Coffee with Rebecca Wright

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I love hearing what people are excited about, how their relationships and creativity work, and what they do in their world.

Rebecca Wright married into a family that I love.  Her in-laws, Steve and Tina, have made a huge impact in my life, marriage, parenting.  Steve trusted me with a huge writing project and design curriculum.  I loved it.  Rebecca is newest adult member in the family.  You will love her too after you check out her lifestyle blog and this interview.

I wish I could actually sit down in SoFla with her – maybe one day!  Enjoy the interview and go give her social media some love!

So Rebecca, tell us a little about you and your family?

I am a midwestern girl that enjoys fashion, beauty, home decor and being a wife. I married my incredible husband William on October 15th, 2017. He truly is my better half! I don’t say that to degrade myself but William has really challenged and encouraged me to be my best self. I wouldn’t have started my blog without him! We don’t have any babies yet as we are enjoying newlywed life and are looking forward to starting our family in the near future!

You’ve been married just over a year – how has the first year of marriage been maybe the same and different than your expectations?

Our first year of marriage is a year I will always treasure and look back on. We grew so much as individuals and as one in our marriage. I expected our first year of marriage to be filled with excitement and spontaneity – it definitely lived up to that!! They say the first year of marriage is the toughest but we can vouch that even through life’s trials we definitely came out of our first year with a stronger appreciation for one another and are even more in love than the day we said “I Do”!

You are a lifestyle blogger?  Why blogging? 

Great question! I have wanted to start a blog for years (probably 4 or 5 years) and never did. I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously since I was so young at the time! I still am young, but being a young wife I feel that I have a lot more I can share now. I have always loved sharing things with others, whether thats a recipe I am loving, a new product I found or just my personal style. I would not consider myself an author by any means but I do enjoy writing and would say that I write as if I am talking to a friend! It wasn’t until I launched my blog where I found myself loving the creative process of each post. I have so many ideas and this is just the beginning of my blogging journey!

How does your faith meet your creativity (your writing, design, fashion)?

 never want to push my religion on anyone however, being a Christian is integrated in pretty much everything I do. My hope is that someone who visits my blog is encouraged or inspired by what I’m sharing and can see a reflection of Christ through myself and my marriage. If I am doing that, then I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose.

How has community played a part in both your work

and your young marriage?

Community has been so crucial specifically with the launch of my blog. A short time after William and I got married, he got an incredible job offer farther south than where we were living. To make the commute easier we moved almost an hour south of where we had went through our engagement season, just settled into and built our little community. Luckily we have family that has been incredible and we try to get together with our old friends as much as we can. With my blog – having a virtual community has been such an encouragement to me. There are people that I went to high school with that are reaching out and subscribing to my blog. It really means a lot and I am grateful for their support!

Where do you want to be in five years?

Dream or reality? Haha! In 5 years I will be 27 – If it all pans out how we would like we will have 2 babies and maybe a 3rd on the way, we will have just finished up building our dream home and forever home, living close to Will’s family and plugged into a community we love. I’d love to be home with our kids (playdates multiple times a week with my sister in law and her babies and at grandma and papa’s house lots too!). I will still be blogging and featuring motherhood content on my blog as well! I would love to write a book one day, so maybe I will be working on that 🙂

You live in sunny SoFla.  Where is your favorite place to “work”?

Not many people following my blog know this (I just haven’t mentioned it) but I actually don’t blog full time! Well, I don’t blog full time yet at least – that is a goal! I do have a full time job as the executive assistant to the owner of 4 luxury consignment furniture showrooms. I handle some of their accounting, customer service, buying, projects and what not. My job has been a blessing to me and I am grateful to have flexibility with it! So to answer your question – I am at one of our locations most of the week and when I work from home I enjoy working in whichever room has the most natural light pouring in with a candle lit, jazz music playing and a warm cup of coffee! I will occasionally take my lunch break by our pool 😉

When do you work and what is a typical schedule for you?

As I just shared, I do work a full time job outside of blogging – so Monday – Friday (with the exception of Thursday when I work business hours from home) I am at one of our locations from 9:45am until around 4 or 5pm. I will then come home, get a quick workout or run in and start on dinner while working on my next blog post. I do a lot of my blogging work at night and on the weekends as well. I do my photoshoots either on Saturday or for an hour on Thursday. I love blogging so much that working on it after my day job is fun for me!

You just got back from Savannah, definitely one of my favorite cities,

where else would you like to travel?

We had a wonderful time in Savannah! I would love to feature more travel content only blog for sure! Some of the destinations on our list include Charleston, New York, Europe and a family ski trip in the Colorado mountains!

Who are your inspirations? In the blogging world?

In fashion my inspirations are the timeless and classy Kate Middleton and Jackie Kennedy. In the blogging world I really admire Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies as well as Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam. I really connect with their style and they have both created great success with the growth of their blogs and clothing lines.


Coffee With: Asheritah CiuCiu

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Advent starts this weekend.  And one of the books out there for you to read, by yourself or with your family, is Unwrapping the Names of Jesus.  And today, I get to share with you some fun thoughts from the author, Asheritah.  Asheritah and I wrote for the same blog a few years ago and her writing has been a continual source of encouragement for me.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

  1. So what some people might want some help with is how to pronounce your name.  And can you give us a little bit of your background: like your family, what you do, etc?

Sure! My name looks intimidating at first, but it’s easier than it looks. Asheritah, my first name, is pronounced like “margarita” and my last name, Ciuciu, is pronounced choo-choo like the train. It sounds like a silly way to explain pronunciation, but my name has deep significance. My father made it as a compound name, based on Asher, to mean “God is my happiness.” And that’s been the guiding light of my life ever since, and it’s the foundation of One Thing Alone Ministries as well, as we strive to help women find joy in Jesus.


I grew up in Romania as a missionary kid and met my husband in sixth grade summer camp. It took eleven years for us to eventually marry, but I’m so blessed to have him as my husband. We have two spunky little girls and currently live in Northeast Ohio.


  1. With all the Christmas books out there – why this one? Why now?  What compelled you to write an Advent book?

Believe it or not, I didn’t really enjoy Christmas growing up. Even into young adulthood, the Christmas season brought more anxiety than anticipation, and when I was expecting my first daughter, a mentor of mine encouraged me to begin new traditions for my own family. As I began praying, asking the Lord to help me rediscover the meaning and joy of Christmas, He pointed me to the names of Jesus.


If we really believe that Jesus is the greatest gift of all, wouldn’t it make sense that we would want to learn more about Him? What does it mean that He is the Lion of Judah? The Lord of Lords? The Alpha and Omega? Each name is a promise, a unique identity that reveals a facet of His character, and when we unwrap them one at a time, we discover the beauty of Jesus, Son of God, made man for us.


My desire with Unwrapping the Names of Jesus is to help readers rediscover the joy of Christmas by growing deeper in their knowledge and love of Jesus, learning to worship Him with all their hearts, so that when Christmas morning rolls around, we’ll all join in to sing, “O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!”


  1. Can you share a special holiday memory that you have?

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a box of English books my dad managed to secure for me in Romania. English books were so hard to find, and he hid a treasure trove under my bed one year, and instructed me to take out only one at a time. Oh, the anticipation of each new book made me both excited to read the next book and also slow down to relish each book I held in my hands. In a way, this special gift inspired the format of Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, as I want readers to have that same experience: excited to read the next day’s name, but also slowing down to relish the beauty of who Jesus is today.


  1. You graduated Cedarville.  What was the best part about being at a Christian university?

So much goodness! Cedarville was where I learned to think for myself, to hold up my own beliefs to inspection and really own my faith. But it also taught me the importance of defending my faith with gentleness and respect, something I struggled with as a teenager. I loved having a safe place to wrestle with the difficult parts of my Christian faith, and I still look back with fondness at many of the late nights spent debating transubstantiation, amillenialism, and arminianism, debates I don’t touch much today, but conversations that laid a foundation for my desire to help women dig deeper into the truth found only in Jesus.


  1. Being a mom to spunky children, do you ever wonder how you do it?  What about parenting and being in ministry (outside the home)?

Oh, this is a challenge, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or climbing the lego-strewn stairs, there’s always more tugs on your time and body than there is energy to do it all. I think it’s important to enlist the help of others, especially those whose strengths fill in the gaps of your weaknesses.


I’m blessed to be surrounded by a community that supports me in life and ministry. From my husband (who is my biggest champion and a huge support in the technical part of running our ministry), to my mom and mother-in-law (who take turns babysitting our girls), to my team of assistants around the world (from South Africa to San Diego and everywhere in between), to the countless women who respond to my SOS prayer texts before I jump on a radio interview or when I’m facing a book deadline, I am blessed with so much help. Seriously, I couldn’t do this all by myself, nor would I want to even try.


  1. Out of all the names of Jesus that you unwrap in your advent book, which has been the dearest to you?

This is the hardest question of all, because I don’t really have a favorite. Instead, I’ve found that different names take on new meaning in different situations in life. Just today, I got an email with some bad news, and for a few moments I panicked. But then the Spirit reminded me that Jesus is the Lord of Lords, and that means He’s in control of this situation too. His Names are either true all the time or they’re not true at any time, and it’s moments like those that require us to live out what we say we believe. (BTW, everything turned out ok in the end, because Jesus really can handle our crises, can’t He?)


  1. This blog series is called Coffee With…so if we were sitting down having coffee somewhere, where would we be and what would you get?

Easy. We’d be sitting at the copper-topped tables at Artisan Coffee Shop, where you can find me most weeks working on some new project. And I’d probably be sipping on a Dark Chocolate Orangeman, which is part of the secret menu, but if you wanted to try one, I’d order it for you too. 🙂

Coffee With: Sarah Bragg of Surviving Sarah

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Though we are no longer Atlantans, I still think of many of the friends that I came to know during our 3+ years of living in the city.

One such friends who welcomed me into her world, listened over coffee, prayer, empathized, cheered on, and encouraged me in the Gospel, was Sarah Bragg.  She is a podcaster, wife, mom, author, cheerleader, and gingham-wearing, coffee-drinking friend.

Her podcast has been such an encouraging feed to me over the last year and I encourage you to go read her blog, her book, and hear her talk to many others, championing what they do, and encouraging women along the way.

So, here’s a little interview with her.  I hope you love her as much as I do.  Friend, I’m thankful for you!

1.  Can you tell my tribe a little about who you are?
I am in my late thirties (its strange even typing that), married to Scott for 12 years and we have two elementary age girls, Sinclair and Rory. I worked full-time student ministry for about 6 years and then transitioned to work for a non-profit organization, Orange, who helps equips those to work in ministry. After creating resources for middle and high school students, I currently lead a team who creates small group material for adults. My first book, Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves chronicles what I wish I’d known when I was a teenager—how to learn to be content to be who God made me to be. But my most favorite and fun thing that I do is host a weekly podcast called Surviving Sarah where I get to have conversations with different people about how they are surviving life. We talk about all the things that relate to women.
2. With so many other forms of “social”, why a podcast?
Before kids, I used to travel and speak to young women or women groups around the country. I absolutely loved using my voice to inspire and encourage others. But when my kids were little, it was difficult to even put words together to form sentences so using my voice stopped. As elementary school approached for my kids, I would pray, “God what do you want me to do?” And for two years, I felt like God answered with, “I want you to push others forward.” But I didn’t know exactly what that meant. I would tell God that I just wanted to use my voice again. I liked writing but I loved speaking.  I was still unsure of what God would do. But in October of 2015, God spoke to my heart and said, “I want you to start a podcast so that you can use your voice to push others forward.” I still get to inspire and encourage women while shining a light on the guest on my show.
3. I know you learn so much from each person on your show, but has something really stood out to you in the past eps?
With nearly 100 episodes in the books, I have had several favorite episodes. For me, my favorites tend to be ones about motherhood since that is the state of life for me. I’ve loved chatting with Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Julie Barnhill. And one of my all time favorite episodes was with Suzanne Stabile, the author of The Road Back To You, as we discuss what the enneagram is and how when you understand who you are wired or those around you, then you are able to extend grace more for yourself and others.
4. How do you balance it all?  Is balance such a thing or just this lofty idea?
I definitely wished that I was able to balance it all. Most days I feel like I’m dropping the ball on something. I think it looks different in different seasons. My kids are a priority, but in this season I can’t volunteer weekly in my kids school. I can’t lead in the PTA. And I can’t bring homemade cupcakes to the Christmas party. I have to be realistic about my schedule and my own limitations. But I can send in money to help with something. Or volunteer once a month in their classroom. It also requires some effort on my part to schedule well. And not just my work hours, but family hours and personal hours. Some days are good and some days are a struggle. And at the end of the day, I have to receive a lot of grace. 
5.  I love your thoughts on hospitality and your kitchen table, your intro the blog each week. Can you talk about how you use your home for hospitality other than your podcast guests?
I have learned a lot over the past several years about not waiting for perfection until you allow others to step into your world. If we wait for perfection, then we’ll be waiting for a long time. Hospitality is about letting others in. It’s about sharing what you have. It’s about vulnerability. I want our home to be a place where people are welcome and feel comfortable enough to be their authentic self. So we have people over for dinner or impromptu sprinkler fun outside. In fact, our front yard has really become an extension of our home. We spend a lot of time in the front yard. My girls know all the dogs in the neighborhood. It takes effort to know the people around you and sometimes the last thing you want to do after a day of working is to talk but that is what hospitality is. Come as you—even if its messy or untimely.
6. If I was still in ATL, and we could sit down at your fave place to chill and chat…where would we go and what would you be drinking?
Well, that depends on the time of day! But my favorite place to sit and chat with someone is my local Starbucks. I can always count on my drink being just right. And I always see people I know from the community. In the summer months, my drink of choice is an iced coffee with cream and vanilla. In the winter months, I stick to a Misto which is basically coffee and steamed milk.

Coffee With: The 213 Shop

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There is so much wrong with this world, that when you come along something that makes things right, offers hope, and changes the way things are – you want to share them with everyone you know!

I’ve never been to Nepal, and probably never will be, but I know people who have loved that country.  And one way a friend of mine has loved that country is by The 213 Shop. Listen to their story, visit their site, support them by buying beautiful jewelry (I wear my bracelet every day), and read to the end for a special giveaway!

Can you tell us about 213 and what’s its mission is?

The Two Thirteen Shop: Her Skillful Work – Your Purposeful Purchase – Their Impacted Lives 

The Two Thirteen Shop was established in 2016. After spending 10 years overseas and seeing firsthand the talent and creativity of so many women, even in the remotest parts of the world, and the benefits of women being given good, wholesome, creative work and skills development opportunities, it is my desire to do all I can to help them get their beautiful products into the hands of people around the world.

The Two Thirteen Shop seeks to provide people in the US with a place to purchase beautiful, handmade, above trade products made by hard working, talented women around the world. Purchases help sustain jobs for women artisans in developing countries. The more we sell, the more jobs are created and the more lives are positively impacted with love, hope and truth. When we impact the lives of women we impact their family and the community they are a part of and when that happens there is no limit to all of the great things that can be done.

How did 213 get started, where is it now, and where is it going?
About 4 years ago, while I was living in Nepal, I had the privilege of helping 3 of my closest friends, all women from Himalayan mountain villages, start Blessed Hope (the business that makes the jewelry that we sell at The Two Thirteen Shop). It started out as an idea and has since grown into a full business completely owned by local women (it is the first business owned by women among their people group). Last year our family returned to America for my husband to finish his PhD studies and I wanted a way to sell and promote Blessed Hope jewelry and products made by other women’s organizations around the world so I started The Two Thirteen Shop in June of 2016. I wanted to stay connected to the women and continue to do all I could to promote their beautiful creations, highlight their story, help create more jobs for and enriching opportunities for women. I am not 100% sure where The Two Thirteen Shop will go. I have big dreams and visions for it but I am taking it slowly, pursuing opportunities as they come and trusting God to lead the business to the places He desires it to go.
What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?
I love our Pangden Bracelet because it was designed after the colorful, handwoven apron (Pangden) that Himalayan women wear. Wearing the bracelet is a way to appreciate the beauty of the Himalayan culture and I love the way it mixes Western and Himalayan fashion. Each of these bracelets that are sold include a card telling the history behind the Pangden and a picture of one of the Blessed Hope Nepal ladies wearing the Pangden that the bracelet was designed after.
Can you share a personal story of one of the ladies who works with 213?
Sangjung Bhote is one of the original ladies from when we first started Blessed Hope (BH). Before working at BH and making the crocheting the beautiful jewelry we sell at The Two Thirteen Shop she worked on a pig farm and made rice liquor to help make ends meet. Her husband works overseas and she has one son. After the devastating April 2015 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, her BH income helped pay for her son’s school fees, food, cooking gas and other household needs when her husband was unable to send money home. Her job at BH continues to be a reliable form of work and income in an unpredictable country with very few opportunities for women.
When people buy 213 jewelry, how does it impact the lives of the women involved?
Most of the women who make the jewelry that we sell are uneducated. There are very few good, wholesome opportunities for women in Nepal and especially for those that are uneducated. Although many of the women are uneducated in the traditional sense, they are some of the smartest women I know. They are very good with their hands, very creative and extremely hardworking. Working at BH gives them an opportunity to be creative and use their talents to produce something beautiful while also helping to provide for their family. Every item purchased at The Two Thirteen Shop helps continue to provide more and more work to the women. The women are paid per piece that they make so the more pieces equal more work and more work equals a better, more stable livelihood for these women and their families. Through the money these women make they are providing the basic necessities for their family like flour, vegetables, meat and oil, paying school fees, buying clothing for their children and paying for transportation to get around town.
Can you talk about justice ministry and what it looks like in your world?
As a Christian, I know that God values each and every life and it is a privilege to invest myself in work that strives to help women see their value and worth to God and give them opportunities to grow and thrive in the place that they are in. I love watching lives transformed. It is awesome to watch as one women’s life is transformed how it spreads and impacts so many others.
 If we were sitting down for coffee, what would you be having and what would we be talking about?
What I’d be drinking… depends on if I am choosing the healthy option or not….my favorite healthier option at coffee shops is an almond milk latte without sugar. I LOVE the nutty flavor and I can always use all of the caffeine I can get (and it’s low in calories!). If I am splurging I would choose a mocha (without whip cream) because I love the foam on top and I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate.
What we’d be talking about….probably about all of the things God is teaching us and having us walk through. As a verbal processor I love to talk through the things God is teaching me and showing me with friends. It’s a great way for me to process it and I love hearing from my friends how God is at work in their lives. I am sure our conversation would also include some discussions about parenting and how being a wife, mom and woman in ministry is often a lot to balance but is also such a privilege. And I’m sure I’d talk about Nepal. God has engraved that place and those people on my heart forever. It would be hard to have a conversation without talking about it.
Ok – here is your chance!  To enter to win: go over to the shop and tell me what is one thing (or 4) that you would buy!  I’ll choose a winner later this week – and so thankful for the 213 Shop for hosting this giveaway!  (And the set of bracelets above is what you will receive!)

Coffee with : Audrey Grace Photo

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Atlanta is such a hub of creative powerhouses!  So many are excited to collaborate, meet up for coffee, help you excel in your craft, and champion you to help you be a better creative.  Seldom have I found a competitive spirit among the creatives I’ve been introduced to.

Audrey and I are currently neighbors, which we didn’t know until I had to drop off her wedding vows, like literally a quarter mile from each other – in a huge metro area!  We bonded over Davinci Donuts and milk while my younger son watched Thomas the Train and Curious George.

We talked life, photography, and church.  Audrey took some amazing photos of the calligraphy wedding vows I did for her and her husband.  And I got to know another beautiful photographer in this town.

How’d you get started in photography and what advice do you have for newbies?

When I was a kid, my dad had a Minolta film camera that I would play around with. I’d go to the library and check out every book I could get my hands on about photography. If there was a photo I loved, I would literally copy the settings out of the book onto my film camera and try it out. A lot of trial by error! Haha. But my love for photography grew and I kept learning. My advice for newbies; always be teachable. As an artist you are constantly learning and your brain should always be open to learning new technology and new techniques. Just when you think you have learned it all….you learn something else. And always be thankful for where you are and what you have. Comparison really is the thief of joy. So what if you have limited equipment? Rock it! Don’t let anything as silly as what camera or laptop you have hold you back. Think of it as a challenge!

What do you love about the creative vibe in ATL?

Atlanta is such a cool area to live in. I love how diverse the art scene is. There’s not too many areas where you can go to an all white modern studio space and next door is a wall of colorful graffiti. And everyone has that southern charm and respects each other and their art. Love that!

Where are your favorite places to shoot in the ATL?

That’s such tough question! I have so many favorites! Just a few recents; The Goat Farm, Ponce City Market and The Belt-line have beed really fun to explore. I also love…now this sounds weird….but photoshoots in clients homes! There’s something so intimate and cozy about taking photos of clients in their own environment. And the window light is always gorgeous to work with!

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples trying to find their ideal wedding photographer?

Pick me! Haha, ok. Just kidding. But my advice would be to get an idea of what you like before you go “photographer shopping”. It’s so easy to look at it as “how much can I get for the least amount of money?”. Working with a professional will make a huge difference in your experience and end results. I also tell brides that you don’t realize how much your wedding photographer is with you on the wedding day. They are pretty much with you the whole time! So make sure you comfortable with their personality and demeanor. Will they be a source of peace or add stress to your day?

If we were hanging out and having coffee, where would we be and what would you be drinking?

I absolutely love Chattahoochee Coffee Shop on the river. It’s so relaxing and peaceful. I’d have a vanilla latte of course! Or in the summer…an iced americano.

What other creative avenues do you enjoy?

If I have free time, I love watercolor painting. As well as cooking! I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes….even though I usually end up not following them and going my own route. I guess that’s the artist in me! haha.

How do you balance your life and your business?

I’ve always been thinking of ways to implement this more! It’s one of those things that seems easy to do; but practically….I just want to give clients all my attention. I can be such a perfectionist! When really that’s not fair to my family or….even me. I’ve recently made the choice to only respond to emails before 6:00pm. It’s the best! And I have chosen this year to not work on Sundays. Having one day off to just relax and focus on close relationships has been so refreshing and beneficial. I highly recommend it!

Coffee with: Cathy of Cathy Nugent Weddings


I really love Southern friends.  I mean, just hearing yall, a sweet laughter, and an hospitable chat over a cup of coffee, can definitely set a new friendship, a fun morning, and a commonality in all things southern and creative.

Atlanta has been blessed with a young girl from Texas who loves all things wedding.  i met Cathy in our Pursuit ATL group, and we’ve already had coffee.  So, I wanted to introduce yall to her.  Whether you are planning a wedding, or just love to hear a creative chat about what she loves, including her husband, her dog, and mochas – then keep reading.  If you are planning on getting married soon in the ATL metro, or know someone who is, she’s your girl!

1. Tell us about your story? Who are you?

So, my name is Cathy Nugent! Before you ask if I am related to Ted, I think my husband is somewhere in there but I have yet to meet him! I am a 23 year old living the life of owning her own creative business after taking a leap of faith, and let me tell you: it is my dream job! I am a wedding planner, coordinator, and designer who loves to blog. I also like to dabble in calligraphy on the side as well as be a regular attender at weekly craft nights with my bible study girls, so I guess you could call me the jack of all trades. I am married to a cowboy, and we have a chocolate lab fur baby together named Beaux. I have lived all over the country growing up, but I am currently planting my roots here in Atlanta after moving here in June with my husband. We moved from College Station, Texas where we actually met while we attended Texas A&M University. (Whoop! Go Aggies!) Anyone who knows me knows that I have a high key obsession with Fixer Upper, and I pride myself on having Joanna Gaines as my spirit animal. My husband and I dream of one day buying our own fixer upper here in Georgia!

2. How did you come to love weddings so much that you wanted it to be your full time job?

To be honest, I fell in love with weddings when I met my husband. It was one of those things where we knew right away that God had brought us together. I became one of those girls who had a secret wedding Pinterest board! How my business started was actually opposite how many other people in the industry got their start. After I got engaged, I actually had a wedding blog where I would write about wedding stuff and my own wedding planning. My husband and I were long distance a lot of our engagement and my family was so spread out that it was hard to have everyone so involved. I’m known as the crafty one among my friends, and I have always loved to write, so I used my blog as the opportunity to share with the world what I was up to (with never failing to add in a whole lot of sass). Before I knew it I had a following, and my office hours as a TA turned into wedding planning sessions. I realized how much I was helping people and how much people listened to what I had to say. (and better yet, how much I loved it!) After a lot of prayer I took a leap of faith in starting a business out of my blog and skills, and I have never turned back since!

3.  How does your faith inspire your work?

I am a firm believer that my work would be nothing without my faith. Period. I have yet to wake up to face a day without praying for God to lead me to the people who need me. With that being said, I feel like God’s love is what I strive to be seen through my work because, after all, “We love because He first loved us.” My dream is for everyone who comes into contact with my work – whether bride and groom or just a wedding guest – to be overwhelmed with the feeling of God’s love.

4.  What is your favorite part of wedding planning?

My favorite part of the wedding planning is seeing the excitement of the bride and groom after they’ve just gotten married. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to have their best-day-ever on their wedding day, and being able to help bring a couple’s dream wedding day to life is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It makes my heart so full to know that they will remember nothing but how amazing their day truly was – because they got married! All of the stress I may have faced getting everything perfect melts away when I see the smiles on their faces. It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world.

5.  Since you are in the wedding business – about love, what is your favorite part about your own wedding and what do you love most about your mister?

I think my favorite part of my own wedding day was our wedding ceremony. Although it rained on and off all day and the ceremony was forced to be moved inside, it was even more perfect than I originally had planned it to be. It was a lot more cozy, and the room was overflowing with just so much love. (To the point my non-emotional husband actually choked up reading his vows!)
Although he’s not the emotional type, I am definitely way too emotional so it evens it out! I think what I love the most about my husband is how from day 1, he has lead our relationship like God has called the husband to do. And most importantly, he makes me want to be a better wife as he is constantly leading me closer to Jesus. He loves me well and has been a true protector and provider over me.
6. How does the creative community work together in this industry?
The creative community that I have found in Atlanta is absolutely amazing. I feel so blessed each and every day for the support of those in the industry running the same race that I am. Through vendor communities such as the Rising Tide Society as well as Pursuit, there is really a sense of community over competition and helping each other out. Together there is an amazing support system, problem solving help, and a close knit of referrals to help out each other’s businesses. Plus, I get to have coffee with amazing people like you on the regular, so it makes me enjoy what I do even more!
7. What’s your fave coffee shop and what would you drink?
Kimberly, you know how much I love coffee. There’s just something about the amazing conversations that can happen over a good cup of coffee. Since I am new to Atlanta, I am still searching out them all. I am a sucker for trying new coffee shops! So far I have fallen in love with Octane in West Midtown and Cool Beans Coffee Roasters in Marietta Square. Don’t tell my husband because we are suppose to be on a diet, but I can’t help but order a Mocha!
We’ve already talked about our mutual love of Cafe Intermezzo – so maybe a late night work session.  Can’t wait to hear her co-teach a meet-up next week on blogging – definitely one of my loves that often gets put to the back burner.

Coffee with Kelsey of Kelsey Butcher Photography

Kelsey Butcher

Atlanta metro is such a fabulous area for meeting other creatives and supporting each other in our craft.  And there are plenty of playgrounds around so even though we do have young ones, we can still hang out and our kids can play.

Allow me to introduce you to another photography creative, Kelsey.

Who are you and What do you love?

I’m Kelsey of Kelsey Butcher Photography.  I am constantly inspired by and love Jesus, florals and tulle, period drames, books, visually pleasing things and Asian cuisine.

Kelsey Butcher Photography

Tell my readers a little of your photography story, please.

During my Senior year of high school, we were required to compete a senior project.  I wanted to do something artistic, but something I’d enver done before.  As any high school senior, I also wanted something that wouldn’t be too much work since I knew there was a research paper, along with several other tedious tasks that the project required of me.

I chose photography because I’ve always been a a hands on/visual type of learner, so I figured what better thing to choose than photography, which is the embodiment of that and because I had always found imagery compelling to me personally.  I got an A on that project (woohoo!) and I just unexpectedly found a hidden passion for photography through the whole process.  And since then, I’ve not looked back.  I started my photography journey in September of 2010.

Because I’m a visual person, I have always enjoyed most art forms, painting/drawing, dancing, music, etc.  I play violin and I also draw (mostly for fun), so I have always been artistic in more ways than one.  I would say, when I was just starting my photography journey, I was inspired by my sweet friend and fellow photographer Kayla Johnson.  Her testimony is incredible and moving and I’ve always felt that her photos reflected that in a beautiful way.  She inspired me to keep on growing and how to show people the love of Christ with this creative outlet.

I love how photography can represent emotions, how images can evoke and endless variety of feelings from person to person.  And it can freeze that moment in time visually so it can be relived, whether its captured with an iphone or a DSLR.  These moments like a couple’s wedding, birth of a baby, and anniversaries can all be remembered through photographs.

We can relive the past, even as those moments come and go in a single breath.  I love that so many people could see the same setting or image and all have different perspectives and feelings about it.  Just a perfect picture of how unique our Creator made us.

Kelsey Butcher Photography

What do you love about the metro area?

Visually, everything is so stimulating, from the nature of North Georgia to the metropolis of actual Atlanta. I love the geometry and clean aesthetic of the city buildings, with all of the reflective surfaces and green space combined. It’s a great place to feel inspired when it comes to shooting bloggers’ street style and just going to feel inspired from places like Crate and Barrel, and other stores that have that light and clean feel I like that inspires my photography.

I love further north and all the suburbs for more greenery like woods and downtown areas that inspire my more whimsical inspiration. In every direction, being the visual person I am, there is just endless potential that constantly inspires me. I’ve traveled to several places within the US and outside of the country, but where I really want to go is the Pacific Northwest like Oregon/Washington, as well as California, because the aesthetic there, just from what I’ve seen online is just a completely different vibe than here on the East Coast.

Outside of the US, I would love to go to Europe because of the history that translates into every part of each country there. Plus, who doesn’t love want to try authentic European food? I see photographers like Ben Sasso and Jordan Voth, as well as some others I keep up with, who live over there, and their work inspires me to someday shoot on the West Coast.

If we were hanging out over coffee, etc – what would you get?  Where would you go?

I’m so not a coffee snob, and I don’t even care about such things as pour overs. Neither do I care for alcohol because honestly, my body doesn’t tolerate it well, so I pretty much never venture into all of that anyways. I like my Starbucks, so we could always go there where I would proceed to either get a White Chocolate Mocha (espresso) if it’s cold outside, or I would get a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher if it’s hot. I also love their “Pink Drink”, the Strawberry Acai drink with coconut milk. If I’m feeling like I still want coffee, but it’s hot outside, I sometimes get a Frappuccino of some sort. If we went to a more independent coffeehouse/place, I’d choose either Copper Coin Coffee or Chrome Yellow Trading Co for either a White Chocolate Mocha or an iced version, depending on weather. Like I said, I’m not a coffee snob or social drinker, so it helps to not make me that picky, really.

Summer has been great, but what are you looking forward to about Fall?

I’m super excited about the weather and leaves changing colors which so evidently display God’s Creation, all of Fall attire I’m going to get to wear, and all of the exciting sessions and projects that are coming up! I physically feel my business growing, and I love that. Never stagnant, and never boring! I honestly hate summer, but I would have to say the ONLY good thing about it was watching my daughter play outside and going to the pool with her and my husband.

How do you balance a life of a photographer, a mom, and a wife?

I read a book the other day called, “Bebe Day By Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting” by Pamela Druckerman. It’s pretty self explanatory, but in the book, it guidelines basically what French parents do to get their kids to behave so well and be wholesome people. As I read through it, I realized that I’ve been doing almost everything this book says without even realizing it was the way French people parented. I don’t do everything exactly down to the letter, of course, because they totally acknowledge that kids are all unique and different, so this “method”, if you will, applies to each differently. But, for the most part, I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment, as a mom. My daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was 2.5 months old, she has a healthy appetite and diet, and she doesn’t have to be entertained every second of the day.
Honestly, the hardest thing about having my daughter has been her hard-headedness/stubbornness, running after her, having patience with her sometimes (it’s me, not really her), and trying to edit with a toddler (imagine a tiny person trying to climb on you or underneath your chair while you try to tediously edit someone’s skin lol). But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, truly.
As a wife, I think that I’ve been truly blessed with a husband who is 100% supportive of what I do. He never complains about me doing a shoot or staying up into the wee hours of the night to edit sessions. Sometimes, I think it’s easy to feel guilty or resentful for not giving my full attention to him (or my daughter) when I’m in my photographer zone, but I know that he knows that I love what I’m doing, and he will always communicate to me if he needs my full attention. Otherwise, he is good about finding that time to do something he enjoys or plays with our daughter to keep her out of my way while I edit.
In that same book I mentioned above, Druckerman wrote that French people fully believe that women are totally capable to have careers and take care of themselves and still be a wonderful mother. There’s no guilt-trip like here in American culture where people think that you’re a bad mom if you work or are no longer driven toward your dreams if you choose to be a stay-at-home mother. They believe you can have both and it was a light bulb moment for me, that I shouldn’t be feeling any guilt for trying to balance this photographer work life right alongside my home life. I don’t care about “having it all” or anything. I am lucky to be able to work from home and not miss the moments I want to be here for in my daughter’s life. But when I go to shoot a wedding all day or something, I don’t feel guilty for being my own self away from my family. Another mommy friend I have who is a photographer/blogger and SAHM I got to shoot for the other day agreed that one of the hardest things about motherhood was trying to find that balance and not letting her daughter, who she said she’s made her whole world since having her (which is something that is beautiful!), overshadow her own needs and her marriage. She felt guilty when she would ask her husband to take the reigns in caring for their daughter whenever he’d get home from work, so much so that she burned herself out FAST. I 100% agree because I know exactly how that feels, as I’m sure many other moms out there can relate to. While it’s a balancing act in itself, and it’s HARD WORK to do it all in some capacity, I think that there’s no room or necessity for guilt in my life in this regard. I compartmentalize, I minimize, I do my best to stay pretty organized, and I feel like that has helped me balance it all, along with some fervent prayer! I don’t worry if some areas bleed over into others because it makes me who I am, in every role I assume.

Coffee with: Jeni of Barefoot in the Kitchen

Jeni of Barefoot in the Kitchen

The Atlanta Zoo is a crazy place.  And we were in the petting zoo one afternoon and tons of kids were around and the smell of animals was around too.  All of a sudden, I hear my name.  But, I didn’t recognize anyone.  So, I figured my name is pretty popular so maybe it was for someone else.  But, then she was looking at me, knew my son’s name, and said “don’t worry you don’t know me.”

And that, dear readers, is how I was introduced to Jeni of Barefoot in the Kitchen.  We have one friend in common – and that one friend is a pretty strong tie.  Since that day in the zoo, we have had a play date, and cooked together, and I got to be in her home and her kitchen, learning from her on many fronts.  You will definitely want to check out her recipes and kitchen advice, as she has had some recipes published – she’s my someone famous that I know!

Yall, meet Jeni.


Jeni is a SAHM of kiddos ranging from high school to preschool.  She married a twin, lives near Athens, GA, in a small southern town, and declares it was love at first sight with her now husband.  She has a bright sunny home and kids all around, and she makes healthy meals for her family.  It can be done, yall!  This was great encouragement to my heart as it is one of my struggles (getting things cooked and having two preschoolers).

Growing up, Jeni’s mom helped her learn all things in the kitchen.  Her mom made things from scratch and encouraged Jeni to do the same.  She wanted to experiment with foods and spices!  When she was first pregnant, she wanted to make sure her baby got all the nutrients she needed so she wanted to make every calorie count.  She then ended up making her own baby food along the way, making sure her babies got healthy food in their growing tummies.  She has wanted and made a healthy family atmosphere, both in food and spiritual content.  She has set her mind to something, worked hard at it, persevered, and the Lord has blessed her endeavors.

Some of Jeni’s inspiration comes from familiar names: Pioneer Woman, Sara Moulton (I love her too), Rachael Ray, Southern Living (of course, who doesn’t).  She also does something that I like to do, she asks her family what food they want.  Of course there is pizza, spaghetti, and tacos.  But, instead of getting all of these take out, she takes the time to make these at home, making them healthier for her family.

I asked Jeni what her favorite kitchen tools are (and I agree with these, and I’ve already bought some of the towels she recommended and I love them):

Five Kitchen Tools:
1. Every cook needs a good all-purpose knife! Wustof and Henckels are both solid choices for price and quality.

2. Stand Mixer – I’m not sure how I truly lived before my sweetie pie surprised me with a Kitchen Aid for Christmas one year. Cookie dough, whipped cream, pizza dough, bread/rolls … life changing, I tell you.

3. Blender/Food Processor – With picky children, this is an invaluable tool to use for hiding fruits and veggies. Homemade marinara, soups, smoothies … I use mine all the time.

4. Silicone Spatulas – The best all-purpose tool aside from your hands. They’re heat-proof and super durable for use on the stovetop or for just mixing together ingredients.

5. Flour Sack Towels – I bought a huge package of them and use them for everything! Drying dishes or produce or hands, mopping up spills, covering yeast dough, whatever. Wash and bleach ’em and they’re ready to go again!
These are some of her favorite recipes:
Jeni’s Summer Cake (this would be fabulous at any summer bbq with friends)
Italian Heritage Casserole – One of my mom’s favorite go-to special occasion meals. (Note, I made this recently and it is super yummy and easily whole30 compliant and perfect for meat and potato eaters)
Scalloped Potatoes w/ Ham & Leeks – It would be more efficient to paste this directly to your hips. But totally worth it.
Lasagna Rolls – I made this dish for Leah when Georgie Girl was born.  My mom made a podcast recording of me making it for a project when earning her Master’s Degree.
Here are the two she has had published by Taste of Home:
Thai Chicken Pasta (This won 3rd place in a healthy cooking contest.)
And like any good host, she had yummy stuff waiting for us, and we definitely like this Blueberry-Orange Quick Bread.

Coffee With Karisse Joy

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Karisse Joy

I’ve known some pretty creative people in my life, and this long time friend is certainly one of them.  Her life is one turn after another and I love to watch how she handles it all with a creative flair.  And her latest project – a coloring book with a spiritual tone to it (mostly for adults) is definitely a winner and would make a great Christmas present for any one over the age of 8 – but really thinking for the lovely creative lady on your list or even the teenager who loves to be creative with a crayon or colored pencil.  Now that I’ve given you one way to finish your Christmas shopping, let me introduce you to my friend, Karisse.

We’ve not sat down together in a long time – but if we were sitting down together for a cup of coffee in a favorite coffee shop – what would you be drinking and where would we be?

We would be sitting at my favorite coffee shop: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! I fell in love with this place when I lived in Los Angeles and wish they had one here in Florida! I would be drinking a Strawberry Tea Latte or a Vanilla Iced Blended which chocolate covered coffee beans. We, of course, would be lucky enough to have snagged the corner with the comfy chairs. 🙂

Be Kind

This coloring book is a new venture for you – but not living the creative life.  Can you tell us about some of your other creative works?  (Folks, she did beautiful art of Scripture for my boys’ rooms.

My sister and I started a small art company called “Pretty Philosophie“. We paint inspiring quotes and silhouettes. (Our fave silhouettes are of Audrey Hepburn, Anne of Green Gables and Marilyn Monroe.) We never use stencils and I often do the lettering freehand! I’m also in the process of writing two books! One is the story of how my grandmother (Oma) escaped from Concentration Camp in Yugoslavia. (We aren’t Jewish, but German and our people were put into concentration camps right after WWII.  The other book is about my experience with cancer and what I learned about myself, illness and God in the process.

Why a coloring book and why a quiet time?

Let’s be real. Sometimes reading the Bible, focusing while praying and meditating on Scripture can be difficult. At least, it can be for me. When I was in high school I started writing out my prayers as a way to help me focus on them. In college I doodled while I took notes so I could pay attention. In my 20’s I started writing out passages of Scripture in “fancy” lettering so that I was forced to work slowly and really meditate on the verses. And I’ve always loved coloring!

Creative Quiet Time: A Coloring Book for Your Soul is my labor of love to pass these practices on to others. I wanted to enable a way for people to spend time with God while using the arts and creativity. Besides, God is the one who created the arts, and, well, creativity! My prayer is that this book enables people to connect their mind, soul and spirit to Jesus and receive revelation of His ways and His love as they color.


What is your favorite coloring page in the whole book?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I think that my favorite, because it’s so detailed, is the “Be kind to yourself” page. “Be kind to yourself” was my motto in 2014 and it bled into 2015 as well. I based that on Philippians 4:8–focusing on things that are life giving, true, beautiful and lovely. So often, we are our own worse critic and don’t see ourselves the way that God sees us. We have a tendency to have a negative track running through our minds. But, Jesus has countless loving thoughts towards us, and I think we should have the same towards ourselves.

What will be coming next from the creative genius of Karisse?

Oh gosh! I am hoping that a second coloring book, or a new and improved version of the current one (with extra pages) are on the horizon. And finishing my books! Both of them! My sister and I will continue to work on our art and are expanding to include furniture refurbishing too!

Creativity and Travel

You love to travel – how has that played in to your creative life?

I think you spice up your life by travel. It’s beautiful to see how each culture expresses themselves. God has used that to reveal to me aspects of Himself that I wouldn’t have noticed if I was at home. I love pulling the various pieces of design from each place too. Thailand is full of sparkles and vivid colors. India is packed with details in every nook and cranny. South Africa has a freedom about it that is so warm and welcoming. France and Italy have a regal beauty that invites you to sit and enjoy what surrounds you. I think I have borrowed from every culture I’ve encountered.

Why do you love the color teal?

You know, that’s a great question. If you knew me in college (or right after) you would say that my favorite color is purple. While I still love purple, in the last decade teal has taken over. There is just something so fun, free and inviting about that color. It’s just perfect.

Coffee with Sarah of A Beautiful Build

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Sarah of A Beautiful Build

Here we are again with a sweet friend that is a true creative.  When I first met Sarah back when she was in high school, I knew she was a creative. It is in every fiber of her being.  She has a new venture and I thought I would introduce you to her.  You will fall in love with her just like I love her!

  If we were sitting down at your favorite coffee shop enjoying your favorite drink…where would we be and what would you be having?

 My favorite place to sit and chat over some coffee is absolutely the Hyppo Cafe in St. Augustine. My parents think its weird that I will go out of my way to go there when I go up to visit, but its adorable, calming and I love their wooden tables and chairs. As for a drink, I think I have the soul of an 1900 victorian lady. I prefer an earl grey tea with a tad bit of milk and sugar, especially on a chilly day while wearing a sweater.

1 Corinthians 13

This is an exciting time in your life! Can you share what’s going in your world?

 I don’t know how I got into this whirlwind of time. A couple years ago, I turned 22, and when my sister was my age, she had graduated college with a nursing degree, gotten married and then pregnant. I laughed thinking I wouldn’t have anywhere near that many accomplishments. Here I am however, at 25, graduated with a degree in stage management, engaged to an amazing follower of christ and working full time in a job I love. What happened to the child three years ago compared to the adult I feel like now?

Why DIY? What got you started and what fuels your passion?  

I work with my hands and build stages and work with special effects at my job. I get to see so many props and scenery which added to my inspiration to start a DIY blog. When I was younger, my dad taught me how to use some power tools, and then let me put together furniture from Ikea. Meanwhile my mom taught me how to sew and use a sewing machine, and my sister taught me scrapbooking. Between my three influences, I must have been groomed to be a crafter. I took the inspiration with me to college and began in theatre classes. I learned how to design and draft out my own ideas, sew more difficult things and find new ways to create props. Do it yourself (DIY) projects always appealed to me because that is exactly what I had to do in school. If a show needed a coat hanger but it had to look like the 1800’s, then I had to figure out a cheap way to buy or build it. Now that I have done multiple building and creating projects, I know the cost of items, and I see that sometimes it is easier to buy things. When you create something however, there is this feeling inside you of accomplishment, of knowing you had your hands on every aspect of that item, that it turned out beautiful and you made it so. I have so many friends who love what i do but feel like they are not creative at all, or can’t afford to create these super fancy things.
I created my blog as a blog for creative and non creatives alike, to give projects that anyone can do without costing a fortune. I want to give people a realistic idea of what a project costs before they go into it themselves. There are so many time I encountered a pause in a project because I had to make a run to home depot for 1 item and then I go back 2 more times that day.
One of the blogs I like to look at is
I not only love the bookshelves and benches, but the beautiful fluidity of the cut pieces themselves. I want to create a blog that inspires people to push their creative limits.
Katie Shelton is a writer for the blog
and her hair tutorials, sewing projects and home decor ideas are so lovely and adorable. I want people to feel that way when they see something they can create from my blog.What are some goals you have for 2016 w your blog and creative side?  My goal for this next year is to have a new project at least once a month, if not more. I already have a giant project in mind that might take some time.

DIY Coasters

Who is your favorite Disney character? 

As for my Favorite disney character, I am incredibly obsessed with frozen, however, I still think my favorite character is Merida, the princess from brave. She is stubborn but fearless, knows how to make her own way and has awesome red curly hair that makes me think of my best friend. Also I think Scotland is beautiful.

DIY Parisian Chairs

What part, if any, does your belief in God play in your role as a creative?

 My biggest inspiration of them all however is in fact Proverbs 31. I had always heard of “A Wife of Noble Character” But had never really looked at it. Int he past couple months, i have been studying this chapter much more closely. This chapter encourages me daily to do what God gave me gifts for. I do not want to eat the bread of idleness, but I want to set about my work vigorously and have my arms strong for the task. I read each verse and apply it to each day. In my description of my blog, the last sentence says this:
“So get ready to work with eager hands, grasp the spindle and pray you are ready to make A Beautiful Build.”
Prov 31:13 “She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands”
Prov 31: 19 “In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers”
That is the woman I want to be, the woman who works with eager hands and grasps the spindle ready to work.


And just because I can, I’m throwing in an old school photo from my first trip with Sarah.

ABC ski Trip 025_23A-1

Thanks for joining me Sarah!