Finding Lovely

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Lindsay Hohman Designs

Why not celebrate the little things that make life be a little brighter.  I would love to know what you are finding lovely these days.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey : I’ve listened to two of these (Lauren Chandler and Shelley Giglio) and have been encouraged by both (and it helps the workout go by quicker)

I love stationery – period.  And these little floral wreaths are super pretty.

Because when you live in the South, you gotta have an ice cream maker.  And my husband blessed me with this one a few months ago and we are putting it to good use  Right now, in the freezer, an ode to Holly & Flora with Drunken Cherries Garcia.

Splash Pads: My kids love these.  It gets them exercise, wet, and so many smiles. I hope you have one in your area.  We love them here and are going to hit some up when we are on vacation this month too.

Trip Planning: I think I may have missed my calling.  I love trip planning and adventuring, even if it is for someone else.  I love to find special things in special cities for people to enjoy.  Travel blogging is great too and I always thought it would be fun to combine with food blogging!

Snowed In Link Love

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Pears on a Plate

Happy Saturday yall.  If you are on the east coast – pretty much means you got some snow – or you are enjoying balmy beach weather like my friends in FL and the lower coast beaches.  Oh the life.  We got a heavy dusting here in the ATL area – but what that means is now it is cold and windy and we are going to stay inside.  Everyone hit up the grocery stores yesterday (including me for fruits and veggies) and we are in for tonight – with my favorite men and a fire!

So I wanted to give yall some link love to have a happy time surfing tonight while you sip something warm and prop up your feet by a fire, or watch Frozen for the 50th time, or just snuggle under a blanket.

Oh because you always need a great breakfast when you are snowed in – or really anytime.

Because it is Girl Scout cookie time and I’d rather make something than by a box.

Because why let your muscles go limp when you are stuck at home.  Many good workouts, but if you don’t want to do any more squats – check this out

Such a good reminder to believe our husbands, know God’s definition of beauty, and believe God!

In case you always use your phone camera even though you have a really nice one.  Read this.

Weekend Link Love

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Pumpkins and Link Love

It is a beautiful fall day here in the Atlanta Metro area.  The blue sky beckons you to be outdoors (but my littles are asleep) and we are heading to the river later on today.  The crisp morning air gives way to cooler sunny afternoons.

Here are a few posts for your weekend viewing:

We went on a two week road trip for our honeymoon and loved it all.  One of the meals in Prince Edward Island has turned out to be a much requested (never made) meal for my mister.  I’m going to aim at fixing that this week with this recipe.

I passed by a sale feature today at TJ when I went of Raspberries. My older son could eat them all in one sitting if I let him.  I give him some at each meal if I have them on hand.  I tell him the reason I give him those is because I love him.  Baby brother doesn’t like them. His daddy sure does.  I’m making this granola to go with it this coming weekend for a special breakfast before family pictures and donut day

Definitely would consider this a tasty way to use up the two acorn squash sitting in my fruit bowl on my island.

Just because into every life must come the perfect sugar cookie.

One of the reasons I love to travel is to taste all of the food that the city I’m going to has to offer.  I’ve been to the Bay Area one time and I so want to return. Actually, one of my dream trips is to fly into San Fran and mill around and then drive up the coast or however you get to Napa and Big Sur.  Oh, to dream.  But, reading this post, I at least know which stops to make with a fork in hand.

Halloween Link Love

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Anybody want a pumpkin?

So many fun things to do today – whether you celebrate in a costume or not.  I think holidays are perfect for baking, celebrating life that God has given us, etc.  So, here we go.  Enjoy!  I was going to Target to purchase some items to make something fun tonight with the boys and both of them had in-store meltdowns.  May try after their naps, but we may just call it a day.

Just because it’s more chocolate and peanut butter and I love the pictures.

Maple definitely makes Fall better.

Rice krispie treats decked out for today’s celebrating

These pumpkin muffins would make a nice addition to a cozy night at home, welcoming trick-or-treaters and enjoying a warm beverage of choice.

The church and why today matters.

One new book I want to read about a highly influential woman and this post is written by a friend of mine.

Unfortunately, when we get to today, that means there is no more October left.  It’s sad.

Just for You: Link Love

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Pink and Orange

I spend much time on the internet: writing, reading, looking for recipes, etc – so I thought I would share some great finds with you.  Enjoy!

Because we are coming upon soup season (isn’t that every day?) and you need to make this

And this pretty one too

Love these cupcakes and the author’s ownership of her own blog instead of trying just to please her readers

Good read on how you can be a joy to be around on Sunday morning (in church) – and you can talk about football or cooking or kids

It takes a lot of skill to make steel cut oats look pretty and desirable

These cookies would make a perfect cookie for a swap

We love us some popcorn in our house, my Mister may need to make us this

This for breakfast – yes please.

Wednesday Link Love

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Wednesday Link Love

You know, I started this whole post because of the first link.

Yes, I did.

And hopefully I will be making for Eric to have as his littles and wife leave him next week to visit some friends out of state.

This glazed pumpkin pound cake.  Yes please.  Maybe he will save me a piece!

Speaking of traveling, my little transportation geek would love this as we make road trips now!

So tempted to make these as one of the three seperate desserts I need to make to celebrate Sebastian’s one year birthday next week.

This is most interesting especially since hearing Christine Caine speak at The Grove last month – has any reformed gospel conservative had any thoughts on this program being started at Liberty?

Weekend Link Love

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We have had a busy but low-key weekend and here’s to a quiet afternoon editing photos, baking, and getting ready for a Fellowship meal with our church family.

Here are some things that might make you happy.

This plate of Pumpkin French Toast – and by the way, I love Tracy’s use of shadows in her photo.  It makes you definitely feel like you are in the room, about to devour that bread encased in fried egg and sugar!

I adore the rustic-ness of this fall salad and her use of the pie plate as a salad plate.

On the quickly coming chilly mornings when none of us want to get out of bed and we all wish we could stay in our pajamas curled up watching movies or reading a thick novel that are coming…this pumpkin oatmeal will be made in The Charming South Kitchen.



For Your Weekend: Link Love

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Link Love

The internet is full of interesting things – and (hopefully) each week I try to share with you new posts I’m reading or pages that inspire me.  Enjoy!  Send some new links my way!

Spring cleaning – how about Fall Cleaning.  I love waking up after a big event in our home: because most likely its cleaner than its been in days and its just sort of FRESH.  My husband loves decluttered looks and it seems like our older boy is going to be like him.

I’m considering a spring 10 miler with a friend so I’ll have to start running again in January.  Here’s a great post about fitting in running when you are busy.

These look amazing – even before girl scout cookie season gets here.  Another reason to take up running.

I may just be picking up edamame when I go this afternoon to pick up diapers and wipes.  I think this might be a good dinner when all my Mister wants is soup (to help him feel better)

We are going to Vogel State Park on a mini vacation this week and taking some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake mix.

Midweek Link Love

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old salem

Hump days are no reason not to search out fun things on the internet – so here you go!  Have fun and tell me what you are finding interesting out there!

I really would love to go to this.  Its not possible, but still I’d love to go.

I’m doing some series-planning in my head about boys and books.  Here is a good list according to age.  What books do you read to your children under 3 and how do you keep them sitting still?

All you “I have to do everything” people out there (hello, me) read this by my friend Sharon.

A girl I was briefly able to know during my time in Louisville – is such a breath of fresh air in the blog world.  I love her mom-real-ness, her creativity, and everything else.

This 20-something chose to describe herself in 5 words: what would your five words be:  Mine would be: introvert, creative, loyal, emotional, lover-of-my-men (1 husband, 2 boys)

I missed a great blogging conference with friends in Arkansas – but a friend posted her thoughts on food blogging.


Sundays in the South : Link Love

Southern States Link Love

Since I’ve lived all around the South my entire life, I thought I would share with you just a few of my favorite places in each of the states I’ve lived in.  This will definitely give you the travel bug – and I hope you can live it out to the fullest!  Enjoy the Around-the-South tour and dream on this Sunday – that God would enable you to see more of the world He created!

Florida: The Sunshine State

Hontoon Island was a relatively new find for me.  Traveled there last year.  Your littles will love the little ferry ride over to the island.  There are also good hiking and biking trails – but most of these trails aren’t conducive to strollers.  Moss abounds!

If you are looking for a hole in the wall seafood restaurant – you need to come here. My Dad has ties to the owners and I love their fried grouper sandwich.

The best chicken and yellow rice and cuban bread – EVER.  My first trip I remember to this Florida (chain) but staple, was in high school with my Spanish class after going to the Salvadore Dali museum.  A must EAT!

And one of my favorite places in the city that I being an adult in – and one that I love and could retire in forever because I love it so – Barnacle Bills.  Only thing you ever need to get there is the Datil Shrimp.  Enough said.

I attended this private school most of my schooling years (except for half a year).  I loved the principal then and my teachers.  Some of the ministries I got to be a part of and friendships made still impact my life today.

The college I went to was in the heart of St. Augustine.  College for me turned out to be different than I though mostly because we had no football team.

North Carolina: The Tarheel State

Durham landmark

Oh, this could be a while.  I love it here and consider it home more than any other place I’ve lived.  Its where I fell in love with the Word, ministry, college students, the ocean, my husband, and where I became a momma for the first time.

Guglhupfs – best pancakes hands down.

Ketchie Creek Bakery – 5 flavor pound cake – need I say more?

I went to seminary here.  The first time I saw the campus I knew I was going to love it there.  Arrived on campus 4 months after my initial introduction.

I fell in love with missions, college students, and brooklyn tab while doing ministry at The Summit.

Had my first road trip with my husband and our first random stop was to one of the older cities.  Loved it.

Kentucky: The Bluegrass State

Louisville Zoo

I wasn’t here for a long time, and the seminary I worked for became home – and I loved the ability I had at the time to travel all the time and see people and things that I never would have otherwise.

Where I fell in love with Meditteranean food.

Where I grew to love this ministry and all that is stands for.  And Dr. Mohler spoke in our Sunday School this morning – and this ministry will have such a vital role in the church in the coming years (maybe even more so than before).  Owen and Courtney – you and your teams have my prayers as they always have!

And how I fell in love with gospel centered preaching was by listening mostly to this man at this church.

Arkansas:  The Natural State

Hot Chocolate

I was here the briefest and made some really sweet friends.  It is also where I fell in love with my second little boy!

ARWB – thank you Stephanie and Debbie and all of you other bloggers.  Yall were a great community!  Hopefully we will have that in GA soon!

Georgia: The Peach State

Georgia Aquarium

I’m growing to love this state more and more.  I’ve always had ties to this state and now my husband and boys are here.  Lovely combination

This is the church we get to be a part of.  Thankful for faithful preaching each week.

This is the bestest place in the state for me.  I’ve been going here since I was a kid and get to go with my family in 2 weeks.

And then the islands and Savannah – get me to the ocean!

There you have it.  If you have lived in one of these states – what are your favorite things to do, see, eat?  Help me out!