December Podcast Favorites

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I know this is seriously late, but Ive been still enjoying some down time and doing only the urgent things.  This may not be urgent, but it is fun.  So, today, I bring you the podcasts that I loved listening to in December.

Nancy Guthrie on Teaching Children: David and Sally Michaels are wonderful. I got to know them when they were with DGM and I wrote for Providence.

Next Right Thing Quiet Space.  Perfect to listen to at the end of the year or beginning of the next.

Sarah Bragg with Kimberly Stuart: about the story of fiction.  I read a lot of fiction in 2018 and I love the ability of empathy and escape

TGC with Don Carson on why we need the OT – so good especially with some popular preachers and writers saying we don’t need the OT.

GCM with Tripp.  Because he is always so gracious and full of truth and humility.

The Bookshelf Number 200.  Love how they answer questions and love their banter

Mike Rowe: episodes with In Laws and Cowards


September Podcast Favorites

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September…it was a month of trying out some new podcasts, but for the most part I came back to the tried and faithful ones.

October is now here, but before we get too far into Fall, I wanted to share with you my favorite listens from the past 30 days.

Collaborate.  This one was a tough listen for me.  I’m all for collaborating.  I think it hurts though (yes, I’m 41 and rejection still hurts, blame it on my Enneagram 3w4 heart) when others reject your ideas for collaboration.  But, we move on.

Russ Moore on Cultivated.  So, these two people are in my top 5 right now.  So, when they team up for a podcast, that’s gotta be a winner, right?  So good. And no matter the topic either of these men speak on – just listen to it – you’ll get something from it.

Sarah and Sally and Tolkien.  So this one got me reading The Hobbit.  For the first time. I’m enjoying it.  We’ll see how long it takes me to finish though.

Shame. TGC putting out a talk from Mary Willson on shame.  Can I tell you how good this is?  Just go listen to it.  Probably my favorite this month.

Health and Leadership.  Really, health for anyone…he brings up a lot of good points.  And I would say this whether the host was a friend or not!

Autumn is Here.  Another one by Sally.  Good reminders as we head into a new season.

And if you head on over to Sarah’s podcast,  you can get a free download designed by me!


January Read Aloud Favorites

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One of our favorite times is sitting on the couch and reading together with our boys.  Mostly me, as we are killing time in the middle of the day, or waiting to go to school in the morning – we will pull out our pile from the library and read through some.

Here are our January favorites.  I hope you find some here that your children love as well.  Reading with your children bonds them to you, promotes snuggling, and engages their minds.

Waiting for Winter : I love the unique illustrations in this one.  And it builds so much anticipation for snow.  We live in the South, so every snow fall is greatly anticipated!

The Wish Tree – What you wish for may actually come true in new ways that you’d never thought of.  Helps kids think about other people other than themselves.


Pete the Cat Snow Daze (we love all Pete the Cat books)

Pug and Doug : Anything with dogs is a favorite of one of our boys.  If you find what interests your children, I guarantee they will read!

The Reverend Thomas’s False Teeth : This is one my husband read with our boys, they thought it was great.

Arthur’s Dream Boat : I love books that encourage imagination and creativity.

Too Many Chickens 

Emergency (Carry-Me) : I found this at Goodwill and we read it all month.  Frequent your local Goodwill – you will find some great books and chapter books for your kids.  I’ve collected almost 2 entire Little House sets just from Goodwill trips.

I hope by reading to them early, that when they learn to read, they will love to read.

Finding Lovely

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Lindsay Hohman Designs

Why not celebrate the little things that make life be a little brighter.  I would love to know what you are finding lovely these days.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey : I’ve listened to two of these (Lauren Chandler and Shelley Giglio) and have been encouraged by both (and it helps the workout go by quicker)

I love stationery – period.  And these little floral wreaths are super pretty.

Because when you live in the South, you gotta have an ice cream maker.  And my husband blessed me with this one a few months ago and we are putting it to good use  Right now, in the freezer, an ode to Holly & Flora with Drunken Cherries Garcia.

Splash Pads: My kids love these.  It gets them exercise, wet, and so many smiles. I hope you have one in your area.  We love them here and are going to hit some up when we are on vacation this month too.

Trip Planning: I think I may have missed my calling.  I love trip planning and adventuring, even if it is for someone else.  I love to find special things in special cities for people to enjoy.  Travel blogging is great too and I always thought it would be fun to combine with food blogging!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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Are you singing along yet?  What a great way to start out a rainy (thankful!) Monday morning.

1.  A new adventure.  I am bittersweet over having to leave Durham, my fave city, a place I’ve called home on two seperate occassions, a place with dear sweet friends and fabulous eateries, and the first place I’ve lived with my husband in our first home.  But, oh, how I love adventures.  E and I are about to embark on two great adventures almost simultaneously.  First, I’m counting down the days until baby Campbell is here.  Now, with normal deliveries you have no idea when they are coming.  I’m definitely hoping he comes SOON!  I guess my ideal would be anytime before his due date!  Second, my hubs has been called to serve the Bible Church of Little Rock as their worship pastor beginning October 1.  So, once baby arrives, and (Lord willing delivery goes well) we will be out of RDU and on 40 W to the Central Time Zone and Little Rock, Arkansas.  It will be a quick turnaround, but one that God has already blessed and we are ecxited about what the future holds.  I am very thankful for social media to keep up with all these friends here and get advice on how to have a newborn and survive!

2.  A sweet, creative girl told me about this other girl back when I did a photo shoot for her.  Another friend also just told me about her blog and then I decided to look at her site.  If you are looking for a blog written from a modest perspective (she is a believer, active in her church) that talks about makeup, fashion, hair, style, jewelry, etc – then Kate’s is the place to go.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and have been inspired – both for now, and definitely after baby arrives.

3.  I finally have found a lip gloss that I love the color of – and it can work in between seasons! 🙂  Lancome has a line of lipgloss called Color Fever and I had a helpful makeup girl at the Macy’s Lancome counter who helped me pick out this shade of On Fire

3.  Grey and any shade of pink, purple, or blue.  Like this little notebook I picked up at Target the other day. Not that I need another notebook, but sometimes its helpful for inspiration.

4.  These Jane Austen Etsy pencils my best friend picked up for my last year.  Love newly sharpened pencils and Jane Austen – how can you go wrong?  And you can find many modern and classic literature pencils to buy for anyone!

5.  Was introduced to a new store online that sells anything from pencils to stationery to skirts and hats.  Great store, good sales…RUCHE.