Worship and Crayons

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This post is not about the early Sunday School years.  This post is about the craze of adult coloring books (really, made for women because I don’t know any males that would sit around and color in a coloring book – though if you are out there and you enjoy it – then by all means, continue).

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is how our minds can be so deceived.  When you are binge watching a show – that may affect your ability to think rationally.  The last month I’ve been watching a show called Chasing Life.  I would not recommend it but that is a post for another day – but what it did to my mind was awful.  The days before I left for a recent trip to visit friends I was so fearful that I was never going to see my husband or children again.  And I had to convince myself that if death for me was going to happen that wknd than that was God’s better plan.  (The show was all about cancer and dying and what life is all about).  My mister was quick to respond to my fears with challenging me to dwell on faith and the Word of God.

So, what are you to do when all you want to do is something that doesn’t require much energy.  Sit and color.  The best part about coloring books is finding one filled with Scripture.  What a better way to fulfill Colossians 3 and Philippians 4 then coloring hope-filled verses from the Word?

Waterbrook Press just published one called Whatever is Lovely.  For me it is not only a chance to be creative but keep the creative juices flowing in my own lettering.  Thanks Blogging for Books for the chance to review this one and all thoughts are my own.


A Creative Space

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Creative Space

I’ve come to learn that you really can be creative anywhere: in the car (thinking, hopefully not driving while you are coloring), in a doctor’s office waiting to be called, during your children’s nap time, while listening to a lecture (I multitask pretty well), or my fave place – on the beach.  But, I can’t always get to the beach – and I seldom have quiet time at home with two boys 3 and under – but I still love to be creative.

My ideal work space is definitely not what I have now – but I am thankful for what I have now.  We live in a small-ish town home so my desk (that we got as a wedding gift) is in the corner of our living room.  It has a mirror and a huge window so I’ve got lots of natural light.  I have a little set of drawers that my parents had had forever that I took (with their permission) and repainted with Annie Sloan in a wonderful teal.  I recently repurposed some shelving that was in our son’s room and brought it downstairs to make the tight space more manageable and warm.  When on a tight budget, like we are on now, it is better to repurpose then to buy new.  I love having all my paper, markers, pens, ink, and books!  It definitely helps to have a space to write on – and not just pulling up a lap.  And my husband appreciates me not always taking over the dining room table!

creative space at home

Now, with my ideal space: I would have beautiful pottery barn baskets to hide the “stuff” and anthro pens holders (but I do love my Talenti Gelato containers).  I would have it in a closed room so I could leave it more messy sometimes if I’m working on a big project (like addressing wedding invitations which is my weekend project).  I would also love more bookshelves because I love to read and I think reading spurs on creativity.  And I would love a big comfy chair to curl up in!  And I know laptops are great but I would love a massive mac for photo editing.  And, when I worked as a curriculum writer for a church in NC, I had a round table in my office.  I would mostly work there instead of my desk and it was perfect for having collaborative meetings – definitely get one of those too!  A girl can dream right?

WeWork has inspired me to talk about my ideal creative space.  They rent out creative shared office space in (mostly) big cities to creatives who need to have a studio or just a desk.  It is really helpful for creatives to be around other creatives.  Something about being with creatives that really spurs me on – even if its just talking about our creatives muses or collaborating on a project.  If I have the chance to do that once the boys are in school, and there is one in whatever city we live in at that time (currently live in the metro ATL area), that that would be great for writing and photo editing, especially.

We Work



Coffee With Karisse Joy

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Karisse Joy

I’ve known some pretty creative people in my life, and this long time friend is certainly one of them.  Her life is one turn after another and I love to watch how she handles it all with a creative flair.  And her latest project – a coloring book with a spiritual tone to it (mostly for adults) is definitely a winner and would make a great Christmas present for any one over the age of 8 – but really thinking for the lovely creative lady on your list or even the teenager who loves to be creative with a crayon or colored pencil.  Now that I’ve given you one way to finish your Christmas shopping, let me introduce you to my friend, Karisse.

We’ve not sat down together in a long time – but if we were sitting down together for a cup of coffee in a favorite coffee shop – what would you be drinking and where would we be?

We would be sitting at my favorite coffee shop: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! I fell in love with this place when I lived in Los Angeles and wish they had one here in Florida! I would be drinking a Strawberry Tea Latte or a Vanilla Iced Blended which chocolate covered coffee beans. We, of course, would be lucky enough to have snagged the corner with the comfy chairs. 🙂

Be Kind

This coloring book is a new venture for you – but not living the creative life.  Can you tell us about some of your other creative works?  (Folks, she did beautiful art of Scripture for my boys’ rooms.

My sister and I started a small art company called “Pretty Philosophie“. We paint inspiring quotes and silhouettes. (Our fave silhouettes are of Audrey Hepburn, Anne of Green Gables and Marilyn Monroe.) We never use stencils and I often do the lettering freehand! I’m also in the process of writing two books! One is the story of how my grandmother (Oma) escaped from Concentration Camp in Yugoslavia. (We aren’t Jewish, but German and our people were put into concentration camps right after WWII.  The other book is about my experience with cancer and what I learned about myself, illness and God in the process.

Why a coloring book and why a quiet time?

Let’s be real. Sometimes reading the Bible, focusing while praying and meditating on Scripture can be difficult. At least, it can be for me. When I was in high school I started writing out my prayers as a way to help me focus on them. In college I doodled while I took notes so I could pay attention. In my 20’s I started writing out passages of Scripture in “fancy” lettering so that I was forced to work slowly and really meditate on the verses. And I’ve always loved coloring!

Creative Quiet Time: A Coloring Book for Your Soul is my labor of love to pass these practices on to others. I wanted to enable a way for people to spend time with God while using the arts and creativity. Besides, God is the one who created the arts, and, well, creativity! My prayer is that this book enables people to connect their mind, soul and spirit to Jesus and receive revelation of His ways and His love as they color.


What is your favorite coloring page in the whole book?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I think that my favorite, because it’s so detailed, is the “Be kind to yourself” page. “Be kind to yourself” was my motto in 2014 and it bled into 2015 as well. I based that on Philippians 4:8–focusing on things that are life giving, true, beautiful and lovely. So often, we are our own worse critic and don’t see ourselves the way that God sees us. We have a tendency to have a negative track running through our minds. But, Jesus has countless loving thoughts towards us, and I think we should have the same towards ourselves.

What will be coming next from the creative genius of Karisse?

Oh gosh! I am hoping that a second coloring book, or a new and improved version of the current one (with extra pages) are on the horizon. And finishing my books! Both of them! My sister and I will continue to work on our art and are expanding to include furniture refurbishing too!

Creativity and Travel

You love to travel – how has that played in to your creative life?

I think you spice up your life by travel. It’s beautiful to see how each culture expresses themselves. God has used that to reveal to me aspects of Himself that I wouldn’t have noticed if I was at home. I love pulling the various pieces of design from each place too. Thailand is full of sparkles and vivid colors. India is packed with details in every nook and cranny. South Africa has a freedom about it that is so warm and welcoming. France and Italy have a regal beauty that invites you to sit and enjoy what surrounds you. I think I have borrowed from every culture I’ve encountered.

Why do you love the color teal?

You know, that’s a great question. If you knew me in college (or right after) you would say that my favorite color is purple. While I still love purple, in the last decade teal has taken over. There is just something so fun, free and inviting about that color. It’s just perfect.

Coffee with Sarah of A Beautiful Build

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Sarah of A Beautiful Build

Here we are again with a sweet friend that is a true creative.  When I first met Sarah back when she was in high school, I knew she was a creative. It is in every fiber of her being.  She has a new venture and I thought I would introduce you to her.  You will fall in love with her just like I love her!

  If we were sitting down at your favorite coffee shop enjoying your favorite drink…where would we be and what would you be having?

 My favorite place to sit and chat over some coffee is absolutely the Hyppo Cafe in St. Augustine. My parents think its weird that I will go out of my way to go there when I go up to visit, but its adorable, calming and I love their wooden tables and chairs. As for a drink, I think I have the soul of an 1900 victorian lady. I prefer an earl grey tea with a tad bit of milk and sugar, especially on a chilly day while wearing a sweater.

1 Corinthians 13

This is an exciting time in your life! Can you share what’s going in your world?

 I don’t know how I got into this whirlwind of time. A couple years ago, I turned 22, and when my sister was my age, she had graduated college with a nursing degree, gotten married and then pregnant. I laughed thinking I wouldn’t have anywhere near that many accomplishments. Here I am however, at 25, graduated with a degree in stage management, engaged to an amazing follower of christ and working full time in a job I love. What happened to the child three years ago compared to the adult I feel like now?

Why DIY? What got you started and what fuels your passion?  

I work with my hands and build stages and work with special effects at my job. I get to see so many props and scenery which added to my inspiration to start a DIY blog. When I was younger, my dad taught me how to use some power tools, and then let me put together furniture from Ikea. Meanwhile my mom taught me how to sew and use a sewing machine, and my sister taught me scrapbooking. Between my three influences, I must have been groomed to be a crafter. I took the inspiration with me to college and began in theatre classes. I learned how to design and draft out my own ideas, sew more difficult things and find new ways to create props. Do it yourself (DIY) projects always appealed to me because that is exactly what I had to do in school. If a show needed a coat hanger but it had to look like the 1800’s, then I had to figure out a cheap way to buy or build it. Now that I have done multiple building and creating projects, I know the cost of items, and I see that sometimes it is easier to buy things. When you create something however, there is this feeling inside you of accomplishment, of knowing you had your hands on every aspect of that item, that it turned out beautiful and you made it so. I have so many friends who love what i do but feel like they are not creative at all, or can’t afford to create these super fancy things.
I created my blog www.abeautifulbuild.wordpress.com as a blog for creative and non creatives alike, to give projects that anyone can do without costing a fortune. I want to give people a realistic idea of what a project costs before they go into it themselves. There are so many time I encountered a pause in a project because I had to make a run to home depot for 1 item and then I go back 2 more times that day.
One of the blogs I like to look at is www.jeffbranch.wordpress.com
I not only love the bookshelves and benches, but the beautiful fluidity of the cut pieces themselves. I want to create a blog that inspires people to push their creative limits.
Katie Shelton is a writer for the blog http://www.abeautifulmess.com
and her hair tutorials, sewing projects and home decor ideas are so lovely and adorable. I want people to feel that way when they see something they can create from my blog.What are some goals you have for 2016 w your blog and creative side?  My goal for this next year is to have a new project at least once a month, if not more. I already have a giant project in mind that might take some time.

DIY Coasters

Who is your favorite Disney character? 

As for my Favorite disney character, I am incredibly obsessed with frozen, however, I still think my favorite character is Merida, the princess from brave. She is stubborn but fearless, knows how to make her own way and has awesome red curly hair that makes me think of my best friend. Also I think Scotland is beautiful.

DIY Parisian Chairs

What part, if any, does your belief in God play in your role as a creative?

 My biggest inspiration of them all however is in fact Proverbs 31. I had always heard of “A Wife of Noble Character” But had never really looked at it. Int he past couple months, i have been studying this chapter much more closely. This chapter encourages me daily to do what God gave me gifts for. I do not want to eat the bread of idleness, but I want to set about my work vigorously and have my arms strong for the task. I read each verse and apply it to each day. In my description of my blog, the last sentence says this:
“So get ready to work with eager hands, grasp the spindle and pray you are ready to make A Beautiful Build.”
Prov 31:13 “She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands”
Prov 31: 19 “In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers”
That is the woman I want to be, the woman who works with eager hands and grasps the spindle ready to work.


And just because I can, I’m throwing in an old school photo from my first trip with Sarah.

ABC ski Trip 025_23A-1

Thanks for joining me Sarah!

What’s the Scoop with Grown-Up Coloring Books?

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Saint Simons Nature

If you haven’t been in a Michaels are read blogs you may not know this – but coloring books are back.  No, not for kids – but for adults.  Mostly women who want to have a creative outlet.  Coloring books are definitely a new thing in the adult coloring world – and may be here for at least a little bit – and one of the fads I love.

My friend Karisse is doing them and I love hers because they are simple and based on Scripture for the most part of really cool quotes that she likes.

Blogging For Books had one I chose by Daria Song.  I really loved the prettiness of the book, but for me it was a little too detailed.  I like to color to relax and just think and do nothing.  When I have to be that detailed in my coloring (I like coloring inside the lines) then it isn’t as relaxing for me.

I can’t wait to do some more though and keep the coloring trend alive!

Blogtember: Creative Ventures and Dreams

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Oh this is such a happy day on the blogtember challenge.  Its where I get to talk about creativity!

God made us in His Image and He is a creator.  While we don’t get to be a creator – because we can’t create out of nothing – we aren’t God – we still have a bent toward the creative.  And I love that.  I love taking the every day and making it creative.

Food: we all have to eat.  My motto: “everything important happens around a table”  And why not make it fun? I love making meals for people, baking special treats for celebrations and my men, and making hospitality even better with good food.  My Dream: to be published on Food Gawker, have a cookbook published one day, and share recipes and desire to cook for your families.

Naked Cake with Fruit

Pray Names: These are name art pieces that I do for people (completely customized) where I get to pray over the person I’m doing it for – as I’m doing it.  I just did the ones for my sons – and that was special.  I shared our older son’s prayer on the blog last week and I’ll share our younger son’s prayer when it is his birthday next month.  I love doing this for people either for births, weddings, adoptions, or special times within the life of the family.  My Dream: to get the word into people’s homes.  This is completely by donation.  I never charge a set amount (over supplies and shipping).

Pray Names

Photography: I’ve loved photography ever since I can remember, which is probably middle school.  I was the class historian for our high school and now I love capturing memories for people (and food and nature of course).  You can see more of my work here.  My Dream: to consistently improve in this area, earn money from it to help our family, and to capture memories for you and our family.

kcreatives newborn

Illustrated Faith: I love sitting down with my Bible and some pens and being able to meditate on what the Word is saying and coloring at the same time.  Different verses will come alive in different ways depending on how you draw them.  The Spirit speaks through His Word.  My Dream: To motivate other woman to get creative while reading their Bible.

Oaks of Righteousness

Writing: I’ve written some prayer resources that you can find here and I’m working on a daily devotional for moms.  I can’t wait to get that to yall!  And I write here, at Ungrind, Her View From Home, and other random places on the internet from time to time.  My Dream: to be published by Crossway at some point in my life.  And to write like Elyse Fitzpatrick

Coffee With: On the blog I love being able to introduce you to creatives that do creative things.  All creatives are normal people, some drink coffee, some run, some are married – all are creative.  I’ve been doing a series that I ask questions, give you insight into them, and let you see their work.  My Dream: keep doing it.  Have more creatives to introduce you to and keep community and ideas and encouragement happening.

A Prayer to Our Son on His Third Birthday

A Momma's Prayer

Our sweet boy turns three today.  There is so much to be said about the joys and challenged of being his momma, a momma to a preschooler, but this post isn’t about that.

This post contains a prayer that I did some #praynames art for last night.  I love doing pray names art for birth gits or wedding gifts – to pray over the person I’m doing it for – and to get Scripture in their homes.  But, I had never done ones for our boys.  So, last night, before the balloons and the wrapping paper, the pancakes, and the cupcakes, I sat down and prayed this for him:

You are a faithful God who delights to give us good gifts.

Elijah is definitely a good gift! 

We thank you for giving him to us for such a short time.

I pray that you would capture his heart and his mind early.

That you would use his creativity and imagination for the glory of your great name.

Take his compassion for others – for the hurting – and use it to bring peace and healing in the world.

Use his words and his sweet touch to be strength and comfort to those in need.

May he grow to be a man of God who is captured by all of your beauty.

May he never lose his desire to dance when no one is looking.

I pray that you would break his little heart for things that cause you to weep.

May he one day be a husband who leads his wife faithfully

and a daddy to littles who will look to him to show them Christ.

Most of all, I pray that he would love you more dearly than anything else in the world.

You are good.


Praying for our children

My Favorite Pen(s) Giveaway

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My Favorite Pens Giveaway

Admitting you have a problem is always the first step in recovery, right?

I have a pen problem.  I have TONS of them.  Most of them are ball point click pens that come from church, organizations, medical supplies, previous jobs, conferences, etc.  But I’m hear to tell you about some pens that should be near the top of your list as well.  And head on to the bottom for a giveaway!

So, I’m going to talk about some pens here – and my thoughts.  You might not agree with my thoughts – because pens are like kitchen knives: you have to know what you are going to use them for, and grip them in your hands, then you will know which ones are right for you.

My fave pen for every day writing: Poppin Pens.  I had a free coupon and got a box of these.  Love the bright colors and the medium tip.  They are fun.  They write smooth.  I’m glad I got them free because they range about 1$ a pen.

My fave pen for everything else: Staedtler.  Oh my.  These write smooth and help me to write like I want to write.  Its that easy.  They are heavier pigmented so they can be seen from the other side of my Journaling Bible – but that’s ok for me. (And if anyone needs a gift idea for me for Christmas or birthday or just because, the pen set I have linked here would be marvelous)


Frixion: a friend of mine gave me some of these.  They didn’t write smooth enough for me – but I loved their fine tips and there erasability.

Sharpie Pens: these really are stellar – they just don’t come in enough colors for me (so that’s why they aren’t my fave pens)

LePen: I remember writing with these in my younger days. The only reason they aren’t my favorite (because I love their colors and their writing size) is because they seem to be delicate.  I find myself writing with a lighter hand when I write with these.

PaperFlair: These are really good too, but just are too generic for me and don’t come in enough colors.  But, I really like them for every day lettering.

So, to win this giveaway (which is for all you weekend people – ending Sunday night at 9pm) – all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite pen is  How simple is that?  Winner will be chosen and get some of my favorite pens!

Oh, and this lovely print in the above photo is from Kristin Schmucker

Coffee with Jenna Diprima Photography

Jenna Diprima Photography

Each month I love to introduce you to creatives so you can get to know them, know their work, and continue to build community in this social media world we now live in.  Today, I’m featuring Jenna Diprima who owns her photography business based out of a small, wonderful little town near the Triad in North Carolina, Mebane.  We met because of my bestie and turns out that I go to church with some of her family.  Small world.  I actually had a chance to sit down with her for some coffee as I was passing through back in March, but with two toddlers, even when you venture to a playground, it can be difficult to carry on continuous conversation.  Enjoy getting to know Jenna.  Jenna – thank you for sharing some of your life and photography with us!

Lauren & Sudeep Wedding Blog

 I did get the chance to sit down with you for coffee, but can you tell everyone else what is in your coffee cup?

My favorite thing to drink in the mornings is black coffee from a french press.

Most mornings I end up with coffee from my coffee maker though

because let’s be real, most mornings are rushed. 🙂

Why photography?

I have always loved photography. Ever since I was a little girl,

I’ve usually been the one taking pictures at family events and when I’m with friends.

I’ve also always loved fashion, design, and other visual art forms.

I got my first DSLR about 6 years ago and as friends and family began asking me

to take pictures for them,

I realized how much I loved photography and

that I wanted to make it more than just a hobby.

Lauren & Sudeep

How does your belief in God play a role in your photography?

My belief in God plays into my role as a photographer in many ways.

First, I believe God created all things and He wants us to delight in the beauty

we find in the world and thank Him as the Giver of all good things.

Second, I believe God has blessed me with the gift of photography

and I should use it to love and serve others.

I want to go above and beyond to serve every client and to love them as Christ has loved me.

I also work hard to do the best I possibly can at every shoot and every wedding because,

ultimately, I am working as unto the Lord, and I want to glorify Him with my work!

How’d you get started photographing weddings?

I began second shooting for weddings a few years ago

and I realized how much I love it! I love working with couples

and I love capturing such a significant and happy day in their lives.

I also love the details and the beauty that goes into weddings.

You live in a small town.  What’s the best perk to living in a small town?

I live in Mebane, NC.

I love living somewhere where you almost always

run into someone you know! I love the sense of community that small towns have.

I’ve actually always been more drawn to bigger cities.

But I love that Mebane is central to so many big cities (it’s less than 30 minutes from

Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham).

How do you balance being a wife and a photographer?

Great question!

Balance is always something I’m striving for and something

I often feel like I’m struggling to achieve!

Specifically as it relates to marriage,

I try to make sure that my husband and I have at least one day or one evening

where we’re spending quality time together. As a wedding photographer,

I’m often away on nights and weekends and so I try to be careful not to

schedule too many nights or weekends back to back

so that we can have quality time together each week. In addition,

I’m trying to train my husband to become a second shooter for me!

I think shooting together would be so much fun and would be great for our marriage!

If you could photograph a wedding anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would photograph a wedding in London or Oxford.

I studied abroad in London and that city holds a very special place in my heart.

I love the architecture, the history, and the beauty found in that city.

Shooting a wedding there would be a dream!

Jenna Diprima Photography



Pursuit Atlanta Little River Wedding

Holland Daze Flowers

I’m encouraged to be a part of Pursuit Community ATL, a city group of Pursuit Community, which is a group of ladies who love Jesus, community and creative ventures.  In August, on a misty rainy day, I drove up to the Alpharetta area and pulled into this breathtaking sweet venue tucked by some water and greenways.  Little River Farms is a sublime venue for an indoor or outdoor wedding – the grounds are just as pretty as the light, window-filled place that sits on the land. Sweet Luisa and her husband had just celebrated their one year anniversary. Such a treat to shoot this couple. They make shooting weddings easy!

Since this was a styled shoot, we had the best of the best wedding vendors from around the ATL metro area

Florist: Kim McNaron from Holland Daze
Furniture and Detail Decor: Cindy Brock from Miss Milly’s
Venue: Jennifer Ivey, owner of Little River Farms
Cake: Carissa Hobbs from Cakes by Carissa
Model: Luisa Hammett of Peaches to Pearls
Table Settings: Vanessa Gilbreath of Vintage English Teacup
Party Stylist/Food Decor: Lisa Formaro from The Sweet Trend
Hair stylist/Make-Up Artist: Robin Johnsen from Robin and Roux
Wedding Invites and Paper: Bailey Wilson of Bailey Wilson Designs

All photographs are by kcreatives

So thankful to have been a part of this learning experience but also so glad to capture beauty in the making.

Peaches to Pearls





Macarons and Diamonds


Roses and Diamonds


Wedding Tablescape


Bailey Wilson Designs


Holland Daze Flowers


Wedding Hair and Flowers


Peaches to Pearls


Bridal Hairstyle


Holland Daze Weddings


Bridal Portrait


Bridal Profile


Bride and Groom


Wedding Photography Pose


Wedding Love