Launch // An Important Part of Any New Business

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Small businesses probably make up a lot more of the business world than we would think.  SO many people now go into work for themselves because they like the autonomy of their own hours, the flexibility it provides their families, and you can design your business however you want.

As I finally work on launching my photography business (I’ve been shooting for friends and for my family since about 2005), I have been learning what it takes to get started, especially in a field where everyone believes themselves to be a fabulous photographer.  I’m not a fabulous photographer, but I’m good, I’m growing, and I’m passionate about learning more and constantly growing in my field.

I’ve found one aspect to be especially important: encouragement.  Everyone needs a cheerleader (or more than one would be nice).  It is helpful to surround yourself with people who know your craft, can give you constructive criticism, will help you grow and get better, but also those who believe in you and help push you outside your comfort zone.

I have that one person (outside my husband and parents) who believes me and encourages me every step of the way.  I’ve taken some photos for her and she loves them – always encourages me to be better (I absolutely love shooting with her around because she challenged me).

Who is that one person for you – find that person.  That person will be the biggest blessing to you in your career!