2012 Arkansas Cornbread Festival

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You know you are still in the South when on a Saturday in November you head out to a cornbread festival.  It was my first outing in Little Rock.

There was a diverse crowd there and almost as many ways people cook cornbread.

Scattered on Main Street were individuals and professionals (like the Capitol Hotel and Boulevard Bread) who had entered their authentic recipe for cornbread to be chosen the winner of this year’s festival.  But, along with the cornbread there was live music, arts and crafts, and even someone’s pet pig.

One of the vendors I stopped at was BVann Originals – bags, gifts, and pretty things that all had a touch of uniqueness.  B.Vann and his other workers at his table were very nice to talk with and let me take their picture. 

I tasted two good ones today – most were rather dry and served with good sides (meaning the sides were better than the star of the show, the cornbread).  They served authentic southern sides as chili, red beans, chicken and dumplings, and of course a variety of greens.  The best savory one I thought was more of a spoon bread sitting on top of some well-seasoned collards.  delicious.  Hint of jalapeno and sweetness.  Perfect combination.  The other one was sweet – like desssert sweet.  Pumpkin Spice Cornbread, topped with homemade local coffee ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.  Definitely a winner – and definitely non-traditional.

My only disappointment was there was no cornbread you could buy to take home – and no “secret” recipes to be given out.

I look forward to exploring more of the new state we live in.

Much & Link Love: January 10 edition

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1.  I hit something this morning, and it wasn’t my snooze alarm.

2.  I get to go to Wilmington mid-week for a 30 hour retreat from: books and computer.

3.  I had a tough week last week: but some people made it survivable!

4.  We are supposed to get snow again today. 

5.  Mocha buttercream is a fabulous way to start off a Monday morning. 

6.  I love meeting new friends.

7.  I’m already stinking at some of my January goals, but press on, right.  Never give up.

8.  I got Panera gift cards for my birthday: best gift!

9.  Bogarts butterscotch blondie: one of the best desserts in RDU!

10.  Love the prayers that God is answering.  Still praying for others.

11.  Sad.  College football ends tonight.  Will have to now wait until August for some more.  One of the saddest days of the year.

1.  How do you use your femininity?  For God’s glory or for your gain.  Convicting as always.  Truth is.

2.  Love this guy’s recipes.  I think I will stop by the store on my way home (from an early closing) to make this tonight to go with some pumpkin lentil soup from Happy Herbivore.  Perfect for a football game, writing, yoga, and warmth!

3.  Love her soothing photography and encouraging words.

4.  I already need this Girltalk post for the new year!

5.  Dr. Mohler definitely wouldn’t like this post by Abraham Piper.