  10. Who is your best friend and why is she (or he) your BFF?

Blogtember: Everyday Christmas

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St. Augustine

Today’s blogtember challenge is all about what is on our wishlist.  Goodness…my mister knows that I always have a running list of things that I want, but that aren’t in the budget.  So, that makes it perfect for him or anyone else just to surprise me with a gift anytime!

So, I’ve separated them into categories:


This clear umbrella for photo shoots.

Any beautiful creations from this NC studio for food photography.

Wooden utensils from this craftsman.

Since these are my favorite, I think I need them in every color.



This journaling Bible.

The new book by Sally Lloyd Jones.

To learn more about food photography – this helpful read.


Gift Cards from the following: Target, Ann Taylor, JCrew, or Fransesca’s

From the online world – anything from the following: Kristin Schmucker, Rifle Paper Co, or 9th Letter Press (you gotta love those Winter Park gals)


Traveling and Conferences:

TGCW registration and travel and babysitters

This food photography workshop in the BVI in January

This creative and business workshop either in Annapolis or Denver

A second honeymoon anywhere with my mister for a week or two.



Blogtember: Book Love

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Book Love

I am always reading.  And I thought yesterday – that reading is probably one of the best way to educate yourself or better yourself on a budget.  Traveling I think is the best way to educate yourself – but our budget doesn’t allow for that right now.

So, I read.  And I don’t read as much as I would like.  Well, I guess I do read every day – but it is the 5 Minute Read and Share Bible, or Goodnight Moon, or The Going to Bed Book, or other kids books that I’m reviewing for different sites.

What I’m reading right now for my prayer life is the Mark of a Man for praying for my husband.  It is an older book by Elisabeth Elliot. Short chapters that I can then journal through for him.

For me, I’m reading French Women Don’t Get Fat – a look at how to enjoy food for pleasure – but not to excess.

And for a book review for a theological journal – 7 Women – which is going to be great!

What are you reading – and what should I be reading?

Then There Were Three Songs

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Three Fave Songs

I love music.  I always have.  I recall hearing a tape growing up.  It was a home-recording of my brother singing I Am a Promise in practice for his kindergarten graduation.  I was in the background hiccuping.  Yup.  My vocal debut.  Then I started singing for our small church in elementary school, playing the piano in middle school, sang on touring ensembles in high school, got to share in leading on praise teams in college and seminary, and sang in an awesome choir in Durham.  Music, from country (classic is best) to Brooklyn Tab to Hillsong United to The Cathedrals to everything in between – including jazz and Harry Connick, JR – has a place in my heart.  I married a musician.  Go buy his cd – if you like Fernando Ortega or Chris Rice – you will love it.  And it will encourage you.

Three songs that are encouraging me lately:

Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul – this song has been on constant repeat during our marriage.  Our marriage has been wonderful but so many changes in such a short time has had me clinging to this song.  I love Sandra singing it too.

For All the Saints: we sing this in church and I love the music for it – and the words are encouraging to persevere in whatever trial (sort of a spin on Hebrews 11)

This is Amazing Grace: recently I got to sing this with about 2000 women and just rock it out, sing it to the top of our lungs, the glorious truth of the Gospel.  What could be better?

Blogtember: Creative Ventures and Dreams

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Oh this is such a happy day on the blogtember challenge.  Its where I get to talk about creativity!

God made us in His Image and He is a creator.  While we don’t get to be a creator – because we can’t create out of nothing – we aren’t God – we still have a bent toward the creative.  And I love that.  I love taking the every day and making it creative.

Food: we all have to eat.  My motto: “everything important happens around a table”  And why not make it fun? I love making meals for people, baking special treats for celebrations and my men, and making hospitality even better with good food.  My Dream: to be published on Food Gawker, have a cookbook published one day, and share recipes and desire to cook for your families.

Naked Cake with Fruit

Pray Names: These are name art pieces that I do for people (completely customized) where I get to pray over the person I’m doing it for – as I’m doing it.  I just did the ones for my sons – and that was special.  I shared our older son’s prayer on the blog last week and I’ll share our younger son’s prayer when it is his birthday next month.  I love doing this for people either for births, weddings, adoptions, or special times within the life of the family.  My Dream: to get the word into people’s homes.  This is completely by donation.  I never charge a set amount (over supplies and shipping).

Pray Names

Photography: I’ve loved photography ever since I can remember, which is probably middle school.  I was the class historian for our high school and now I love capturing memories for people (and food and nature of course).  You can see more of my work here.  My Dream: to consistently improve in this area, earn money from it to help our family, and to capture memories for you and our family.

kcreatives newborn

Illustrated Faith: I love sitting down with my Bible and some pens and being able to meditate on what the Word is saying and coloring at the same time.  Different verses will come alive in different ways depending on how you draw them.  The Spirit speaks through His Word.  My Dream: To motivate other woman to get creative while reading their Bible.

Oaks of Righteousness

Writing: I’ve written some prayer resources that you can find here and I’m working on a daily devotional for moms.  I can’t wait to get that to yall!  And I write here, at Ungrind, Her View From Home, and other random places on the internet from time to time.  My Dream: to be published by Crossway at some point in my life.  And to write like Elyse Fitzpatrick

Coffee With: On the blog I love being able to introduce you to creatives that do creative things.  All creatives are normal people, some drink coffee, some run, some are married – all are creative.  I’ve been doing a series that I ask questions, give you insight into them, and let you see their work.  My Dream: keep doing it.  Have more creatives to introduce you to and keep community and ideas and encouragement happening.

Blogtember: Favorite Quote of the Moment

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Jesus is Everything

When you read a lot, and are bombarded with other people’s favorite quotes all the time via social media – it is hard to pick just one.  But, this weekend I came across this blog from a former pastor of mine – and I had to share this.

One of the areas I see this the most for me is in parenting.  I’m so not good at this – but when I do call on the Jesus in tough moment, I see Him work.  He is faithful just like he said he would be!

And Jesus – the true Jesus – the Jesus of the Bible, not the Jesus that people make up in their heads that don’t line up with what the True Word says about Him – He is everything.  We don’t need anything else.  Any other additions to Jesus is not Jesus.

Blogtember: Guilty Pleasures

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Water Fun

Can I first say that I hate the name of that.  I know what the term means: but basically it means indulging in something that isn’t necessarily good for us and getting pleasure for it.  So…hmmm, I don’t know how to answer that question.

Here are some things that I enjoy in moderation – but they necessarily aren’t good for me:

Dark Chocolate M&Ms

Ferrero Rocher

Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate with tons of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup

Strawberry Twizzlers

Moose Track Ice Cream

Salted Caramel Rice Krispy Treats

Lazy binge watching of NCIS (yay, season premiere on Tuesday) or Gilmore Girls (finished the whole series in about 2 months) or White Collar

Blogtember Challenge: Vlog Boycott

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Just kidding about the boycott.

But, there will be no Blogtember challenge today from me because I don’t like to Vlog.  I like to watch Periscope but I don’t like to be on it.  I do not like myself on video – and since this is my blog…there you go.

I love being up in front of people – just don’t make me watch or listen to it.

If you wanna talk with me – let’s sit down and chat – or cook together, or, well, anything.