Little Yellow School Bus Cake

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School Bus Cake

Weeks ago when I was starting to plan for Elijah’s second birthday party – I knew school buses had to be involved.  He knows how to say the word school and says it to everything from the city buses, school buses, SUVs, semis, etc.  We got him a school bus at Old Navy a few months ago and that’s all he talks about now.

I just wanted to do cupcakes because I figured a school bus cake would be too difficult.  And we didn’t want to spend the money on one.  And this is one of the reasons I love my Mister: he wanted to do it.

Elijah sees his cake for the first time

I baked two yellow cake mixes, cut them in the shape of a bus, put the crumb coating on using canned frosting, and made yellow buttercream for it, then he took it from there.  It was so fun to watch him tediously pour over the cake to make it right for his son.  That is one of the ways he loves his son.

My Mister is multi-talented, now I can add cake decorating to the list.  We are thinking of ideas for Sebastian’s first cake in a few weeks.

Thanks to my former co-worker (and friend and running buddy) for her expertise on cake decorating.  And truth be told – the cake was delicious and all but a piece of it was gone!

Birthday Party Feast

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Elijah's name banner

Birthdays are for celebrating.  It is the day that God brought a person into the world: the personality, the eyes, the eyelashes, the fun, the spirit, the name – everything about the person – God wants us to love and hold.

One way I love to celebrate birthdays is by having food.  Celebrating over meals and friends and fun times is such a joy!

Some of my favorites from yesterday’s party:

The smell of the charcoal heating up to grill some delicious burgers.

Sebastian stuffing in little pieces of canteloupe and devouring a cookie with yellow frosting: therefore, having yellow frosting everywhere.

Sebastian's yellow cookie

Elijah staring at his cupcake and then stuffing it in his face.

Elijah's Funfetti cupcake

Friends sitting around enjoying relationships – over good ol’ American food.

Yellow everywhere!  It was a happy party with a happy color!

Elijah's yellow party

Here’s what we had:

Burgers (thanks to my brother for the “recipe” and my neighbor for making them and the Mister for grilling them).  Perfectly cooked!

Crescent Dogs (so yummy!)

Baked Beans – may never make another bean recipe again – and I loved serving it my Papa’s cast iron skillet



Funfetti Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream (overcooked the cupcakes but the frosting still rocks)

Homemade Funfetti Transportation Cupcakes

A yellow school bus cake (more on that to come)

Sugar cookies with yellow royal icing (thank you to a friend mailing me the icing from Southern Season)

Sweet Tea, Coke, and Sprite.

What a great, delicious day.  Thanks to all who came, brought stuff, and ate, and laughed, and celebrated our little boy with us!  Here’s to many more birthday celebrations to come!