Sundays in the South

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Atlanta Flowers on a Sunday

Today: there will be peanut butter pie on my table.  Creamy.  Perfect for summer.  And an oreo crust – you can’t get better than that.  Just for the sake of health, there will be a salad eaten before!

I love one of the recurring themes in the book of Deuteronomy: (not just the law) delight

My mister would really love this refreshing salad so I think I’ll be a good wife and make it for him this coming week

If you want to go look at some pretty photos and buy some of them…I don’t think my friend Coast and Oak would mind?

I don’t know if a hot dog ever looked so good?

What links are inspiring you this week?

My Back in the Day Visit

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For about two years now I’ve wanted to hop in a car, drive to Savannah, and sit down in a  little bakery that boasts of great bread and antique cookery.  Finally, I did it.  And unfortunately it was one of the hottest days in Savannah and I was almost 8 months pregnant, but the food and company was well worth it.

The co-owner was sincere and cared about her customers.  The menu was not extensive so they specialized in what they made: great homemade sandwiches on fresh baked breads, and delicious desserts (and though we weren’t there for breakfast, I know from personal experience how great their morning goodies are).  The decor matched its name “Back in the Day” with antiques and mid-20th century kitchen finds. 

I split the Super Chicken sandwich with E.  Then we also split the bourbon bread pudding (to quote my husband, it was the best vread pudding he has ever had), and I took a few bites of my friend’s Coconut Cream Pie. 

Here are some of the pictures from the day.  Enjoy – and next time you are in Savannah, this is a must-stop!