31Days: New Self-Realizations (29)

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So maybe these aren’t new, but they are on my mind this morning, and I can choose to do something about them!

1.  I’m opinionated.  Maybe its because I have a blog and think that people actually care what I think about stuff.  Maybe who knows why.  Its prideful and arrogant to think that I can offer my thoughts at random no matter who they hurt.  And the ones I love should rather know that I’m their biggest fan and that they are loved more than they need to know my preference.  Phil 2.4 – that is not love, along with 1 Cor 13.  I’d rather live like Landis Barnes (in the live like Paul sorta way, because he lives like Jesus) then share my opinions.

2.  I’m overweight.  Ok – I know I just had a baby, but that doesn’t excuse my eating habits.  And I can keep saying stuff about it and still keep eating poorly and being disappointed by the way I look and feel and the way none of my clothes fit – or I can do something about it.  Food doesn’t taste that good!

Now, my note about self-realizations – they are not self-actualizations.  Just because I am them – doesn’t mean I have to stay that way.  Phil 1.6 and my continuing gospel sanctification (Hole in our Holiness) should let me know that the Spirit is going to keep working in my life.  I’m thankful.

Much & Link Love: MLK

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1.  I’m very thankful for MLK.  Not only for his vision for racial equality (or however you want to say it), but also because we get a day off.  Not that I won’t be working today, I’ll just be working from my bed and then my second office (different location).

2.  Honest here: Its been a tough week.  Even though I had a fabulous time in Wilmington, I have not been sleeping well since Tuesday.  I usually sleep sound through the night and would love to get about 9 hours of it (my busy life does not allow for that and for me to get everything done).  But, two times since moving here I have gone in a period of not sleeping well.  I went to bed last night about 1130 and just prayed to Jesus that He would grant me at least 6 hours of good sleep.  The first time I woke up was around 645, thank you Jesus for that sweet answer to prayer!  Still tired, not caught up, but much to do, so I hopped out of bed around 815.

3.  I had three great conversations with three new friends yesterday:  Thankful for them and for the wide variety of conversations we had: running, vegetarianism, and writing.  They were all very needed yesterday.

Link Love

1.  I am making this tonight to bake in the morning when I return from the gym.

2.  This will be a late night drink for me this week since I will have a lot of late nights. 

3.  This is a very inspiring post by Kendi.  This is especially needed when I have so many dreams.  These are the ones that are up to me: do my job well, social media/blogging success, writing a book, losing 30 lbs, be vegetarian, and running successfully, travel and do food photography/writing, and being a great photographer.  Then there is one that I can’t do by myself.  Thank you Kendi for this dream report.

4.  Anyone in RDU wanna come have this recipe with me?  This looks amazing. 

5.  Love my friend’s blog on the topic of food. Some of her previous thoughts in a conversation with me has spurred me on the last couple of months since meeting with her. 

I know this week’s is short, but I feel like these are more specific to what I want to do.  Hopefully you like these Monday editions.  I hope you see a little bit of me in these and learn what is going on in my head and heart and busy schedule.

Have a great holiday!


Workout Choices: Yoga or Rock Music

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Working out: especially this time of year (or should I say in 2 weeks) this is what is on everyone’s mind. You find magazines, gym specials, tv shows, use-at-home products, new videos, etc – all geared toward one things…helping you work out harder and better. Whether your reason is to be healthy, shed pounds, have engagement with other people, or whatever…working out is fun and beneficial. As I was spinning this morning at a local gym, I thought of these things.
Yoga (for me, little y yoga) has gotten a bad rap lately for certain leading conservative personalities. My thoughts have been posted on this blog and you can read them for yourself. Have you made up your mind about it?
Then as I was in two classes: body pump and spin, I thought about another avenue…
Why do I need to listen to a crass instructor who makes sexual jokes during class? Why do I need to listen to rock music that talks about killing someone and uses profanity that the instructor blares at the right volume (the volume is not the problem). I got a great workout in both classes. Loved it. But…there are negatives.
Is there a difference?
If I attend a Hot Yoga class for 90 minutes and shed serious body fluid and kill my muscles or if I sit in my home and do a 50 minute yoga video…or if I let my ears here sex jokes and poor taste rock music…what is the difference?
How do I engage the culture (be outside my Christian bubble) and do one or the other? I would rather attend yoga classes than be yelled at or have rock music filling my ears at 6am.
Is one necessarily worse than the other? I don’t think so. So…in matters like this…christian liberty?
Philippians 4:8 and Colossians 3 come to mind. What are your thoughts?

Much and Link Love (November 8 edition)

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Daylight savings time and colder weather. But pretty red trees on my way to work. Almost makes up for it.

1. I love fall. Everything about it.
2. I love really long meals with friends (at a restaurant) where you are just talking, sipping, and you have a great waiter.
3. 13 miles hiking through downtown Richmond on Saturday have made my feet really tired.
4. But, that doesn’t negate the really cute boots I got yesterday at Kohls. I love Kohls.
5. I’m doing pretty well on my goals I’ve set.
6. This week is Bstudy, baking, CMA awards, bday dinner for a friend, trip to Asheville and Ridgecrest, youth discipleship weekend with Troy Temple, and a conference with Tedd Tripp (even though I’m not a parent).
7. Vacation is coming soon. 4 WHOLE DAYS. Can’t wait. That means I’ve got some things to accomplish before I go.
8. Here is what is on my coffee table right now: InStyle, Durham Foodie, Dorie Greenspan’s Baking Cookbook, a recipe I must share tonight with pictures.

Link Love:
1. Thank you Katie McCoy for this post on single girls waiting for Mr. Right.
2. And while we are on relationships, Ken offers this bit of advice for single guys in Toy Story 3.
3. I have always wanted a map of the world…how cool is this one?
4. Mom and I are going to try this over Thanksgiving, Thanks CasaBrasi!
5. Love how Carolyn McCulley presses on with hospitality and shares with the rest of us!
6. Another thing I’m getting over Thanksgiving…my Christmas tree!
7. I’m going to a holiday open house here, can’t wait!

Much & Link Love (Nov 1) and November!

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Well, thought I might tie these two posts together since November 1 falls on a Monday.

1. Great weekend: the ocean, 31 miles, mahi mahi tacos, and a Gator win!
2. Getting organized and down-sizing.
3. Love seeing old friends: they are rare!
4. Love talking about what God is doing in my life.
5. Love hearing about what God is doing in others’ lives.
6. Thankful for my pastors and their wives.
7. Much to do – hopefully celebrating by the end of the week. Press on!

Link Love:
1. I want to make this now that the weather is getting cooler.

2. She seriously is a great food writer – and I love her books, though I have different one – am asking for some of her’s for Christmas

3. Do you watch Glee? Here are some good reasons NOT to. I’ve only watched 5 minutes of one, and it was one of my un-edifying, make-me-cringe – 5 minutes of my life.

Now for November:
1. Living healthy! That is def on my menu!
2. Ice Skating – not to make a fool out of myself or break anything is always a good goal.
3. Meta – our big youth wknd at PBC – Troy Temple, one of my fave people from SBTS is speaking!
4. Tedd Tripp in town in Apex for a conference. Looking forward to that – live blog coming.
5. Hiking Grandfather Mountain and some girl time with a friend.
6. My third half marathon in Charlotte on Thanksgiving Day
7. Parents are in town for that week, be good to get some things done.
8. BABIES! They are coming from different place. I love new babies!
9. A new life class at church – am excited about something new.
10. Writing Writing and more Writing.