Kids r Readers 2: Animal Babies

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Animal Babies

One of most popular questions you hear moms ask their children: “What does a doggie say? What does the duck say?” You get the picture. We all grew up singing E-I-E-I-O about a farmer named Old McDonald.
Just because a book shows cute and cuddly animals doesn’t mean you can’t teach your children anything deep while reading the book to them.
Here are two ways to teach your children more about God and His world while reading Animal Babies to them – or even letting them sound out the animal noises when they can!
1. God created everything. Though I have always believed that God created the world, and me, and everything I see – I have only begun to realize that this is one of the most important biblical doctrines to hold on to. Your children and mine will be bombarded with worldviews that minimize or completely demolish the truth that God is Creator.
2. Jesus came to earth as a baby. The doctrine of the Incarnation. Jesus, the very Son of God, came in the form of a baby, born to a woman. Jesus is the Reason for the Season of Christmas, but He came to earth as a baby because of sinners like you and me.
Your children are never too young to learn these truths!

Kids r Readers 2: Trouble with Money (Berenstain Bears)

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bears money

I grew up totally loving the Berenstain Bears and all their lovely adventures.  And now that I’m a parent I would love to share these tales with my boys and have them love them too!

Grownups do have money worries – with insurance, mortgages, health coverage, gifts, food, diapers, etc.  But, how do we teach our children about money and possessions and what God has to say about them?

In this children’s book Papa and Mama bear notice that their cubs didn’t make good choices when it came to the money that they had and how they used it.  They spent it on frivolous items at the mall.  Fleeting joys.  They teach about saving for a rainy day – but that isn’t exactly what the Bible teaches us.  The cubs don’t keep the money for themselves, they instead give it to Papa Bear so he won’t have to worry.  Generosity is a loving characteristic.

Here are some teaching points about money when reading this book to your children:

1.  God is more concerned with our eternity than our financial status.  Ecc 5.10

2.  We are not to be OVERLY concerned and worried with the cares of this world.  Matthew 6.24, 31-33, Hebrews 13.5

3.  Our money is not meant to be hoarded, but spent wisely and given generously. Deut 15.10, Deut 16.17, Luke 6.38, 2 Cor 9.6-8

4.  God gets the first of everything.  Prov 3.9-10

5.  The gospel is more than money because you can’t take money with you into eternity. 1 Tim 6-7-10

6. God owns everything. Our lives are about stewardship. 1 Chron 29.14-17

Kids r Readers 2: The Carrot Seed

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carrot seed

We aren’t farmers. I’d love to have an herb garden, but there isn’t enough time in the day. Maybe later!
But, this book is on our sons’ bookshelf. Given to us by a friend, The Carrot Seed is about a little boy who waits patiently, despite much discouragement, for his carrot seed to bloom.
A very simple book but one that can teach many traits to your children:
1. Perseverance. The main character, a child, waits for this carrot seed to sprout. His parents and sibling are not very positive that it will, but he watches every day and never gives up. Our children will need to learn perseverance. We can help our children learn it, but it is also a fruit of the Spirit. Long-suffering. Bearing up under the pressure when the going gets tough.
2. Patience. I have already said this many times to my older son: “Patience is waiting for what you want with a happy heart.” The child in the story has to wait a long time for his carrot to come up. Your children may even think that a week until vacation is a long time, or sitting in timeout is a long time. Carrot growing takes longer. If children learn patience early on (also another Fruit of the Spirit) it will go well with them.
3. Faith. This little boy never gave up on his carrot. He believed that it would sprout. Faith is important for children to have. Not only faith that the sun will come up, his parents will protect him, or that the chair will hold him up when he sits upon it, but more importantly – faith in God. But, what is harder to teach your children is that faith is a gift from God. They can’t muster faith in God. They can’t be saved on their own. Grace and faith both come from God – they are both gifts.  God allows us to grow our faith (and help nurture our children’s faith) by reading the Word of God.

Ephesians 2:8-10
Galatians 5:22-23

Romans 10.17

New Series: Kids r Readers 2

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The Little Squeegy Bug


bug 2
It is no secret that I love books, writing, and reading. Most books I read are biographical or non-fiction, with the occasional classic or fiction.
Being a Mom now of 2 boys (14m and 1m) I want to also instill in them a love for books and all things adventure, reading, characters, etc. Books can open up an entire new world for them (and kids of all ages).
But, also being a believer, I want to instill a love of God’s truth in my boys from an early age. I don’t want them, however, to just read Christian books, but look at Literature through the eyes of the Word. Tony Reinke taught me well with his book Lit!
So, here begins a series of books that I will read to our boys and take a few points of how to turn them back to truth – especially if that truth isn’t apparent.
The first book is The Little Squeegy Bug by Bill Martin, Jr.
Why I chose this book: It was on the table at our local library in the children’s section.
Synopsis: A “squeegy bug” doesn’t know what he is supposed to be and sets out on a journey to find out who he is.
Age: 3-7yo
Truths to teach your children:
1. We are meant to find God’s purpose for our lives. Jeremiah 1:5 is a great purpose verse and is easy for children to learn (especially the first half). And we don’t have to be prophets for us to have a purpose. All of us, created by God, have a purpose – to live for His glory. As the Westminster Shorter Catechism says “the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever”.
2. God created you! Whatever God’s purpose is for you – He created you to do just that. He is sovereign over everything (kids can learn big words) and He is creator. The Westminster Shorter Catechism asks Who made you? God did! Genesis 1:26-31 and Psalm 139 are perfect Scriptures to teach that truth!
3. Godly friends help you be who God created you to be. God did not make us to live in isolation. He made us to be in relationship. Not only with Him but also with others. Friends are very important to our story. Proverbs 17:17 is also a good verse for memory work and how to live out the Word.