My Favorite “Mommy” Verse

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God Daily Bears Us Up

Some people may think I’m a good Mommy, but my husband and few friends understand what a struggle it is for me every day of the week.  I thrive on quiet and peace and I’ve been given two toddlers who love to scream and they giggle really loud and they say “hi mommy” 50 times in a row.  I wouldn’t change them or trade them for anything.

So, here is what I say to myself often – and I need to say to myself more:

“Bless the Lord who daily bears us up.” Psalm 68.19

Bless – praise, thank, admire, worship

the Lord – Jesus, God – the one who created everything including you and your children

Who: he is the one who does it!

Bears – gives strength

Us – you, me, anyone who will call upon his name

Up – he keeps us from falling.

The rest of the verse goes on to say that God is our salvation.  God is more than just your provision (Jesus) out of hell.  But God is your salvation every single day!

So, if you are like me and struggle in your mommyhood role – know that crying out to the Lord is such a source of help.  He will bear you up because He is faithful at his word!

When Mommies Have Hard Days

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There are days that I absolutely love being a mom.  There are other days that it is so stinking hard for me.  Honestly, those moments I don’t love it.  Of course I love my boys, I love the treasure of being their mom, but during those moments of throwing food, throwing toys, biting, hitting, slamming legos into the crib, disobeying for the millionth time that day and its not even 10:00 am – yeah, those days are really hard.

So, what are you to do in those moments?  Today was one of those days for me.  So, what happened today is something that I think can apply to every mom when she needs encouraging.  Just make it tailored to your need.

1.  Be encouraged in the Word – the Gospel.  As my husband was leaving this morning – even before he arrived at work – he was encouraging me with Scripture.  Not scolding me telling me of all the many ways I had already failed this morning.  Not telling me I’m a horrible mother and need to practice all the things I know.  No.  He knows how to affectively encourage me.  This is how he does it.  He tells me “Christ is sufficient for my every need – even in my weakness” and sends me Scriptures that he is praying for me – like Hebrews 13:20-21.  Benedictions like the one in Hebrews is so beneficial to me – knowing that I have been equipped – I have been given everything I need to be a good mom to those boys today – in the teething stage, in the disobedient moments, in the act of wiping up spilled apple juice for the 3rd time.

Maybe you will need someone else to encourage you in the word.  Maybe the encouragement will come through your daily quiet time. Maybe it will come through a song that is playing in the car.  However you get the intake of the Word – start here.

2.  Hang out with friends who encourage you.  I met a new friend at the mall today for play time with our littles and Cow Appreciation Day. Even though we had just met – sharing stories and just seeing interactions and hearing of God’s grace and goodness – that encourages me.  The friend you might need to see may be 2 states away so maybe a phone call or a text is all you need to help you persevere.  Or maybe see if someone can join you for lunch just to be an encouragement to you.  Discouraged moms do not need to be beaten up by legalism. They need to be encouraged by the hope of the Gospel.

3.  Write a note of encouragement to someone else.  There are so many mom friends in my life.  Each time I do a photo shoot I like to include a little note of encouragement.  So, I just got some photos printed and sat down to write a note of encouragement to my sweet young mom friend.  I’ve known her since she was in high school and now she has an infant sweet little girl.  This note didn’t take me long to write it and it wasn’t specific but just written in pink and said I love you. Persevere.  How basic is that?  But, I know that letters of encouragement can be such a God-send on a tiring day.  Do you send snail mail to people?  Do it – you will be surprised at what a great blessing it will be – both to you and to the person you are sending it to.

4.  Do something for yourself.  I think moms are so busy taking care of other people that they seldom do things for themselves.  It is not being selfish – it is helping your sanity!  My husband is super good at that – giving me time each week – doing whatever in his power to make me “happy” – building in times with friends, giving me alone time to study the Word, write and read, helping out with the dishes – I hope you have a mister like that.  Today – I stopped by Mcds and got a $1 Diet Coke and when I got the boys in bed I watched a White Collar episode.  Just little things.  Like cheap pretty flowers at Trader Joes.  Like a Weight Watchers ice cream bar.  Like a shopping trip with a friend.  Whatever will be a pick me up for you – do it.  It may be free like sitting outside on your deck staring up at the sky, or cheap like a coffee or a bouquet of flowers – or if your budget allows it go get a massage, manicure, or new outfit.  Take care of your soul – and yes, I do believe that means more than just sitting in the Word (though you noticed I started with that one as I think it is most important).

What are some ways you encourage yourself when you are having a bad mommy day?

When You Don’t Understand

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Brian Houston

I sang in a traveling ensemble group in high school at the Christian school I attended.  One year we sang a very cheesy (think early 90s) Christian song “When you can’t trace his hand, trust his heart.”  Ok – the words are true, but I will admit very cheesy indeed.

But, how true!  When you know where you want to be in life and what God has gifted you with and don’t see how you are ever going to get there?

When you see some others advancing and succeeding and you just feel like you are stumbling along?

When there is no yellow brick road to travel?

God.  He started you.  He will bring you to completion.

2014 Goal: Encourage

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Encouragement Project 2014

Bubbles. Sprinkles. Confetti. Cards. Pink. Balloons. Flowers.
I read a blog from a friend of mine that focuses a LOT on showing kindness, being encouraging, etc. – it is uplifting and encourages me to share kindness with other people.
Scripture tells us to show kindness to strangers, be hospitable, share encouraging words, and show the love of Christ to the world. How do we do that?
The past two years have had a lot of discouragement in them for me. So, as I embark on 2014, I want to be the one who encourages others. I received the above card from a sweet friend of mine for my birthday – but why do we need to just tell people encouraging things on their birthday? Why can’t we be an encouragement to others every day of the year?
Here is what I’m not saying: Never speak the hard truth to others. I am not saying live in fairy tale land. But, here is what I’m saying: Go above and beyond to be an encourager instead of the discourager.
1. Encourage your husband. Instead of harping on the one thing he doesn’t do for you – encourage him in all the other ways that he serves you and your family.
2. Encourage your children. Even if they are young, encourage them in ways they show kindness to their siblings, or how they exhibit a godly characteristic.
3. Encourage your neighbor, friend, or someone in your church. For me, snail mail is so important. I love sending cards and letters and little care packages to friends. This goes for any age person!
4. Encourage strangers. Pay for the car behind you in the Starbucks line. Be kind to the cashier or salesperson – many folks who shop aren’t nice.
5.  Encourage bloggers.  If you read blogs, one of the best ways to encourage the bloggers to keep doing what they love is by seeing comments.  So, tell them how much you enjoyed their blog!


In a world that offers much discouragement, be the encourager in your world. How creative can you be in sharing encouragement?

Too much eating! Need Motivation!

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Ok – so I’ve been eating way too much this week…
1. Changes at work bring stress
2. Hormones
3. Sweets at work
4. Just not motivated

I need to snap back in to it! I need to challenge myself for the next 2 months. I need some attainable goals.
Can you as readers help? Thank you. I set my February goals – but how do I actually attain them now?! The scales has to go the other way!
Need some motivation! HELP!