Celina Maternity Summer Session

I’ve been a little busy in the last few months, moving, etc, that I’ve not been able to blog about this little maternity session yet.  And yes, the little sweet boy is over a month old now – but I still wanted to share these photos with you.  I’m so thankful for the friendship of this mama, and all of her creative help and encouragement over the last few years.

Thanks to the beautiful Mommy model, Celina D, and Kandi Daniel Studios for coming along too!  We shot at Turnipseed Farm south of metro ATL.  Such a fun day.

November Goals

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November Goals

I don’t know where October went – but here we are in November.  Only 2 months left in 2016.  The year seems to fly by, and once again we are about to pick out our new calendars.  I personally like this one and this one.

Thought if I wrote down some goals at the beginning of the month, I could follow through with them better – you know like writing down a to-do list:

  1.  Cook more at home.  I want to cook 4-5 meals at home each week.  I do love to eat out, but it is more expensive.  Honestly some of it is laziness because parenting is hard.  But, I do love to cook too and it is bringing out the creativity in my boys to help me in the kitchen. (See this book for more information on this concept)
  2. Book reviews.  I’ve got a giveaway coming for all you moms of littles out there, and some books that are really teaching my heart right now, like this one and this one.
  3. Gearing up for Christmas rush with handlettering projects.  Go take a look at my instagram page and if I can do a custom order for you, let me know.
  4. Finish up the Longmire series (at least for now).  We are also starting back with West Wing.  We took a hiatus because we were so tired and didn’t want a long, involved, good, but depth show each night.  Instead, we’ve been watching Leverage together.  And anticipating the Gilmore Girls show late November.
  5. See my desk and dining room table again.  I don’t know how this will work (see #3), but I know it will bless my husband and I like doing that.  He loves clean surfaces and these two surfaces are in our main living area so we see them all the time.  I wish my desk area could look like this – or even this.
  6. Going to the Pursuit ATL Friendsgiving.  It is a fun time sitting with other creatives and talking about everything!  Also, going to Passion’s Grove – if I can find parking this time!  This is always a great night of worship.  If you are in need of some guidance, listen to this sermon.

How are you gearing up for November and what goals do you have?


kcreatives photo : scott and joy still say i do

scott and joy still say I do

One of the most important parts about being married is receiving constant encouragement in your marriage.  Whether its reading books, listening to sermons, asking questions of your spouse, dating your spouse, or being with couples who have been in marriage longer than you – or even coming alongside couples who haven’t been married as long – marriage encouragement is a MUST!

the whole family

This past weekend I got to shoot at a beautiful location in Buckhead (in Atlanta), and be encouraged in my marriage.  Similar to a regular wedding ceremony, there was a music, vows, family, a “sermon” – but no unity candle for which I was glad! 🙂

The beautiful bride

The joys for me: knowing this was where the groom proposed and this vow renewal was his idea (15 years of marriage – good man), how they incorporated their girls into the ceremony, how the bride and groom gave the charge to other couples there, and how laid back the bride was.  That usually doesn’t happen at a wedding.

The most important thought for me was “Marriage is a long vision”  Meaning – think long term for your marriage, don’t get so disgruntled with the here and now.  This too shall pass.  Marriage is for a lifetime.

Photographer: kcreatives photography

Location: the duck pond – buckhead, atlanta, georgia

Bride’s Makeup: Woo Skincare

kcreatives newborn: baby alistair

Baby Alistair

When a woman is pregnant, I think one of the things she needs reminded of often is patience.  Carrying a baby can’t be hurried up.  24 hours a day is 24 hours a day no matter which way you look at it.  And babies take time to cook 🙂  God created a woman’s body to bring forth life.  That is just one of the many important roles a woman can play – giving life. And whether it is by birth, by adoption or fostering, or by pouring life into other people – life giving is so a God-given task.

Baby and Momma

Patience and life-giving was the name of the day when I got the chance to meet Baby Alistair (named for one of my favorite preachers, Alistair Begg), and hang out with his sweet family at their home.  Baby A had a head full of dark hair and he loved being held by his brother and sister, and of course his mommy and daddy.

Safe in Strong Arms

There is something about capturing the way parents look at their newborn that is mesmerizing – and this shoot was no different.  Any mom can tell you that the first few weeks with a newborn are pretty tough (sleepless, hormones), but the joy and baby snuggles completely trump those sleepless nights.


My prayer for baby A is that God would mold him to be a protector like his daddy, a nurturer like his momma, and a best friend to his siblings.  And that he would love the Lord with all of his heart and preach the gospel like his namesake.

Sweet Cuddles

If you would like any newborn shots of your sweet little, please contact me @ kcreativesphotography @gmail dot com and I would love to talk with you.

New Family of 5


Launch // An Important Part of Any New Business

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Small businesses probably make up a lot more of the business world than we would think.  SO many people now go into work for themselves because they like the autonomy of their own hours, the flexibility it provides their families, and you can design your business however you want.

As I finally work on launching my photography business (I’ve been shooting for friends and for my family since about 2005), I have been learning what it takes to get started, especially in a field where everyone believes themselves to be a fabulous photographer.  I’m not a fabulous photographer, but I’m good, I’m growing, and I’m passionate about learning more and constantly growing in my field.

I’ve found one aspect to be especially important: encouragement.  Everyone needs a cheerleader (or more than one would be nice).  It is helpful to surround yourself with people who know your craft, can give you constructive criticism, will help you grow and get better, but also those who believe in you and help push you outside your comfort zone.

I have that one person (outside my husband and parents) who believes me and encourages me every step of the way.  I’ve taken some photos for her and she loves them – always encourages me to be better (I absolutely love shooting with her around because she challenged me).

Who is that one person for you – find that person.  That person will be the biggest blessing to you in your career!

Faces: Happy First Birthday Sweet Girl

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Elysa Grace

Friends…life is much sweeter with friends.  This sweet girl’s momma and I were friends in seminary, I attended her parents’ wedding, and now, all these years later, we are living next door to each other.  Sharing life.  Sharing celebrations.

This family was in Florida for E. G.’s actual birthday but we are celebrating today by taking her first year portraits.

First birthday celebration

One of the great aspects I love living in the Atlanta Metro area is the lovely green spaces all over it.  Yes, traffic is a mess.  But, if you can traverse the traffic jams you get to the beautiful grounds of all these parks.  East Cobb park is one of them.  Only about 4 miles from us, it is a joyous place for our children to play together.

Sugar and Spice

Here’s to so many more sweet years Elysa – enjoy the new found joys and experiences of toddler-hood!

Pink and cement


KDC Creatives: Thank You Notes

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Who doesn’t like getting a hand-written thank you note in the mail?  Thank you notes are probably the kind of stationery I buy the most.

What does the Bible have to say about thanks?  Colossians says that we should have a heart filled with thanksgiving.  Paul, a prominent NT writer, was always thankful for the people he served in ministry with and those whom he served.  Thankfulness is something that must be cultivated in us.  Selfishness and pride are two opposites of gratitude.  If we think we are entitled to something we will not grow in our attitude of gratitude?

So, why not start cultivating a heart of thankfulness today by writing a hand-written note of thanks!

I thought I would help you out by selling some thank you notes on the Etsy site.
thanks stationery
This is the first of a set.  Each thanks note card set contains 5 and will have various thanks greetings that form the outline of the letters.

KDC Creatives: Jesus Scripture Art

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Philippians 2

The longest chapter of the Bible is all about the importance of the Word of God.  Some people think it is just a book of good sayings that you can live by or not. Some people think it is a crutch for believers.  Some people just don’t think it made up fables.  Some don’t think there is any validity to it at all.  Some just think its good literature.

I for one think is it a true and reliable and helpful for my every day walk to know my Savior more.  The know the One who humbled himself to die on a cross for me.  Of course, the whole Bible is God’s spoken written word for us to know His greatest Hero of all time: Jesus.

That’s why when I had to write out Philippians 2.5-8 for an art piece for someone, I came up with the name form of Jesus to write Philippians 2 in.  This is one of the Christ hymsn that we find in the Bible.  And what better verses to memorize than to remember the truth of the Gospel and ask for help in living this out.

Head on over to KDC Creatives on Etsy to purchase a customizable one.  Colors.  Washi tape.  8×10.  Framed, not framed (framed and matted is more expensive.).

Do you have any verses you like to memorize and do you want to get more of the Word in your home?  Ask me about custom art work!  Birthdays.  Marriages.  Births.  Engagements.  Special Holidays.  You name it.

KDCCreatives: Father’s Day Scripture Art

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FAther's DAy Scripture Art

Being a Father is tough.

And many of you might be saying – Kim, you are a mom – how would you know?

Well, because I’m married to one.  I see the importance of providing for his family, caring for his family, leading his family, praying for his family – all of that – weighs heavily on him.

Being a Father isn’t just about working hard to provide financially.  Being a Father isn’t all about playing on the floor with your children at night or giving your wife a break from the kids sometimes.

Being a Father is mostly about shepherding the family that God has entrusted you with to look more like Christ – EVERY DAY!

This past weekend I was able to do a Scripture art piece for a father that I know.  I got to pray the Proverbs for him as he leads his children.  I got to pray the truths of Deuteronomy 6 for him as he shepherds his family by the Word of God.  I got to praise God for the man of God that He is and how is wife described him.

What a blessing this man is to his family and those around him.

Do you want a personal gift for Father’s Day?  Contact me about Scripture art – fully custom piece.

And please remember: be thankful for your fathers and the fathers that you know.  And pray for them!

KCreatives: Scripture Pictures

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Audrey Dawne

While I anxiously await the updates for this website and all the fun that it will bring – I want to introduce you to my creative side.  I know you’ve seen it in photography and cooking, but now you will see it in hand-lettering (which I’ve always loved), calligraphy (picking up from my 7th grade days), and other art.

This is one that I did for a sweet friend of mine.  I have several pieces like this around our home because another mutual friend did them.  I love, like her, to get the Word into peoples homes and hearts.  While I was penning this art I got to pray that a sweet little girl would grow up to love Jesus, make him known, and that she would realize that God made her beautiful – and wonderful.  Most of our girls growing up in our society today won’t here that.  I think we do need to tell every child that, especially now when they hear so much contrary to that.

How do you get Scripture into your child’s heart?  How do you pray over your children?

And I accept custom orders.  Email or contact on fb for order information.  My Etsy store is KDCcreatives.