Praying for my Husband as my Children’s Father

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ThLike Father Like Sonis is a season of Advent – of hope, of awaiting, or mystery.  Of incarnation.

One of the beautiful things about the incarnation is that God the FATHER sent His only perfect beautiful son into the world.  I can’t even imagine giving up one of my boys.

Back to the story…the men in our lives play several roles.  Man, husband, father, employee, friend, son, brother if applicable (my husband is an only child), worshiper, etc.  The list is pretty inexhaustive just like our list is.

But, for me, I think two the most important at least in my husband’s life is husband and father.  There is such a burden on him to provide, protect, lead well, shepherd all of us to know Jesus.  He just isn’t living for himself anymore.  On no given day can he wake up and say, “I think I’ll do what I want to do today,” but instead he wakes up to snuggles, cries, diapers, commuter traffic, my texts complaining about the disobedience of our boys, etc.  There is always so much crowding his heart and his mind.

I long for him not only to have an intimate close relationship with his heavenly Father – but use that relationship to guide his relationship with his boys.  Our boys are incredibly blessed with a father who is gentle and patient and one who loves Jesus more than he loves them.  He plays cars and basketball with them.  He takes them to the park.  He provides for them.  His desire is for them.

Isn’t that so the heart of the Father for us?  That His desire is for us – to know him and be found in Him?

Pete Alwinson’s new book, Like Father Like Sonis a good read that goes through different aspects of a relationship between the Father and his children, men.  I think some of the concepts can definitely be applied to men and women.  I think, honestly, that the book might be more with a female tone in mind, I don’t know.  I don’t know if I can see my mister reading this book or really any of the men that I know.

But, I do see it as useful for wives to pray for their misters.  That’s why I got this book.  I want to be more knowledgeable about how to pray for my mister and his relationship with his Father as he seeks to know his boys and lead them to the Father.

Thanks to Litfuse for the book in exchange for my honest review.

Prayers for the Journey

Prayers for the Journey - cover

One of the most important daily things that a wife can do for her husband…is pray for him. I learned this concept almost 17 years before I actually got married, but believe me – it is so true!

I can tell the days I pray for my husband, and I can tell the days that I don’t. Prayer is our conversation with a God who daily is involved and the leader of our lives. Jesus is interceding for us, and the Spirit helps us when we don’t know what to pray.

That is why I’ve created Prayers for the Journey. These free downloadable journals are yours for the printing. It is a journey through a specific book of the Bible, with a Scripture, a prayer, a journaling space, and additional verses or helps. I figured if I didn’t know really how to pray the Word for my husband, some others may not know either. These journals are designed for you to pray the Word specifically for areas you know your husband needs them. You are his greatest prayer warrior. You know him best. So, who best to pray for him daily!

My husband and I wanted these booklets to be a resource for you. So, if you use it and like it – make it available to other women (in your church, women’s ministry, neighborhood, small group, family, etc).

The walk of marriage you are on with your husband is indeed a journey – live it to the fullest!

Here are what some friends who have already read it have said:

From Phyllis Robshaw (married 35 years)
I can’t say it enough. Soak in the Living Word and claim these promises that are so beautifully expressed here. Ooo yes, personalize them for your loved ones. You are praying in HIS will and the answer is always “yes!” His timing, His way, but “yes!” The Holy Spirit taught me to do this early in my marriage and after almost 35 years, I am more passionate about it than ever!!! O how FAITHFUL our God is! Expect a harvest!!

From Renee Fisher (, author, married about 2 years)
Kimberly understands the importance of praying for your husband. I prayed for 12 years, 10 months, and 24 days from the day I knew God promised me a mate to the day Marc proposed. Regardless of where along the journey you are praying for your husband–Kimberly recognizes prayer and reading the Word is important. Definitely check out Prayers for the Journey. You will be blessed you did!

From Amelia McNeilly (single,, agent)
Prayers for the Journey by Kimberly Campbell is a must read. It is 30 day devotional based on praying for your husband using passages from Ephesians. Each day highlights a different passage and a prayer. This is an ideal prayer resource not only for wives but single women as well. As a single person, this book is a great encouragement, because these are prayers that can can currently be prayed for my future husband. I’m already looking forward to Kimberly’s next book!

From Jennifer Sharpe (married for 15 years, editor of Treasuring Christ Curriculum)
Our husbands need our prayers. Kim’s fresh approach to praying for your husband will ignite your passion for being his most faithful prayer intercessor. I urge you to take this journey through the book of Ephesians and discover a deeper love for your husband.

I had serious help with this.

First, my husband read it and was blessed by it – but also gave some constructive criticism.

Second, my mentor for almost 20 years, Phyllis, is the one who taught me by example how to do this in the first place.

Amy Torcasso of Treasuring Christ fame and a blessing of a friend did all the design work.

Sarah Bowen, to be married this weekend, was a great editor. I look forward to her living out these as she gets married to her husband in just 5 days!

A Parent's Prayer

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How do you pray for your kids?  If you are like most Christians in America – you are praying for your kids to get good grades, make good friends, get into good schools with great scholarships, good jobs, good marriages, the American life.  What if you prayed a dangerous prayer like this for your children:

“Heretofore we fears bias you, but no we must tell you why we praise God for the decision to which you have been led.  Your father’s heart was set upon being aminister, but other claims forced him to give it up.  When you were given to them, your father and mother laid you upon the altar, their first-born, to be consecrated, if God saw fit, as a Missionary of the Cross; and it has been their constant prayer that you might be prepared, qualified, and led to this very decision; and we pray with all our heart that the Lord may accept your offering, long spare you, and give you many souls from the Heathen World for your hire.” (John Piper, Filling up the Afflictions of Christ, page 73)

This is a conversation had by John Paton with his parents. John faithful served in the South Seas amongst hardship, disease, death of spouse and child, fearing being eaten alive – every day for decades. 

You never know how God will answer the prayers of a parents.  Make them good ones. 

More on Paton and the rest of the Piper book in the book review soon.